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21 Mar Christian books for men investigate what the Bible says about manliness, and examine how that relates to modern times. They reflect every Every story of love seems to end with either a wedding or death (and sometimes, both), seeing life spent after Marriage as not worthy of a narrative. But, marriage. 31 Jan Rising pastoral star Eric Mason then makes a connection to our nation's fatherhood crisis and how men turn to sins to fill the void when their relationship with . The couple advocates ten powerful actions (including listening, pursuing, and serving) that will transform you into your wife's lifelong champion. Items 1 - 24 of 52 Bestsellers · Christian Living · Spanish Products · MP3s · Sunday School · Easter · Church Supplies · Bible Covers · Family · Gift Cards · Catalog · Members · Current Promotions. Browse. All Products · Books, eBooks & Audio× · Family× · Marriage & Divorce× (3,) · Conflict in Marriage · Divorce · Emotional.

The reticent and powerful statue persona: Atlas bearing the weight of the world on his shoulders. Men are painted in a way that has grown into a toxic expectation far off-course from what God wants.

Being a man is a series of parts from puberty to parenting and beyond that bring challenges with every steps, but also meaning and joys.

And for all these stages, there are insightful Christian books for men that offer up the wisdom, encouragement, and paths to growing into a man of God. These books are written by Christian men who have travelled all of those ways before, and who share their experiences and tips for along the way: The most reliable port-of-call for discovering a world of role-models, as well as the negative examples, sources of practical wisdom and words to turn to in difficulties, is the Bible.

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These are men's Bibles which are made to be applied to life. To be a guide in each and every stage of male life. The precarious first steps into manhood are often the most fraught.

Being Gay and Christian

It is a time where bad influences, pressures, and worry can set askew ideas of manliness for life. And these books, more than most, know this.

Couple Christian Hookup Books For Men

They are a signpost to the right way to grow into a man, offering fatherly advice for boys lacking dads, as well as a voice that understands everything they are going through without judgment.

More than anything, men come to define themselves through their work. It often offers meaning and purpose, but that was never what God intended for identity and a full life.

But these books are a response to a world view of work. We all know the stereotype. The strong, silent husband who goes to work, comes home to eat, maybe drinks a beer, and watches tv - all the while growing an oily paunch beneath his mustard-stained vest.

Being a husband is one of the most ill-defined roles in culture today. Every story of love seems to end with either a wedding or death and sometimes, bothseeing life spent after Marriage as not worthy of a narrative.

But, marriage can be a source of joy and fulfilment when done right. Here are some of the wonderfully instructive books, based on personal experience as well as Biblical advice, that offer better ways to communicate, cherish, and celebrate the years of marriage that will make Couple Christian Hookup Books For Men the majority of a life. I can think of nothing scarier than being wholly responsible for another human being. Years spent being presented with examples of strength, durability, and power have let more info the nurturing spirit of many a man.

And so, when presented with parenthood, we can quite often be scared witless. So, wasting no time, these are the books that show what God-inspired fatherhood looks like, and how we can become better fathers, husbands, and role-models ourselves. Of course, being a man is more than being a professional, a husband, a parent roles which many man never fill, and can often feel marginalised by as a result.

And that is where these books come in. These Christian books for men are all about developing a healthy masculinity, and about discovering who you are in God.

They are for every man, no matter where they are in life, and offer a counter-narrative to the Bonds, Bournes, and Bauers who fight their way through life. What happens when you retire, and the kids have moved out and started families of their own?

A Year of Weekly Devotions for Couples. The 5 Love Languages by Gary Chapman. Men's Issues A selection of books about being a Christian Man in modern times.

These are the books to help you move-into, and live out fruitfully, the final years of life. They are an encouragement, as source of light, and explore the potential power of being an old man, of being the mentor to a newer generation, and a beacon of experience for the storms that rage in young hearts.

Couple Christian Hookup Books For Men

But what about today? What about being a modern man when the very idea of manliness seems to change and fluctuate on an almost daily basis.

There seems to be a Couple Christian Hookup Books For Men list of things masculinity can be anchored in, and that is where Christian writers have stepped up to offer a stable foundation.

Christian books for men investigate what the Bible says about manliness, and examine how that relates to modern times. They are books which reflect every aspect of growing up, growing old, and growing closer to God as a Christian man. For a greater selection of books that explain, explore, and expound the issues and aspects of being a Christian man, take a look at out Men's Issues department!

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Dorothy 1 month ago Reply. A must-read for all young men and men trying to find themselves. Disciplines Of A Godly Man. Truth, Longing, and the Subtle Art of Singleness.

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