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How does MMR work with unranked/ranked matchmaking

Users to register for free of the internet first dating and social media for using the most personalized matchmaking. Women mention dating first start someone that they are divorced and suggests that it is hard to follow. Estonia departing on thursday evening and i call you how does sc2 unranked matchmaking work every . 4 Mar This weekend you will not be able to search for ranked games while grouped. The ranked matchmaking games will be played only in All Pick mode, Captain's Draft and Random Draft being temporarily removed. The unranked games will also suffer a change, with the All Pick mode getting the same “picking. The ladder/ranking system just doesn't fucking work. Even if you're About 90%+ of my games are 1v1, and I think the ladder and matchmaking system have been very good to me. I do . My theory was that new teams are unranked, and so the ranking matches might be randomly against copper or others.

I think I'd like to see the skill number somewhere, but I definitely wouldn't want that to be the only thing I could see. Hope this explained it a bit here And you know, the fucking point of ranking a team is that the team is ranked and gets matched with teams of similar strength

Welcome to the Ars OpenForum. Posting Guidelines Contact Moderators. Do you consider Starcraft 2 ladder broken? Is SC2 ladder broken? Wed Dec 15, 9: Just curious what the general consensus is. I'm playing with two friends pretty much since the launch, who for the life of them can't get out of copper.

So in 3v3 we're in copper, and in 2v2 we've been ranked initially in copper, but have gone up to gold, pretty much imho because as a decent player I think I've pretty much carried us there But in gold, we're pretty much getting steam rolled, game after game For skill, to give you an idea, my 2 friends vs me, I think I won the last 3 or 4 out of And they don't like it, because, I'm guessing, they How Does Sc2 Unranked Matchmaking Work like to lose to one player None like 1v1 either Even learn more here like I keep harping to them it's the way to learn and improve!

Seem more to have a perverse pleasure in wanting to do 2v2 in gold or 3v3 games, instead of practicing 1v1 or 2v Seem to like to drag How Does Sc2 Unranked Matchmaking Work down with them BUT, you don't start at rank 99 in silver, right away you're ranked like And then again, it only takes a couple of wins to get up to gold. And then again, in gold, instead of starting out at rank 99, you start at friggin rank Because you were top of copper, you're top in silver?

Same for silver and Gold? Add to that the fact that with the great Ladder system, you lose like 8 pts for a loss and win 40 for a win, you'll never go down ranks!

I don't believe that was the point of the ladder system Every friggin new team seems to start up in copper. So in copper you have the newbs, no skill, crappy players, etc, and you have new teams. But what's a new team? If you have two plats players and a gold player play the first time together, that qualifies as a new team!

How Does Sc2 Unranked Matchmaking Work

Where's the fucking logic in that? Are you going to pull out a victory somehow in this 3v1? I don't think so Take a 2v2, lost to How Does Sc2 Unranked Matchmaking Work double baneling bust, and the other team trash talked about how we sucked. Well JESUS, my teamate has his usual 12 SCVs mining minerals at 10 mins into the game can't grasp the concept of mining and continually building SCVs, getting money, building troops, winning the game, even if I remind him and re-explain every single damn daywhich is why we were in friggin COPPER, and i look at their stats, a fucking diamond player, and a gold player!!!

Well no fucking shit!!! My teammate can't get passed copper, wtf do you think will happen against a gold and a diamond player? And now, wtf am I supposed to do in gold with a copper teammate? You know, at 6 minutes into the game, there's not much you can do when you get attacked by players who know how to play the game, and your teammate has a huge two marine army to defend or backup Because he was distracted or whatever!

I played at unranked right away without playing a single game of ranked and has been facing opponents from silver to diamond. Sounds like you are on a bad losing streak. You are matched against other players based on your MMR Matchmaking rating. Natus Vincere vs North.

So this is my vent, SC2 ladder is a worthless pile of sh! It's annoying as hell Oh, and 3no ranks for different races So if you're a diamond Protoss player, Gold Terran and Silver Protoss, well tough shit, buy more SC2 copies to have different accounts, or get owned on Platinum and lose your ranking playing the races you suck at It would have been so fucking simple and easy to rank each player by race and not just by account Last edited by GirgleMirt on Wed Dec 15, I think the problem may be that your team has such a wide variety of skill in it, that you're acting unusually.

I've found the ladder system to work really, really well. I find myself playing with people who are roughly the same skill level as I am nearly all the time, which is unlike my experience in pretty much all other games.

If you and your teammates want to learn, take a look at the first post of the article source SC2 thread. There are links to Day9's tips for newbies that are super useful if you're not familiar with any of them.

How Does Sc2 Unranked Matchmaking Work

There have been some good dissections of the SC2 ladder system on teamliquid, definitely check them out. In particular they'll show you that a lot of what you see is kind of irrelevant.


It doesn't really care as much about what league you're in, or what rank you are in your division. It's much more based on some internal numbers that fluctuate more.

To expand on my first point - I think you and the teammate are confusing the match making. You can basically win a 1v2 against lower ranked players, so it tries to pit you against better ones to see if it should promote you. Then you get your butt kicked, and puts you down. Which you easily win.

The Glorious Matchmaking, or "How to climb without having to play games to defeat RNG ?"

So I think it's really just still working. How many games have you played as a team in one single configuration? Last edited by clm on Wed Dec 15, 9: I do share your dislike of 3. I wanted to try switching from Protoss to Terran but was afraid of getting pummeled at my current ranking. Also, did you mean Silver Zerg in your example? Oh, and not all new teams will be placed in copper. I was placed in gold for an arranged team when we did well in placement.

However I believe the standard is different for arranged teams than for random. New teams are placed randomly against people of various skill levels, but some people purposefully lose placement matches so they can trounce people in lower brackets.

As for your issues, tell your friends to stop sucking and get out of Bronze. Last edited by GirgleMirt on Wed Read more 15, 9: I voted that the ladder is fine, but I play 1v1 the vast, vast majority of the team.

Wed Dec 15, Thu Dec 16, 9: You don't have enough SCVs!!! Let's just play 2v2!! We'll watch the replay after!

Thu Dec 16, The most important thing to note is that league and division are only correlated very loosely to skill, and are not used directly in matchmaking. Matchmaking is based on the system's hidden estimate of your skill.

I play a lot of 2v2, and haven't How Does Sc2 Unranked Matchmaking Work problems with the matchmaking. We go through both winning and losing streaks. Two things that helped us: You can try playing vs AI first. The AI attacks at predictable times, so you have no cheese to care of.

For mins, you can concentrate on macro. What works with a friend that was a RTS beginner was to show him some fun build orders thor rush, BC rush. Since he follows them at the letter, the SCV building is done! The constant build is almost natural now, so I guess he now can transition to more traditional build orders.

I think the point was really to have a written list to follow. Thu Dec 16, 4: For the love of god. Thu Dec 16, 6: I don't see why the hell they changed it after the beta. What the hell was wrong with copper?! And for the record, I am an excellent retard. Play with different friends who are more accepting of beards of the neckular variety. Casual players--and after a month or so early on, I pretty quickly became one myself--are not going to stop being casual players because you're bitching at them.

Were I playing with you and you were as obnoxious as you're being in this thread, I would intentionally pull a full retard just to piss you off. Last edited by GirgleMirt on Thu Dec 16, 6: The ladder has worked better than any other ladder I've ever used in a game. It's been nearly perfect at giving me dozens of close-to-my-skills opponents.

Don't sweat the details of hidden rank vs ladder rank.

Performance Matchmaking explained (with Lead Designer Travis McGeathy)