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22 Dec Tracey says choosing between two people is usually about comparing an old relationship with a new one. Most long-term relationships go through boring patches and, if you meet someone rather tempting smack bang in the middle of one, that's when there's trouble. Most long-term relationships go through. Finding yourself in a situation where you are in love with two people often results when you are not satisfied with one relationship. You seek to complement the two relationships to find a balance in your love life. However, this may cause fear, jealousy and hurt to the people you claim to love. It is difficult having to choose. These are two girls he's previously had serious relationships with, who know about each other. While this isn't something that happens every day, there may come a time in your life when you do have to choose between two equally cool people, both of whom you could see yourself dating for many years. It can feel like the.

By Tracey Cox for MailOnline. We tend to think we're immune to falling in love with more than one person, but roughly one quarter of Brits say they've fallen for two people at the same time.

The human heart is a wonderfully generous organ yes, it's not the only one and if you're a warm, open person who adores meeting new people, you could imagine yourself in love with ten people at once if you let yourself. We've all got the potential. What stops us is commitment to the relationship we're already in and time and energy.

Is it really love if you feel it for How To Choose Between Two People than one person at a time and can you be committed to two people? It's hard enough making one relationship work let alone ten of them simultaneously! But is it really love if you're feeling it for more than one person? If you're already committed to someone, you can't also be committed to another.

Why the trap of ‘I love you both’ is bullshit

I believe if someone says they're torn between two lovers, they tend to be choosing between an established relationship and a new one. There you are, quite contentedly sailing along with a partner until - Wham! Then you're faced with a huge dilemma: The tried-and-true or new and infinitely more exciting?

Tracey says choosing between two people is usually about comparing an old relationship with a new one. Most long-term relationships go through boring patches and, if you meet someone rather tempting smack bang in the middle of one, that's when there's trouble.

What's even more confusing is it's impossible to compare old love with new love. Love feels very different at different stages in relationships. The new person is on best behaviour. They're showering you with compliments and giving you per cent attention — which is what your old love did in the beginning, too, remember! You're probably meeting the new one secretly which heightens emotion and, of course, they're forbidden — which instantly makes you want them more.

While we might love our old love, if you've been together a while, it's more a comfortable sort of feeling; new love is like being on a rollercoaster, laughing hysterically and screaming from the top of your lungs.

How To Choose Between Two People

Sexpert Tracey Cox advises on how to decide if your relationship is worth saving. Old love and new love is rather like comparing a pair of worn-in, comfy slippers to the brand new killer heels you bought last week.

You might break your neck in the heels but you can't wait to try them on and strut your stuff. How to make sense of it all if you're torn between the old and new? Try the following four-step plan. Give yourself breathing space.

The greatest gift you can have in this situation is patience. Well there was no respond so I called my phone company and had my number changed. Should you ditch your long-term partner for a new flame? My love has a lot to regain in trust with me, she has given me that chance. Between one i truly love, and one who i see just as a friend…:

Stop seeing the person you've met most recently and put everything you've got into trying to make it work with the person you've been with the longest. Because the biggest mistake you could possibly make is to leave a good relationship — one that could have been saved with a bit of work — for someone who turns out not to be quite as fabulous as you thought. Break up with your old lover because there's no hope for the two of you, not because of someone else.

I swear you'll regret it otherwise. Most relationships seem promising in the first month or two but few make it past that. Look objectively at the relationship you've been in the longest. On one side of the page, write down all the things you like about the relationship.

How to Choose Between Two People You Love When Your Heart's Divided

On the other, write down all the things you don't like. Put a cross beside those you don't think will alter, no matter what both of you do. For instance, 'Doesn't get on with my friends' is something you could sort out even if it means seeing them without themso that gets a tick. Go back up to the start of the 'don't like' side and start again, this time rating each point out of ten on how important it is to you.

One is not important, ten is extremely important. If the 'don't like' side also has mostly crosses and tens, it means there's a lot you're unhappy with, it's all important to you and largely unfixable. If that's the case, it probably is time to move on. If it's the opposite: There's plenty left to work with, your gripes aren't that important to you and your attraction to the new person is probably because you're in a rut with your old lover. Focus on the new person. List the things you like about them, then areas you suspect might cause problems.

If you're honest with yourself, your gut instinct should give you a few clues. Write down ten reasons why you think a relationship with this person would be better than the one you've already got. Are they logical, sensible, long-term reasons, or do they look flimsy to you, even in this deliriously optimistic stage?

Analyze your relationship with each girl. I feel lucky, amazingly lucky. He is using you as a door mat an emotionally abusing your children by enlisting them in the process.

Trust your gut reaction. In most cases, the lists will point you pretty obviously in one direction or another. What's equally as important is your reaction to the decision they're telling you to make.

Say the odds are definitely in favour of staying with your old lover: It's not going to work if, in your heart, you don't want it to.

How To Choose Between Two People

You haven't put your finger on the reason yet, but it's there all right. It's pretty obvious you should leave your lover and give it a go with the new person but that makes you terrified?

How to Choose Between Two Girls: 13 Steps (with Pictures)

You're probably scared to take a risk because you're frightened you'll end up alone. And don't forget there is a third option: Stay single for a while until you're really sure where your heart lies.

The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Thursday, Feb 15th 5-Day Forecast. Should you ditch your long-term partner for a new flame? Share this article Share.

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