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Finding the last date a webpage was updated

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6 Nov This will only happen if Google can easily figure out the date of publication based on the HTML of the website in question. If the date isn't displayed on the Google results page, next paste “&as_qdr=y15″ to the end of that Google search URL. Finding Article Date. You should now see a date displayed for. 20 Jul Finding the publishing date for a web page is not an easy task. Here we'll provide a simple method to find the date when a web page was first published. People are curious for the creation date of ”web pages“. The reason behind this curiosity is that they want to know about the information available on web. 16 Jun Many web pages that do not list the last date and time they updated, modified, or changed. This information can be determined by using one of the suggestions in the following sections. Internet Archive. Although this site will not give you an exact modified date, it should give you a general idea. Also.

But if your blog covers coding, SEO, social media, technology, health, etc.

How Old is a Web Page?

It may sound simple, and it is! Most websites will display the publish date of their articles just under the main headline. While many blogs may find the way to hide the time stamp on the post, some of those might not have figured out how to remove it from the comments.

Try to find the oldest comment on the post — that should be the closest date to when it was published. Usually, the search result that is produced will include the publish date in the description area. Does a missing post date drive you nuts when you find an article through search? Do you remove the date on your posts for a specific reason? Please share your thoughts and any additional How To Find The Date Of A Website to find a missing post date in the comments!

This is one of my biggest pet peeves and when I see that someone is intentionally hiding the post date I stop visiting their blog. Your tips are awesome!

Thanks for bringing up this topic, I hope more people realize how important it is for others to know when a post was published.

How To Find The Date Of A Website

I thought it might just be because I am always looking for fresh posts for my Friday roundup and can never tell on the dateless sites. I agree the post date is useful because it helps the reader and the blogger.

Find the Date When a Web Page was First Published on the Internet

For the reader it helps you source a thread and see a line of thought when the post is connected to other posts.

For the blogger it can save embarassment: Most important of here I had a plugin that tweeted posts from my archives, and I stopped it because I realized I was tweeting posts from events that had already happened. Nothing more embarrassing than thinking old content is new.

It is extremely annoying when there is no date. I like to see how recent something is regardless of what it is about or where it is published. It could be 5 days old or 5 years old for all I know. Matter of fact I wrote something similar a few months back when I was annoyed one night.

I use a firefox addon called linkdiagnosis. At the time of this comment it says 1 How To Find The Date Of A Website ago here for this page. It seems to work with older pages just as well. I can never understand why people hide their blog post dates.

It does take to be checking around to establish the exact publication date. At the same time, I just assume it is older if there is no date. Love the tips, Kristi — I find it rare that any content is evergreen and finding out the date can sometimes be a challenge.

Hi Kristi, yes that really annoys the life out of me. I commented on a read article the other day only to discover it had been neglected since !

What annoys me more is if I am looking for current content and a blog like that is listed on the first page of click to see more How To Find The Date Of A Website.

As you said it is fine for evergreen content, but I needed a current figure for a freelancing job I was doing and that could have cost me big time.

This bugs me too and not just for blogs but any page or article should have a date to let the reader know how dated or current the information is. Whether the topic or information is timeless should be down to the reader.

And these tips are very helpful. Will be using them from now on. I am just going to echo what most of the others are saying here.

I feel like the blog owners thinks they can trick us or something. Hi Kristi, Number 4 is the easiest and best way for me to find out when Google has published a blog or page. I check every day, my articles and other pages in this way. Here annoys me to. It seems to me that some sites actually go through a lot of trouble to remove the dates.

Stay informed by joining our newsletter! Thankfully, there's an app out there making referencing less frustrating. The earliest date displayed on Wayback will be an indicator as to when, roughly, that content was published. This will only happen if Google can easily figure out the date of publication based on the HTML of the website in question.

I feel like they are trying to trick me and other readers to stick around on there side. When I come across these types of sites, I leave the site and do not come back. Generally, I usually try and use the oldest comments method first and then try looking in the archives for at least the month it was posted. But that only works if they give you access to the archives. After that, I move on and How To Find The Date Of A Website for the same information with a date on it.

Really informative post, 4 option really works for me, i always use google search for blog post published Date. Anyway, thanks for this info Kristi. Yes Kristi, tip 4 is the best way to find whether the blog was published or not. You can easily find out that your post has been published by Google or not. I have an interesting problem. I found a site that has stolen a blog post from my site. They posted it on their blog as if it is theirs.

Their post date is Feb 28th, It is an exact, word for word copy of my article that I published in June.

How To Find The Date Of A Website

Yet, this person has stolen it and their blog says they published it months before me! I found your blog to be very interesting and I loved reading this blog. Thanks for the share! Thank here so much for this informative post. Your email address will not be published. How do I find out the publication date on a website?

Ileane on January 6, at 9: Kristi Hines on January 6, at 5: Timothy Jones on January 6, at 9: Ray on January 6, at Thanks for the extra tip Ray!

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Mavis Nong on January 6, at All the best, Mavis Reply. Kristi Hines on January 10, at 1: Ana on January 6, at 5: I was struggling to think of niches where dateless content is ok. Frank Bowes on January 6, at Very true — I hate looking for current statistics and finding only old ones. Matt Kinsella on January 7, at Kristi Hines on January 10, at 2: Tim Ryan on January 8, at 1: Gerald Weber on January 8, at 4: Marbella on January 9, at 3: James on January 10, at 1: The Hero on January 10, at 6: Subscribe a blog post is one of the best way to find a recently blog post Reply.

After "retiring" inLeo started Ask Leo! I check every day, my articles and other pages in this way. I search for "20," since I was sure this blog post was written in the latest 17 years it's now

Ajnabii on January 11, at 6: Argie Monroy on January 27, at 8: Jovie Onyema on January 29, at 7: Jack Martin on February 19, at Date Stamps on April 12, at You share great tips with us. Thanks for share nice blog with us. Alex Braker on June 25, at Jason on August 17, at DJTL on March 27, at Emenike Emmanuel on July 26, at 1: Hi Kristi, This is amazing.

What could be the fault? Hi Emenike, Try the 5th option if all fails — Check source code of the page. Submit a Comment Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.