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27 Nov Please note, this age is lower than many states and the information contained herein relates to Indiana laws only. . a situation, or you have been charged or investigated for a crime in connection with a relationship with a minor, and/or you are questioned in such a relationship, do not make any statements. Nice to see that the court will uphold completely illogical, stupid, contradictory laws enacted by the, generally speaking, completely unqualified people elected to legislatures. And becasue of the subject matter, particularly in a backwards state like Indiana (the home of Mike I'm A Christian First Pence) the. 5 Aug Zach Anderson, an Indiana teenager, was recently sentenced to 25 years on that state's sex offender registry after he slept with a year-old who told him she was The pair But Hot or Not welcomes anyone over 13, the absolute minimum age set by a law that governs children's online privacy.

Historically, the apps in this space have explicitly required that their users be above 18 or 21, whichever is the local age of majority.

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Sorry, but who thought that inviting teenagers onto a hook-up app that also includes millions of overs was an even remotely smart or responsible idea? To their credit, of course, most of these apps do claim to segregate the overs from the unders.

Indiana Supreme Court: Sex with minors is OK, but it’s illegal to sext them

There are no visible safeguards in place. And arguably, by inviting teenagers in to begin with, hook-up apps are inviting them to lie about their age. Tinder will, for instance, only show adult users to other adults.

New Law Decriminalizes Some Teen Sex in Indiana

Meet Mea Web-based hook-up app, had much the same process: Do hook-up apps have an obligation to protect underage users? Legally speaking, not really.

Law For Hookup Minors In Indiana

COPPA, the federal statute that governs how Internet companies interact with kids, only applies to children younger than Infor instance, a Texas mother sued Myspace for gross negligence after her year-old daughter met a year-old man on the site and was sexually assaulted.

Skout, of course, did none of this out of the kindness of its heart: In Junethree adults were arrested for using the app to prey on and sexually assault minors. Will it take a rape case or an Orwellian sex-registry sentencing to get Tinder and Hot or Not to do the same?

Law For Hookup Minors In Indiana

What happens when a hook-up app like Hot or Not allows both kids and adults. Hot or Not is one of several hook-up apps that welcomes both children and adults. Hot or Not is basically a gamified version of Tinder.

Last edited by balthazarr on Thu Oct 05, I mean, just sat down and read any part of it? Perhaps the victim should be allowed to decide if they want to press charges.

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Anyone else find themselves giggling a bit at the phrase Dissemination Statute, given the context? The state may have an interest in preventing adults propositioning minors, while allowing adults to accept propositions from minors without anybody committing a crime. Perhaps the victim should be allowed to decide if they want to press charges.

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