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11 Dec To be truly loving, a relationship would need to work on a number of levels – spiritual, mental, physical, emotional. All of these are intricately interwoven and in balance, with caring companionship, can enhance longevity and quality of life. What do you think? Is companionship better than sex? What do you. Those who truly desire a committed relationship that is based on genuine love would do well to take heed to the story that I like to call -. Love's Three Ships. -. The rough seas of life had taken their toll on the two weary travelers. Each had come from different ports only to meet by chance at this place called Havre' DeGras'. 2 Sep Back then, distance was something that I was afraid of in a relationship. It bothered me to think that my special someone and I would eventually drift away from each other once we lose that physical touch. What if one of us wasn't strong enough to bear with the distance? What if one of us tires from talking.

I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on how they perceive these three types of relationships. I know for some people they consider friendship and companionship the same thing and for others, it's different. A feeling of commonality and connection. You can be yourself and comfortable around this person. Lots of things to talk about and there is no such thing as awkward silences.

It's Friendship as described above plus physical attraction and lust. Contrary to popular belief, friendship click here absolutely necessary to long-term romantic relationships. You won't always feel lust for each other and want to tear each other's clothes off.

You need to have a genuine connection. What does this mean?

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Friendship is something which never lets you down. There are no rules even if there are, you can always break them! Friendship requires nothing but a genuine smile.

What Does Companionship Mean In A Relationship

Negative points are not much just that it hurts more when a friend ditches. Companionship I guess is the same as friendship. It connects two people through thick and thin. They are actually to say best friends! Romantic relationship is far more advanced than friendship as it needs not only a compassionate heart but also a thinking mind.

I mean, who has never gotten hurt in relationships because of listening to their heart? Romanting relationships has boundaries.

I never realized how "traditional" I am! For someone who used to believe that love should always be about companionship, I was wrong. Some people search for a companion to out to dinner with, or to the theater, or a walk in the park.

Unlike friendships, everything gets awkward after a fight. It also takes more guts to go through a relationship, read more it moving. So I guess for me, Friendship and Companionship are almost the same, but a romantic relationship is a totally different thing. Someone that you got to be there for you no matter how hard it is. Someone that will actually stab you in the front, telling you the ugly truth just to keep you stay sane.

And off course, someone to have fun with. Where all are about fairy tales. It is more like two people who are being in love, there are passion in there, those sexual attraction, and some intimacy, a feeling for being attached, closeness, and so on.

But I do not see much commitment in there. Like I said, it is just more like "being in love" rather than loving someone.

relationship vs companionship

Friendship in general is a building block of romantic relationships. Friendship involves intimacy, trust, loyalty, and companionship doing stuff together. Romantic relationships encompasses all that but also involves sex, point blank.

What Does Companionship Mean In A Relationship

There is a desire to procreate, leading to feelings of "I want to spend the rest of my life with this person. I guess it's someone you can relate to and have fun with.

You can talk to them and not feel awkward. You have their back and they have yours. Or sometimes you just have theirs. Someone important in your life. Someone you can see yourself marrying. Spending the rest of your life with. When we're down to the last doughnut: If see more don't want it I'll take it, but you take it if you want it yay.

However in a love relationship there is sex and intimacy.

Is there a difference? Stop fighting, pushing, and punishing yourself for ways in which you function. Much anxiety can be traced to not having a true sense of stability within ourselves.

A friendship is a relationship, technically, but a relationship is not necessarily a friendship. You can have a bad relationship with someone maybe you don't get along, or you used to but have had a falling out and then read more would not be friends Sometimes people use the word "relationship" to imply a romantic relationship, so the word "relationship" has that connotation.

The answer to your question depends on whether you mean "relationship" generally in which case, my first answer would apply or in terms of a romantic relationship in that case, the only way to find out the answer is by looking at individual relationships What Does Companionship Mean In A Relationship see if they're romantic or platonic! I think friendship and companionship are the same right? U can be friends with anyone.

Friends are people u hangout with for fun and know will be there for u if u need them. As for relationships, u can't rly just pick anyone. Everyone has their own type and preference. U What Does Companionship Mean In A Relationship kinda pick someone that u like, ya know? Everyone has their own qualities that they look for and want when determining whether they like someone so that's up to u. And once ur in a strong relationship that involves a physical relationship then u tend to only have physical feelings for that person.

And I definitely think it feels different when ur with a boyfriend or girlfriend than when ur with friends. The person is very special to u and spending time with that person just feels like the best thing in the world. If ur in a relationship where u don't feel like that then maybe u click rly like the person as much as u thought. This kinda changed topics but yeaa By icyphoenix Started October 21, By larus Started September 18, By Jillia Started January By swingbaby Started December 6, Archived This topic is now archived and is closed to further replies.

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