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Mac DeMarco // "My Kind of Woman" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

What Kind Of Women Do You Attract?

14 Dec What's your favorite subject? A. I like Photography and Social Studies. B. I like Art and Music. C. I really like all of them. D. I am not really a regular at school/college . So, I don't know what all my subjects contain. E. Uhhh I don't have one! F. I like Science and Maths. 3. What kind of music do you listen to? A. 1 Apr Neil Strauss, author of the best-selling dating memoir The Game, puts it simply, " This is the kind of girl everyone wants, and it makes you feel awesome when you' re the one who has her." Her weaknesses: "You need enormous confidence to date a woman like this," Strauss says. "She gets off on attention. 24 Jun Find out what type of girl you find attractive.

Mac DeMarco // "My Kind of Woman" (OFFICIAL VIDEO)

All that matters is that you get your beer. Something mixed, like a sunrise or a pina colada.

What Kind Of Woman Do I Need

She said she wants some vodka; got to get the lady what she wants. Malt Liqour, you don't want her to get drunk.

A shot, both of us can get tipsy and get crazy. Mannerisms, the way she does certain things i.

What Kind Of Woman Do I Need

Vulnerability, when you see this you can't help fall for the girl because you know you can help and protect her. Attitude, you're attracted to strong-willed girls that you won't have to babysit.

Body, body, body, she's gotta have the whole package. All girls are the same, throw me something decent and I'm content. A romantic evening where you get to know the gal and maybe some action after.

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In bed going at it from dusk till' dawn. A night out teaching the girl about your favorite hobbies and a nice dinner. A date where the girl wants to pay and takes charge. There is no such thing as a dream girl. I'd go with any of them, heck go here me all of them.

She does as I want without me telling her I want it. She's banging from head to toe. Everything about this girl is cute, the way she talks, dresses, and how she laughs.

She can take of herself, doesn't ask too much of me and we get along great.

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This girl is one of a kind, I'm her "go to guy" for anything and everything, I don't know how she'll get by without me. Something to keep her safe, like a Volvo. She wouldn't want me to buy her a car. Something sexy, like a Porsche. Something cute on a girl, like a Mini-Cooper. What kind of car she drives doesn't really matter, women are women, I'll just get her what she wants. She source be wearing them.

The ones you buy for her.

I'll be fine with anything she chooses to wear. Boy shorts are pretty sexy G-Strings and Thongs, let's get it on! She tells you not to worry because she can handle herself. She thanks you for all your help and wouldn't be able to handle life without you. She compliments you after sex. She waits for your call and won't call you. She explains how wonderful you are after a date. She probably won't even notice. She'll do something sweet for you.

How much of a perfectionist are you? A verification link has been sent to your mailbox. Instant Articles supported Click here to embed Embed a constantly updated feed of playful items about. She caught you cheating.

She'll love you forever in return. She'll forget about it in Go slow and easy. Force her to dance with you, she thinks she's a bad dancer. She expects too much to be done her way and you're sick of it. The relationship just isn't what it used to be. Another girl you're interested in.

She caught you cheating. You can't commit every part of everyday with her and the rest of your life is suffering because of her needs. Sexy underwear from Victoria's Secret.

Attitude, you're attracted to strong-willed girls that you won't have to babysit. Something professional and grown-up looking. She probably won't even notice. Find out what type of girl you find attractive.

Something practical that she might need. A special night out and you top it off with something you know she really wants. Some flowers and some chocolate, that's all a girl ever wants anyways. Something that won't offend her i. Get new quizzes every day. Like us on Facebook!