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20 Ways Superman Could Beat Goku

6 Feb Cause even though goku would not kill superman either, if goku wins superman does not get stronger. permalink I dont know, if dc (and marvel too, obviously) get to change their universe up to whatever they feel like doing and we are comparing the characters between dc then I guess toriyama can too?. 4 Aug Goku vs Superman. The mightiest Saiyan, going head to head with the last son of Krypton. Both characters have been the topic of one of the most heated arguments in recent history, with fans refusing to Anyway, the fictional fight between two fictional characters has always made for some robust debate. 28 Jul Here's an amusing comic strip from Dorkly's Julia Lepetit and Andrew Bridgman that shows us who would win in a fight between Goku and Superman. The two characters are similar to each other, and it would make for a great battle. Regardless of what you think of how it ends, Goku would battle Superman.

But we sure as hell can speculate about it. Anyway, the fictional fight between two fictional characters has always made for some robust debate. Both are super-strong, durable and have a crazy amount of powers. Whereas Goku has the ability to transcend any limit before him, Superman is a being that has no limits to begin with.

Goku vs Superman, who would win? We asked the Super Saiyan himself

And the ScrewAttack videos that examined this particular match-up not oncebut twicemake for some fantastic viewing. While I may be a fan of both characters, their analysis makes a ton of sense and resulted in Superman trumping Goku twice.

Who Would Win Between Goku And Superman

Fans will still be debating this even after the Andromeda galaxy collides with us. So I asked Goku himself what he thought about this fight. And in my opinion, that means unlimited power.

NinjaWarrior Follow Forum Posts: Please keep them at the start of your post. Now Goku isn't a Magician but he does have long ranged energy attacks, Instant Transmission, and normal natural strength on par with Superman's. Also the forty ton argument is invalid because he was training on a planet with a higher gravity which means 40, tons. Not sure how he actually did it though.

Therefore, the Goku vs Superman fight in the original movie, Goku could win by instantly transmitting Superman to a planet with no yellow sun. And there you have it.


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Who Would Win Between Goku And Superman

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Goku VS Superman 1 & 2 Debunked

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