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For memes that have been filtered and compressed so much that they're barely legible. DEEP FRIED CURSOR. Rules: 1) NO reposts. Repeated offenders will be banned. This only counts for posts from last months top 40 or if the original post is linked in the report or in the comments. 2) Frying tips: Do not just use one filter. From the Cash Me Ousside girl and Spongebob Squarepants to Salt Bae, Roll Safe and the Migos, here are without a doubt the best meme moments of Described as a humorous image, video, or piece of text that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, memes often go in and out of fashion faster than you. You can never have too many memes. Really Fucking Funny Memes About Australia. About Australia, Kiwi, Funny Memes, Jokes, Humor, Random Stuff. Alex former child. Funny MemeaFunny The insurance asked me if I worked or I was in school and I was like neither. Find this Pin and more on Remember this by.

Lindsay Lohan looks incredible in low-cut bathing suit during tropical vacation Now I love her. Share On email Share On email Email. Pepe, the cartoon frog who first appeared in a web comic by Matt Furie, has been a mainstay of meme culture for nearly a decade, but had a dark resurgence this year with the so-called alt-right.

Weeeeell, who has the dankest memes under the sea? The parody of a shameless capitalist, Mr.

Today's headlines Most Read From a glowing single atom lit up by a laser, to an amazing close-up of a butterfly wing, the beauty of On May 28, a gorilla by the name of Harambe was shot and killed at the Cincinnati Zoo after attacking a 3-year-old boy who climbed into the enclosure. Tell him you don't know pic. Do not just use one filter, be creative, but don't go too far - it must be legible. Share On email Share On email Email.

Krabs provided for a lot of laughs sincewhen the show first started airing. Krabs is still relevant to you as he became one of the most shared memes on the internet. Mostly because they are so relatable while showcasing confusion, so not just guy related like the Foul Bachelor Frogbut something that everyone can enjoy and chime in on.

We still hate our parents for doing that to us.

Australia Dating 2018 Memes Spongebob Vs Fire

Most of these Mr. Krabs memes get so shared as every single person experienced them once. You know that the fact you refused to pause playing video games at the read article the command was issued will be brought up.

So the punishment will be even more severe than usual. That feeling of confidence is gone and it lasted about five seconds since the test was completed. Which happened that one time, but hey, we keep the memories we want to keep. The meme is also fitting for when the sun comes up during a festival and you look around and see what can basically be described only as ghouls, so you start questioning your life choices, wondering do are you the same like them.

Krabs memes hit right in the feels.

Questioning your replies and searching for what you did wrong. Were the memes you sent stale and not dank? You can also be a confused Mr. The meme that popularized Confused Mr.


Krabs, as we all know that moment of being completely lost. During winter I once started getting ready for school after a nap as I thought that I woke up in the morning.

Sometimes you even play yourself. In this case by listening to gangsta rap anthems.


It seems like SpongeBob And Squidward are getting pay cuts to make up for the loss. Looking at this meme got me confused as Mr.

Australia Dating 2018 Memes Spongebob Vs Fire

Krabs is in the unaltered one. He might even help the Plankton steal the secret recipe for the Krabby Patty. Which of these Mr. Krabs memes did you like the most?

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