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6 Feb Title should be less than 50 to 60 characters because search engine typically displays this length of string or sentence on search result. A good title can consist the primary keyword, secondary keyword and brand name. For example a fictitious gaming information providing sites title may be like "the future of. 6 Nov Person said: why can't you add an inbox when you click on your channel like there was before? why do you have to click on video manager then inbox .. Youtube is a got damn VIDEO SHARING SITE, NOT A SITE I USE TO CHAT WITH PEOPLE 24/7, ABOUT IRRELEVANT SHIT. I barely, if at ALL. 11 Aug When the PC was launched years-ago tomorrow it was little more than a glorified typewriter and calculator. the story when the IBM PC was launched here on February 10, If you click on the image, it will pop up a PDF of the article heralding the arrival of the mother of all PCs. ibmpcjpg.

Section navigationContent. When the PC was launched years-ago tomorrow it was little more than a glorified typewriter and calculator. But IBM's helped to kick off a revolution that took computers out of the data centre and placed them on the desktop. Were you an early adopter? If you click on the image, it will pop up a PDF of the article heralding the arrival of the mother of all PCs.

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I still have my old A and A, and every so often I crank them up and think my gawd the bloat-ware of today. Strange, given how pro-Apple the bias of SMH's tech section is just look at the slant on the current article about 'faceless, more info bureaucrats increasingly opting for PC's gasp over Macs in schools, there's a vast number of people posting here who feel nostalgic - not for an Apple II or early Mac - but for the C64, the Amiga, and Amstrad CPC's et al. David August 15, A standard naming convention needs to be found for commands.

Comments that are offensive, defamatory, unsuitable or that breach any aspects of the terms and conditions will be deleted. The spreadsheet was a primary force in why people wanted a processor on their own desk. I was also present at that launch of the PC in Australia. A modern PC can still take a minute or two to boot up and load a word processing document, which is longer than it took in pre-Graphical User Interface.

If you wanted to transfer a licenced application from one PC to another inyou simply copied that whole sub-directory, whereas today it is virtually impossible, with parts of the app stored all over the place, including in the mixed-up multi-app 'registry'. The primary backup method also backed up the Operating System, whereas these days most people don't have the special tools to achieve total backups.

Bysome dead simple networking solutions existed, which were far simpler to setup and maintain than XP's confusing system. Similarly, if you wanted to get ordinary folk onto the internet, you'd simply ask their ISP telephone number, login name and password in a simple three-field pop-up box. But because XP was developed in a situation where Microsoft was hoping to sideline the internet and force the public onto its Tips For Writing Profile competing Microsoft Network, XP still requires various complex DNS fields and other 'bindings' to be established to achieve the most common form of comms No such complexities existed with 's bulletin boards!

In general, to keep a PC Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb To Mba init took minutes a year of professional time. The extreme example is that in there were those notches on diskettes where you could write-protect your data, whereas today with my GB USB drives, I can't throw a switch to disable the write heads, so that if I connect to a new suspect PC, I can't load data from my drive, while protecting it from malicious writes With the Internet now, you'd think you could sign up for an ability to keep your PC an exact copy of one of a set of ideal configs except for data files These days the choice is either a 'wild west' style 'ride alone and face the demons', or put up with corporate IT 'netNazis' who source allow the PC to do anything not pre-approved.

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And don't even get me started on 'bloatware'. In a total of 48kb of RAM was the disk operating system, the spreadsheet software, and a model of up to 64x26 cells A1 to Z As comically primitive as the specs of link first PC seem to us today, it's interesting to think how even more rudimentary our state of the art home PCs will look to ourselves and our kids in another quarter of a century.

As a kid a few years later than this release, I remember a time when there were multiple brands of home computing on the market and IBMs dominance had not yet been established - Sega, Sinclair, Commodore, Amiga etc. Because of the cheaper pricing, Commodore's were much more wide spread in homes worldwide.

Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb To Mba

Surely This warranted a mention in the article. And don't forget, the Commodore 64 is the worlds highest selling computer model ever! Don't you just love the way Apple and IBM have changed the pages of history by claiming all the credit for the birth of PC's!!!

It was rather advanced for its time having an cpu and x monochrome graphics and Kb memory. Unfortunately, there were no games, and being 12 that's what I wanted.

By games - I mean text games mainly I still have my old 5. A novel feature of this PC was its portability - nothing like today's laptops - but at 15 kgs you could at least lug it around. It often came with us on camping holidays - my parents had to ration my use of it since I was hooked on developing my own programs under Turbo Pascal.

At least I could play digger and moonlander I've been using various PCs ever since Lets not forget that there is a parallel universe out there, one that is user friendly, and it works.

Maybe the good professor from Harvard should consider using a Mac. You don't need to be a rocket scientist to get the most out of it, and it certainly has almost ZERO support cost. I remember it well Still, it had a 'look at me' factor that no latest model super hi-tech current PC will ever again match.

People used to come round just to look at it, and ask 'so what does it do? Unfortunately the answer was 'not much', but always seemed to come out sounding like 'oh, heaps'.

I remember when my Dad bought a Commodore 64, the fact you had to play games by starting an audio cassette and then letting it run for ages until it loaded is still amsuing to me to this day. My younger sisters cannot even remember the days of floppy dics let alone casette tapes! The video memory used part of that 2kb as well so in reality you had something like 1. That certainly taught people to write tight code. Many people my age would remember growing up with the hype surrounding the Apple ][.

The Apple really deserves the credit as this had a cult following with kids visiting Apple stores just to use the machines for hours at click time. People also seem click to see more forget that at this time CPM machines had multitasking, a more advanced operating system, compatibility between different brands, networking, lots of software.

IBM I think slowed the PC industry by at least a decade by forcing their standards on other manufacturers and stifling innovation. We shouldn't forget the good old Microbee in the early 80's with a massive 8k of memory with an audio tape drive: While Apple was selling tens of thousands of units Commodore was selling hundreds of thousands and eventually millions of Commodore VIC's and Commodore 64's at low prices to home users.

Commodore computers Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb To Mba the market from The overpriced Apple II simply was not a competitor.

Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb To Mba

What a lifelong career lesson that was: After advancing for 26 years with Microsoft "productivity aids," I recently bought a MacIntosh. I no longer fantasize daily about killing someone from Microsoft just for the pleasure of taking revenge. Then too, I often look at today's automobile and compare it to the original Model T.

Yes, we've advanced a lot, but bloatware has its counterparts in many industries. It was mine, http://24dating.me/c/positive-and-negatives-of-online-dating.php on my desk at home so it was a Personal Computer PC.

OS, Apps and data all on one floppy. As a boarder at Chevalier College inone of the extra curricular activities was computing.


At the time the computer was an Olivetti or Honeywell which consisted of a two-door filing cabinet sized box and printer and keyboard combo. Every line of see more BASIC had to be manually typed in and if there was one mistake, it was back to the drawing board! It was so frustrating I swore I would never to get involved in computing again!

In I was an apprentice telecommunications technician working at Haymarket 10C trunk telephone exchange in Sydney. I was reminded on a daily basis that I was priveleged to work at the cutting edge of computing technology. As an aside, my colleagues got around in white dustcoats and read their bibles at morning tea. What a radical culture shock for one young hippy. The computer room was a glass room consisting of four IBM mainframes, four tape-to-tape machines and four Burroughs disk units kept at a constant 20 deg C.

The disk units were massive rectangular boxes that contained one one-metre diameter disk that had the capacity of 1Mb. Programs were written on paper tape and sticky-taped into a loop for some periodic programs.

Looped programs would hang from the ceiling from sky-hooks from one end of the room to the other. On the exchange floor, we tested individual switching circuits by constructing commands in machine code. The reply from the system and other error reports were spat out in eight hexadecimal words which required a library of manuals to interpret.

Fault testing consisted of swapping one circuit board for another until the offending bit disappeared, then the faulty board sent off to Siemens for repair. Looking back over the last 25 years, we've been told that technology was the answer and how it would revolutionise our lives. Certainly, lots of change and lots that has stayed the same. It had 4mb of ram. That machine was good, and took at hell of a beating with apps. I even managed to run Windows 95 on it! But I always remembered the frustration of trying to get games for it.

I still have everything from that computer apart from the motherboard and cpu, and they all still work! Ah those were the days. The early IBM's did NOT have a hard disc in them however, they only had 1 floppy disc and this was used to boot up the machine. Prior to that eg microbee or system 8 - available from Dick Smith the system got Chat Chat Dating Jpg Compressor Less Than 100kb To Mba information off a tape drive - normally a converted cassette tape player.

The floppy was 5 and half inches square and really was all floppy. I could only afford 32k so used a tape drive.

How to compress JPEG image and PDF file size to less than 100 kb on android

After booting, the diskette was removed, to insert a 'data' disk if you wanted to save and keep the information separate to the system disk. To save the pain of constantly swapping disks, the machine was marketed shortly after with two floppy disk's, named A and B drive.

But they all -- PC, Mac, insert-common-brandname software package -- also have their recalcitrant moments, which result in threats to hurl the darn things out the seventh storey window! Because it is a web application, an experimental evaluation method has been chosen Hevner, A. Inline css is the css code reside in html page under html tags not in external.

Yes, the A floppy drive was born. Much later an internal hard disc link added, called the, you guessed it, C drive. This massively increased the speed and ease of use but was prone to instant failure with loss of all information. In an organised office backup to floppy was done daily. As the quantity of data increased, more floppy capacity was needed. It was increased by going to 'double density' then 'double sided' before finally the 3 - inch plastic and much more robust floppy was introduced.

As a contrast at the same time I was working on mainframe computers, where a good day was less than 10 system crashes. Information was entered into 'dumb' terminals that simply recorded keystrokes and sent them to the mainframe over telephone lines.