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26 Jan Are you online dating and can't figure out why people don't write you back? Learn the critical mistakes people make in their first email, as well as two effective ways to grab their attention through humor and insight. Here's the problem: attractive women receive dozens – sometimes even hundreds – of messages in a single day. The key to making the cut is to zig while everyone else zags and stand out in her mind. These 6 insider tips will help you get the hot girl's attention online. Hey – Dave here. Every week I get emails from men of all ages asking essentially the same question: “How do I get more women responding to my messages, like NOW?” Let's face it, when you boil it all down, meeting women online is essentially a numbers game: The more women you email, the more responses you'll get.

This is the most obvious way to get more results and its the first way most men try to improve their online dating results. I have no desire to sit there all day sending out emails and checking out womens profiles. I use dating sites to SAVE time, not add time or a second job. I know, strange behavior for a guy who makes his living teaching men how to attract women online. Even if you just use her screen name one time, make it personal. Talk about her profile, let her know in some way that you actually READ her profile.

I should mention the obvious for some of you knuckle heads: What you place in that subject line is critical to your email even getting open.

Online Dating Tips Email Techniques To Get Her Attention

In your subject lines mention something unique about her profile. The goal of your first sentence should be to grab her attention in a way that gets her to respond to you. This is where you need to insert a CTA. Answer that question and you have your CTA.

Say This To A Girl To Capture Her Attention

This is where most guys mess things up. At the end of your message, just tell her what you want her to do next, for example, you can say something like….

But what about sites like Facebook where a girl might be single but not actively continue reading for a date…is the approach the same? I think emails r cool!. Cause then i can read the persons email and who its from! Hey Dave, Great stuff! I seem to have a problem getting ph numders from women or for them to commit to meeting for a drink…Those that are interested want to wait for the right time or get to know me more…This usually creates several emails back and forth and then it always fades out to no more response…How do I handle this my friend?

Online Dating Tips Email Techniques To Get Her Attention

You see i lack the ability to keep sending entertaining emails to them…Help!! Thats probably the bigger question to ask yourself.

If you have any tips for that please let me know. Dave, my comment above is as it states. You would be surprised if you saw my message history of how seemingly attracted the ladies are with me yet the emails drag on…Would you take a bit of your time to log into my account and see for yourself and possibly give me proper advice on how to handle my unique situation? I am at a loss…I have had responses of women incredibly turned on by me yet no meet…. Dave, this blue print for sending emails is great.

I can see how it will easily work. Hey Dave used some of your stuff and yep the key is to get them to read the mail. Im not going to tell you what I write next cos thats my killer email!! Lets just say that its along the lines of what do your friends think about you. It was a challenge for them.

6 Ways to Get the Hot Girl's Attention Online

To be honest I had to stop cos 4 dates a week was wearing me out!! My second email called for action in each case, but I do not see anyone responding to it yet.

Whether its finding women online or elsewhere, the more women you meet the less likely you are to get hung up on that one girl. Which story line is your favorite right now? Online dating advice at its best.

Not sure what I am doing wrong here. Some advice about the second email will be appreciated. Nige, I would like to ask you to exchange some info about your technique. Please, send me a message at kamenvm abv. What should you do regarding your photos if you are not so handsome? Put less photos up, or put up some photos of you doing some outlandish things to take the attention off your looks. I usually average about 3 responses per 10 emails sent. Of those responses about 1 end up in a date.

Rarely do I receive unsolicited emails from women.

I get compliments on what I have written in my profile. But my pics, man, I think they do me in….

If you want to learn more about online dating, a fun thing to do is to set up a fake profile. Not sending a personalized message greatly reduces your chance of a response with the hot girl online. How about handing out a email template for us to try out?

RSS feed for comments on this post. Mail will not be published required. Advertised results are only typical of people who worked their tails off and followed every one of the internet dating strategies and internet dating tips that I outline on my site to really explode their online dating.

Got any tips of your own? I wanna hear them….

6 Ways to Get the Hot Girl’s Attention Online