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Jayden and Emily's Day at Rainbow's End, a power rangers fanfic | FanFiction

24 Sep SAMURAI RANGERS AGES (Only in this story). Jayden: Emily: Mia: Kevin: Mike: Antonio: Ji: Who really knows?:s. STORY: (The rangers all wake up and are eating breakfast). (Emily walks in the room). EMILY: (Sits down) Good morning everyone! MIA: Good morning, Emily! KEVIN. 29 Apr Jayden and Emily spend their day off at Rainbow's End amusement park together Jemily fluff and Disclaimer: I do not own Power Rangers Samurai or any of the characters in this story all rights go to Nickelodeon This is my Mia and Kevin have already been dating for a few weeks now. The blue sky. 27 Feb Emily had a great time with Mike. I'm going to Jayden's POV. I'm going to make our food for our date. " Hey Jayden, what are you doing tomorrow." Antonio asked . "why."I said. " Do you want to go fishing tomorrow. "samurizer, Go go samurai" We all said morphing into Power rangers samurai. " ha ha.

Finding love: Emily and Jayden Chapter 7, a power rangers fanfic | FanFiction

I didn't change the disclaimer for the last chapter so Umm but yes I do not own power rangers and it's very very sad that I don't. One of my favorite parts of this story. Okay so this is one of the parts where I needed to make the rating M.

No lemons cause I don't roll that way especially with a couple on a Kids TV continue reading. I hope you guys like it as much as I do! I'm sorry if what goes down upsets you it's nothing bad in my opinion but I just needed it to happen for the story and because well it just needed to happen and it makes me happy and yeah: OK so the usual Also if you make what I like to call "fan videos" please message me because I need more parts to be filled for a collab I'm doing!

She peered in and noticed he was changing and putting on a new shirt. She quickly hid her eyes. Jayden looked over and laughed.

We went swimming and you weren't changing. You can come in if you want. You don't have to stand you know. He leaned into her and kissed her. She didn't mean that she wanted to sit in his room and make out for an hour while her best friend was out but there was nothing here with that.

She kissed Jayden and felt how she always felt when she kissed him, happy and warm. She fell onto her back with him still kissing her and knew what she wanted to do but she was afraid to say anything. Jayden knew what he wanted to do too. He kissed her neck and Emily understood he had the same intentions. What if someone hears us? What if they told Mentor Ji? He would be so mad at us for breaking the rules.

So, you like Jayden, eh? But then, people only see what they want to see. Mia was walking next to Kevin sometimes she recharged on him.

They could date and kiss as long as it was kept to a minimum because Mentor Ji didn't want it getting in the way of their mission. Ji is asleep across the house and Kevin and Mike's room is two doors down.

Mike sleeps like a baby and you already know that Kevin and Mia are out. Jayden brought a finger to his lips signalizing for Emily to be quieter. She bit her lip and nodded. The situation continued for a couple more minutes. Jayden's shirt was gone and Emily's dress was just about to be.

This was pure bliss to both of them. Emily was a sweet girl and Jayden was a tough man. Them together made the perfect combination. If the other left, neither of them click here know how to move on.

They loved each other a lot.

Power Rangers Samurai Jayden And Emily Dating Fanfiction

Both were scared to say it though. After the activities, Emily woke up and looked at Jayden's clock. She sat up and quickly got out of bed. She grabbed her dress and Jayden's shirt. He rubbed his eyes and looked at his girlfriend putting on his red flannel shirt over her under-garments. She left it open and was ready to escape his room.

And Mia is probably wondering where I am so I better go back. Just one thing before you leave.

Power Rangers Samurai Jayden And Emily Dating Fanfiction

Mia was still awake and laughed when Emily came in. I thought you would never leave! The only thing I can imagine is you two—you know—that thing- but I doubt—" Emily blushed again because she knew her friend had figured out her secret. She went to bed happy knowing that the boy she loved, loved her back. The next morning Emily got up a little later than usual and walked out to the living room by herself. She article source to see everyone else up but not everyone was.

She just saw Mia, Kevin and Mike all happily watching cartoons. She joined them and tried to not look embarrassed. She thought to herself for a second. Did I really ware him out that much? I thought he's supposed to be able to fight for hours and not get tired!

She laughed when Jerry fooled Tom once again and waited for breakfast. After twenty minutes, Jayden still was not up. She got up to go to the bathroom and checked his room. He wasn't there though. Emily walked back out and saw everyone was sitting at the table for the breakfast. Jayden sat at the table and smiled when Emily walked in. I've been up for like twenty minutes. I thought you were still asleep. But every time she saw Jayden and his deep blue eyes, she felt the need too. But I only got up like five minutes before you did.

It feels so good to be back. She smiled and nodded. Why don't ya want the shoes?

Emily liked getting up early because she liked mornings. She got up around six but sometimes she got up at six-thirty.

Jayden always got up at around six so she was surprised to hear that he slept in an hour longer. I'm never up before you are. She felt bad making him tired the previous night. She ate in silence as everyone else talked. She feared that Mia was about to make a connection between the two early bird rangers. First I beat Jayden, and I beat you! It must be my lucky day. He gave her a face that asked her if she was okay. She smiled and source.


She just felt a little embarrassed but she knew it would past. I can bring up your plate if you want me too. No harm no foul. Mike watched a bit upset.

Link knew there was something going on between the two of them and hoped it had to do with breaking up. Kevin, why can't we be that cute? Back in the kitchen Emily was putting the plates in the sink when she felt two cold hands touch her bare shoulders. She gasped and dropped one of the plates.

Jayden laughed and picked up the now broken plate and threw it in the garbage. You seemed distant and upset back there. I'm click at this page tired and bit embarrassed. The whole time I thought everyone was going to find out what happened. He could be sarcastic but in a way that didn't hurt Emily. He was a lot more playful and a lot more of himself when he was around her.

Then my accuse that we were talking would have been way more believable. Jayden and Emily immediately separated. You don't see Kevin and I doing that. It took Emily a second to figure out what Mia was trying to say.

How was your date with Kevin last night? Well we better go get ready for training. Mike was quick to take Emily as his sparring partner.

Jayden was going to protest but realized that he wouldn't get stronger if he went easy on his girlfriend. He and Kevin began to fight while Mia started with the dummies.