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Leave him. Period. He's lying to you. He's lying to you about everything. He's lying to his wife. He's lying to her about everything. You are hurting yourself. This situation will only lead to pain. He WILL hurt you. Your self esteem will suffer. You will not be able to form a good relationship while you are wasting. You can't help who you fall in love with but you can but you do have free will as to whether you act on it or not. He may be "funny, very attractive, classy, elegantly- dressed and intelligent" but he is some other woman's husband and if you had any sense of self esteem you would respect that and stay away. I think sometimes we CHOOSE not to see for if she really admitted what was happening then she would HAVE to do something about it or they could have an open marriage have you asked him?? or perhaps she is so busy being wife mother worker that she does not have ONE minute for herself or maybe.

Chat or rant, adult content, spam, insulting other members, show more. Harm to minors, violence or threats, harassment or privacy invasion, impersonation or misrepresentation, fraud or phishing, show more. Dating a married man? I've been seeing a married man since July of He left his wife and moved in with me then, I got word from her that he was secretly sleeping with her, so we broke up for about 2 weeks, and for those 2 weeks, he had moved back in with her, I was so miserable without him, I thought he was the one.

Yahoo Answers Dating A Married Man

I am a 36 yo female, whose click I have been in love before, but never came close to what I felt for this man! He had started to go to classes to convert to Catholicism, since I was raised Catholic, and it seemed everything was great.

Except the fact he was still married! Then he moved out again after getting an anonymous email that I confronted him about, saying he was at his wifes house the previous week, early in the morning, before work, having sex with her.

Find the best luxury cars. This would take some time because kids would have a hard time trying to figure out whats actually going on. Unfortunately, we are in an era where lust and no respect for one another is the new thing. Don't sacrifice career advancement because of this relationship. Also, do you think you are the only "other woman"?

Of course when I confronted him, he got very angry, said if I didn't trust him, we didn't have anything, and I said it was kind of hard to trust him, because basically our relationship started on a lie. He had told me he was divorced for 3 yrs and had custody of his two children, when in actuality, his wife was in Yahoo Answers Dating A Married Man state for two months, taking care of her mother.

By the time I had found this out, I was furious, but already in love with him, I had told him I couldn't continue to see him while he was living with her, so the next day he showed up with all his clothes in his car, and said he left her.

But I kept having a gut feeling something was still going on with his wife. Go here, basically I told him I couldn't live like that, that it was too hard, and he moved out a little over a month ago, and moved back in with her.

After about a week or two, of course the texts and calls started again, him saying once again he wasn't happy, he loved me, wanted to be with me, just be patient and give him some time. At first I said OK with that, then after going a whole weekend without hearing a word from him, I sent him a long email, and pretty much told him he needed to man up and make a decision. If he wanted to be with me, then he needed to go home, tell her he was in love with me, pack his belongings, and come back.

If he chooses her, then there was no need to email me back, and I will take it as that was his decision. Well, needless to say, I didn't hear a word back from him. The next couple of weeks were hell on me, couldnt eat, sleep, but as the days went by, every day was getting a tad bit easier to deal with it.

He cheatedI wanted a separation and divorce. Why is he upset with me? Just get a divorce if it's too tough. Morally, you're in the wrong.

Well then last week, I was bored, so I article source texted him out of the blue, and he said he thinks about me everyday and is still very in love with me. I went to see him at work, and we ended up making love, and now he's planning on coming over one day next week to spend Yahoo Answers Dating A Married Man day with me.

He asked me if he left her for good, would I take him back, and of course everything in me screams YES! But I don't know if I can live everyday always curious about what he's doing when hes not with me, always second guessing everything. So I guess at the end of this whole thing, my question is, will he ever truely leave her to be with me, and if he does leave her for good, will it eventually be another woman?

Is it true once a cheat always a cheat? Im just so confused. Any advice would be greatly appreciated! Are you sure you want to delete this answer? As a woman, can't you tell that you're being used?

Yahoo Answers Dating A Married Man

As a Catholic, don't you feel the least bit guilty for sleeping with a married man? Dating a married person is wrong regardless the situation and if he doesnt want to get married he should pay the cost and get a divorce.

You should have more self respect for see more and Yahoo Answers Dating A Married Man that if he will cheat on his wife then he will do just the same with you seeing that you and he hooked up without regard to his spouse.

Take your losses and move on to someone who doesnt have ties to someone else. I guarantee you will feel better and wont have to look to Yahoo Answers for advice. You let yourself get sucked in by your own selfish desires. You and the wife are both being idiots.

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Stand up and be the strong woman you can be. What would you tell a sister, a cousin, or a friend that emailed your message to you asking for advice.

He is not one to trust even after he gets a divorce from his wife since he will go sleep with her again. Find someone else and tell him dont call, text etc you again. This relationship isnt right; he's most likely going to keep doing that, and he's lied so many times before and cheated on BOTH of you you and his wife.


It may be hard but let him go. Getyour Ex Back Permanently Forever - http: You can never trust a cheater. He cheated with you, he'll cheat on you. As for being "very much in love" with you, please! Surely you can't be stupid enough to actually believe that?

You are a toilet to him, nothing more and nothing less. He uses you when he has a load to dump. Wake up, smell the coffee and stop wasting your life.

U shouldn't ever get involved with a married person. Weather or not there are issues u have ripped a marriage apart.

Wow aren't u tired and headache with all this drama i have headache reading ur story.

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Find the best luxury cars. Related Questions Married man tha date married man? I prefer to date married men? Single women dating married men? I am dating a married man, am I wrong? What about women who here married men? Its rare my hubby would miss a shift. He goes in days a week. Do you ever look back and are thankful a person you liked was rude and a jerk to you?

He cheatedI wanted a separation and divorce. Why is he upset with me? I don't think I can forget the hurtful things my husband said to me and forgive him. What should I do? Does he truly love me? Am I obsessed and going extreme for asking my husband to do these things after his affair? Should I worry with this behavior? For Married couples only.?

I found THIS on husband's phone again?!?