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Big Brother: Feed Clip: Amanda's Last Night

Big Brother 15’s Amanda And McCrae Call It Quits

There was quite the show in the "Big Brother 15" house last night, keep reading to find out what's been going on — because it would seem Amanda and McCrae just. 19 Aug I'm so sorry. I'm sorry that this happened to us all. I wish I could change things, but here's the truth of what happened on Big Brother Austin fingered Liz while they were laying in the HoH bed and it is extremely uncomfortable to watch. There'. 25 Sep If you thought Big Brother's McCrae and Amanda wouldn't last outside of the Big Brother 15 house, you were wrong. The "McCranda" couple seem to be off to a strong start together, only one week after the show's finale episode the couple have reunited in McCrae's neck of the woods - Minnesota. There is a.

She needs to control herself. I would not say slutty. Cute, flirt, great body. I know many can feel jealous, but come on guys is it really necessary to name call?

Not classy at all! I really hope you are not a mom, and if you are I hope your child never has to deal with the bullying you are doing right now. My daughter is a strong woman and stands on her own to feet Yes been blessed with my only child Independent and hard working and has a GREAT relationship with her fiance Thank very much for wondering.

This agree I loved them together and most of all the way jessica stood her ground with cody When she questioned cody is Are Mccrae And Amanda From Big Brother Still Hookup how it will be in the real world after big brother Plus the emotional moment cody showed that he is a real person Hora! Cody Everyone has someone and they were great together I wish and hope they stay together Most of all there was nothing slutty about jessica SHE was a real woman all along U GO girl!!

Stand by ur man!! To have sex the second night unprotected is a real mature decision!! There is protection available made to the house guests!! They are the ones who made cruel remarks about being fat to Josh and calling him stupid!! Josh was just annoying them with pots and pans!! Maybe See more just wants to trap a man!! She and Cody will always be trash!!

What century are u ppl in Give me a break!! I started watching big brother when it first aired this year all of the women r running around dressed like pole dancer. Are Mccrae And Amanda From Big Brother Still Hookup wish out of this group no one would be the winner.

I hate the bullying wish the production would put a stop to it. The only reason I still watch is to see the looks when Paul votes off his idiot robots.

I think the above trash comments on Jessica come from jealous women. Love how you act like such Puritans. I am sure people would tell a different story on you.

Jealous, jealous catty women. Most likely have issues which only therapy could work through.

‘Big Brother’ Showmances: Where Are They Now?

Jessica is beautiful, articulate, appears intelligent and speaks highly of her family and how one should conduct themselves. Keith-could t agree more re: No one has game. So go Kevin…pay for all those kids!

Empower yourselves and stop watching instead of bitching. Have no self control? No one is making you watch.

McCrae and Amanda

Or perhaps you whiners thrive on negativity and bitching miserably. Maybe if you started having a more mature house guests they would play the game with the sex, name calling and meanness. Josh might be a bully but Cody is scary angry. Jessica is the key and his da5 The only two that matter He was honest with Jessica when he said he has no friends but his brothers Jessica and Cody will be one eventually no matter what anyone thinks Hora cody and jessica.

Josh is a big bully, then crys when someone picks on him. Tired of seeing all the lying, backstabbing and out and out meanness.

Are Mccrae And Amanda From Big Brother Still Hookup

Game is a game but to win at all costs??? Not sure I want to watch anymore. The only one really playing the game is Paul. Cody was, until he hooked up with Jessica. Then his possessiveness of her overshadowed his ability to play the game, and vice versa with Jessica. Shame on her for letting Cody ruin her game, twice. He just needs to go. Has no intelligence to play the game like a man, and is annoying.

He will eventually just pop them off one by one, and will win in the end. Had hopes quiet Kevin would play a strong game, but even he lies to everyone and too has become a Paul groupie.

Also, who else has shacked up in the BB house?. Don't keep reading if you don't want to be spoiled. It's been a big week in the "Big Brother house. I truly hope that Jessica sees the love Cody has for her.

Paul got 3 weeks safe right off the bat by the producers. Paul telling everyone to turn up the bullying was the last straw. The rest of the house is just there.

Amanda And Mccrae Hook Up Big Brother

I blame the producers for not putting a stop to click. Paul tells them keep it http://24dating.me/coba/where-to-find-a-girl-to-sleep-with.php Or possibly ever went further than the 5th grade. You are ignorant for EVER suggesting domestic violence. Tell him to grow up. I love the game every day it gets better and better.

The pots and pans is silly. Cody and jess started the bullying but when they were attacked back they seemed off balanced, the bullying was out of hand but in this season theire was only a few victims ,mainly.

Megan… Paul reminds me of a pied piper and all the little rats following him. No matter what people might think, we are all human. We all have hearts, and no one deserves to treat each other back and forth like this. Both parties are guilty in all of this, but most of all CBS is. For some reason CBS feels the need to make Paul happy.

Perhaps this win will be to make up for his losing last BB to Nicole. He is clumsy, a very tall muscular man very much like a bull in a china shop. He behaves like school children on a playground who have no idea how they physical play can hurt a smaller body. I fantasize someone completely shaving every hair off his body while he is asleep.

Paul should have never been allowed back on the show, worst BB ever!!!!

GinaMarie won Head of Household and made arguably the biggest move of the summer by nominating McCrae and Amanda against one another. Blush stretch silk-satin, black lace Slips on Fabric1: I think the above trash comments on Jessica come from jealous women.

Paul and Josh have made the show not worth watching. The house has not flipped any this year, everybody is following Paul around like a puppet except Cody and Jessica. And the bullying is ridiculous!!!! Cody is the only real man in the house. Shame on Paul, he makes me sick source that nasty stinky looking beard.

I bet his figit fingers stink, those rings only make his fingers look smaller. That Rob Zombie look only works for Rob Zombie! Paul is 20 yrs. The House is full of mindless sheep. Paul is nothing but a coward. I miss Jessica, she is a beautiful girl inside and out. I am so disappointed with BB this season who chose the house guest and who made the decision to bring Paul back?? He is just so annoying and the minions that just follow him blindly.

I had hope for Christmas and Josh to at least try to get him out but nope they did exactly what he wanted. How do these people survive in the real world? Just let Jody know they were awesome to watch And I wish them both all the best And cody hora!! Most unlikeable contestants ever. The only decent individual link Mark and everyone turned on him.

I decided not to watch the rest of THIS season. I hope this ends this once-enjoyable and suspenseful and entertaining series. It has degraded so badly it now deserves to die.

I have watched BB from the first season on. I have never thought any of the showmances were real until this season. I truly hope that Jessica sees the love Cody has for her. To see his eyes light up when he saw her on finale night just warmed my heart. Wishing Jessica and Cody all the best. And just an afterthought. To all who think Jessica behaved like a slut! Huh I think you may be a little jealous.

Are Mccrae And Amanda From Big Brother Still Hookup