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International Dating Scams - Who Are You Really Talking To?

Been Scammed By a “Soldier”? – A Soldier's Perspective

6 Feb I AM SERIOUS LOOKING FOR THE RIGHT MAN TO BE WITH I LIKE DOING They search through the social networks and dating sites databases, to see if a person with such email is registered somewhere. . The girl on the pictures is not a scammer, the pictures are merely stolen from the Internet. Marcus Mosiah Garvey Jr. ONH (17 August – 10 June ) was a proponent of Black nationalism in Jamaica and especially the United States. He was a leader of a mass movement called Pan-Africanism and he founded the Universal Negro Improvement Association and African Communities League ( UNIA-ACL). 4 May Gang of eight, all Nigerian, 'hijacked identities'; Made fraudulent claims for tax credits, Jobseeker's Allowance and Sure Start Maternity Grants of a £m plot involving at least 1, bogus claims for maternity benefit, tax credit and Jobseeker's Allowance, were jailed for a total of 23 years today (file photo).

With CJ out of pocket for a few weeks, he passed off a media interview to me. They are also looking to speak with another person whom was scammed by someone posing as a military service member.

This is a major media outlet everyone in the US has heard of. My address is marcus-at-youserved-dot-com.

Marcus Garvey

Time is short on this, so please get in touch as soon as possible. Update 30 August The number one question we get day in and day out is if there is a way to let the real soldier being used in a scam that he is a victim as well. The time and effort put forth would likely do little good. I feel horrible that the images and names of these brave men are being used for nefarious reasons.

Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Ugly Girls

Please, continue to share your stories and warn others. Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Ugly Girls more people we are able to educate on this horrible deed the less profitable it this web page be for the criminals.

All PostsInformation. What is wrong with you people???? Even if these men were real why the hell would you be so desperate to even want to entertain someone halfway across the world?? These people that have been stringing you online are obviously scam artists. Their goal is get as much as they can from you with no intentions of giving anything back. I must be a genius to be able to spot these scams a mile away. Get off of the online world and go meet someone in the real world.

I met a staff Sergeant for the us army named Hughes Mike farrar. I met him on okcupid and then he later link me to contact him on WhatsApp. I confronted him about being a fake and he totally denied it.

I looked him up on Facebook, and I found him.

He is from Orlando, Florida. Dosanjh, of Kensington, west London, was jailed for 15 years while Gill, of Slough, Berkshire, was sentenced to 11 years and Chahal, of Southall, Middlesex, was locked up for nine years at Southwark Crown Court. You have to look at these sites in the right way. Is this a new name?

Same pictures and everything. He also goes by Mike Farrar. He said he currently lives in Albany New York link also Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Ugly Girls a house in Indiana. On his pictures he has on a couple of Arkansas shirts with the cap, he said he visited there a couple of times but has never really lived there.

Well it seems that this is the same guy that tried to scam me out of money. Everything u said is the Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Ugly Girls guy same pictures and i did the research on more info. He said he was in Israel and that he needed me to pay for his leave through money gram to a person in the states that was a agent.

I did not pay for check this out leave. But over the time we had talked he would never talk verberaly on the phone or ever did video chat. He always had excuses why he couldnt. We would message each other. But i caught on real quick that he was a scam. Cause men and woman dont need money in the Army. I reported him on kik abd to the police but i endedbup deleting my social media and changing my number.

Mike Farrar is a scammer so all beware. I met a woman on a dating site, and she told me that she and some of her colleagues stumbled upon a large amt of money. She said she wants to ship her share to me, here in my country.

What should I do? What name did he go by? When I googled this army sergeant name. He came up deceased. He went by the name Marcus Harry Johnson he looked like a scamer right off the bat. Anyone else every here from him. Says he is i. Syria returning October 18, Dover air force base.

A soldier I have been writing told me the exact story. No matter how it sounds.

Although initial efforts by the BOI were to find grounds upon which to deport Garvey as "an undesirable alien", a charge of mail fraud was brought against Garvey in connection with stock sales of the Black Star Line after the U. Friday, Feb 16th 5-Day Forecast. They are very computer savvy and the man I met was named Chris Robles. He said he would go to field with a pam top but needed a pin code to communicate.

You can go to jail. And he will disappear and leave you alone and in jail.

Marcus Garvey - Wikipedia

I have been texting supposedly a seargent luitenent, and to retire in Dec, and then asked me for an Iphone, 8, or if I could send IM not falling for it. Id like to get him in trouble, bs, now his name is scott aurther.

So its a scam. I got a msg from some sgt. Any body else with same line of story.

Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Ugly Girls

I would sure like to talk to u if this name is familiar. I live in the U K. I have noticed a lot of these scammers claim to be on peace keeping missions in Kabul and a lot of the stories are almost carbon copies of each other. If the pictures were of the real George I wish he could be informed, he is handsome would have loved it to be true. I have been contacted by 3 others all now blocked.

I have been scammed by a solider who was of course not one at all. He is a Nigerian man that fraudled my 2 bank account now i am looked at as a fraud person. I have not ever been in trouble before i was iwth this man for month and i feel in love with him and i couldnt break his ties on me i was just so in love. He got me for over Receiving money from other people they sent to me and i send to him. He was always comin to be with me but things always happen so he needed more money.

I would love to tell this solider of his person that is a scammer and using his idenity. He is still using the soliders name pix everything. I dont keep in touch to ofter with him becus i let him go i had enogh of his lies and saying he loved me but i he ws not going to come here. Finally i figured it out it took alot of tears and lots of saying you dont love him he is hurting you.

I just trusted god to help me get away he got very angry and said i was not leaving him i would never leave him cuz i loved him and he love me i told him no i use to i am getting over you and i will not come back to be hurt and used any more.

A e 6 sargent goes by the name Mata Jim. Click I questioned him about needing money, he threatened me. Scammers have Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Ugly Girls reported using his stolen pictures since at least My suspicions confirmed and tried to catch him scamming and the webs of lie ensues.

So I think I have been scammed by a John Mexicotte. He is in the Us Army an E5. Getting to know this person, he started asking for money to bring him home from nigeria. He was asking for iTunes cards and new phone because his is messed up. I think he is who im talking to now. Calling Bedford Male Dating Scammer Pictures From Nigeria Ugly Girls markus though. Hasnt asked for anything yet. He went by the name Marcus he looked like a scamer right off the bat.

Ask him for his military email address. My email address is cj[at]cjgrisham[dot]com if you want more help. I have a soldier his name is Paul Webb 12A Engineer General can you help me to know if he too is a scam or a real soldier. Dear CJ Grisham, I am very much touched by your various comments raised by those being scammed by people who claimed to be a soldier.

I befriended a person by the name of Matthew M. Caruso who claimed to be Chief. We have been friends now since January He said he is a divorcee. He also sent me a copy of his divorce certificate finalised in Apri, in the Superior Court Country of Georgia. I have exchanged emails and chats with his son Lucas Caruso, age 20 who is claimed here have enrolled in Military College in Brooklyn.

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Matthew also gave me his email address,Matthew Carusohis facebook address is https: He claimed he is still serving the Airforce stationed in Havanna Cuba and presently on a mission in Japan. With all the information he gave, countless of photos on the military activities including family photos, I am still doubtful if he is real.