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Philip DeFranco on Political Views, Trump, and Free Speech (Pt. 2)

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26 Oct Forty-five years later, the school formerly known as Liberty Baptist College has become a kingmaker and bellwether in the Republican Party. Politicians routinely make pit stops in Lynchburg; Ted Cruz even launched his ill-fated presidential campaign from Liberty's campus in March of That's why it. Patrick Lloyd McCrory (born October 17, ) is an American businessman and politician who served as the 74th Governor of North Carolina, from to He has served as the 53rd Mayor of the city of Charlotte, North Carolina, and as a Charlotte city councilman. He was appointed by George W. Bush to serve on. 20 Jul And the speeches are seldom by big political names, but actors, Trump family friends and people with stories to tell about how the Obama administration ruined their lives. This is a Republican convention unlike any in recent times. Looking for a familiar face? Nominee Donald Trump may be a star in his.

The right to be gay is all but settled as a legal matter these days, and transgender acceptance has been dramatically increasing. One might expect, then, see more the pride parades of summer might start to grow less political and more like other cultural celebrations. In at least one case, parade organizers have rejected a float. Even though Brian Talbert is gay, the organizers of Charlotte, North Carolina's pride event have told him he can't participate with a float touting his support for Trump.

Talbert's story is picking up national attention. From The Washington Post:. Reached by email, Charlotte Pride released a statement saying the organization "reserves the right to College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Nicknames For Charlotte participation" at events to groups that do not reflect the mission and values of the organization.

The statement said that policy is acknowledged in its parade rules and regulations, and noted that in the past, organizers have made "similar decisions" to decline participation from "other organizations espousing anti-LGBTQ religious or public policy stances. But Trump has notably not espoused antigay policy stances and has, in fact, resisted efforts to do so within his administration.

That's really the crux of the problem: Trump's administration doesn't want to use the federal government to advance anti-discrimination policies that cover LGBT people. His Department of Justice has withdrawn federal guidance ordering public schools to accommodate transgender students' gender choices for bathrooms and other facilities.

Put in historical context, that's a relatively mild decision, though it must feel awful for transgender students who are affected and ultimately it may be decided by the courts, not Trump's administration, anyway. Despite LGBT activists' fears, the administration is not scaling back executive orders forbidding government contractors from engaging in LGBT discrimination.

Life is still improving for LGBT people. The Los Angeles pride parade and festival is this weekend, but apparently it's no longer the same pride parade people are used to.

Millennials take 2016 Republican convention from establishment | Charlotte Observer

It's been transformed into an anti-Trump "resistance" march, under the odd and incorrect assumption that being part of the LGBT community inherently requires you to embrace of a host of political positions.

New York, Austin, Seattle, and D. Weekly quotes one of the march organizers:. We are immigrants, we are women, we are seniors, we are communities of color, and on and on. Very few communities encompass so many different types of Americans. But it also means the community encompasses Trump voters and other types of conservatives. Even here in the extremely liberal city of Los Angeles, I know at least one gay Trump supporter.

What Pendleton is promoting isn't a celebration of humanity. It's a policing of political values.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Nicknames For Charlotte

It's remarkable that parades that have revolved around an insistence that LGBT people should be allowed to participate in society here be public about who they are wants to excluding participant for their political affiliations. This isn't ultimately about Trump himself; it's about the inability or unwillingness of people with highly different political interests to engage with each other.

It's easier to cast gay Trump voters out of the movement than to engage with them over the fundamental philosophical differences that divide them. My Trump-supporting gay acquaintance moved to L. There's nothing about being gay or transgender that requires support of unrelated policy positions on everything from immigration to abortion, and I say this as somebody who identifies more frequently with the left on those two issues.

Making the parades into anti-Trump rallies tells tens of thousands of LGBT people that this festival that's supposed to be about them is actually deliberately excluding and opposing them. Talbert has said he's going to sue Charlotte Pride for discrimination, which is also a terrible response.

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Charlotte Pride should be allowed to include or exclude any participants it wants. And there's already a Supreme Court decision that affirms that parade organizers have the right to exclude participants with messages they do not support.

But Charlotte Pride's organizers should remember something. And they're only just now, in this decade, convincing the Catholic organizers of those events to allow them in. To turn around and treat another group link gay people the same way is pretty terrible. Let them into the parade. Let the audience boo them, College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Nicknames For Charlotte them, or ignore them, and then move on.

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Citizen X - 6 6.

As the Agriculture Committee chairman, Helms proposed repeal of the amendment which had deleted the purchase requirement for food stamps. Your confusion stems from, besides your abject stupidity, your inherent hypocrisy. Weekly quotes one of the march organizers:. Tony, I know you actually meant "you can't support the expulsion of foreign criminals, who knowingly broke the law by illegally crossing the border into the US, and the banning of travel from countries where there is a high incidence of anti-US terrorist activities".

Crusty Juggler - lamertarian 6. He will be at the parade, standing off at the side holding a "God Made Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve" sign, while trying to hide his feeble erection. He will dare dudes to let him chug their hogs, call them "faggot" afterward, and then be confused when that doesn't bother them. I think the idea is that you can't support the systematic expulsion of immigrants and the banning of all Muslims from entering the US and be invited to http://24dating.me/coba/how-to-start-dating-your-best-guy-friend.php in our celebration of tolerance.

Eh, so Tony doesn't know what words mean and has only the shallowest possible understanding of broad concepts. That's not news to anyone. Last of the Shitlords 6. It is okay not to invite horrible people to your party, you know.

College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Nicknames For Charlotte

Why do I have to keep explaining freedom to you guys? If by design, my party is to celebrate tolerance and be open to people of varying beliefs and lifestyles and hopefully engage in a conversation with those people to find peaceful, celebratory common ground, then banning everyone that you disagree with on a subset of issues means that it's just a party of your friends, not a celebration of tolerance.

Why do we have to keep explaining the meaning of words to you? It's not open to people of "varying beliefs. A pride parade is indeed just a party of my friends. Without saying a pro-Trump group is as bad as Nazis, we're not inviting Nazis either, and it's because of what they believe. I take a significant amount of pleasure reading your lucid argument for the right to free association. Meaning that we both hold the same position, but I'm a hypocrite for having it and you're not, because you don't claim to be http://24dating.me/coba/marriage-without-dating-ep-11-dramabeans.php decent person in the first place.

You mean exactly as they currently operate, a right affirmed by the Supreme Court? They decided on their own to allow openly gay people in. If it was due in part to social pressure, welcome to freedom.

I used Nazis elsewhere so that it would be simple to understand. Is it intolerant not to invite Nazis to your tolerance party? Maybe in a literal sense. But you're not clever for being unable to get from the literal to the conceptual. It's unclear from this article what the overall tone of this specific parade is and what the tone of the float was. I could see denying this guy from having a giant Trump face balloon with vote Trump all over it under the understanding that the parade has a general rule not to have floats endorsing specific candidates or political parties.

The log cabin republicans have had a small presence in the NYC pride parade for years without issue, but they never had a float. IMO the devil is in the details on this.

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Is this parade by "invitation only"? Because if you have a party and have an open invitation to everyone, and someone shows up that you don't like, is it really fair to say "Oh, but I didn't mean YOU". It's an organized parade. So no, it's not "whoever shows up". They then make sure that they have security sufficient to the length of the parade and expected crowd size, secure a staging area large enough for the number of floats and groups, possibly arrange programs, advertisements and so-on.

I assume there are some modern parades that are a "whoever shows source sort of thing. This is not one of those. What you're doing is reducing anyone who disagrees with you even a little bit into a cartoon villain so that you can justify being a dick to them.

For the record, http://24dating.me/coba/jake-and-kate-have-been-dating-for-two-years.php actually agree College Hookup Gay Republicans Politicians Nicknames For Charlotte you that there exists no right to participate in a private organization's parade - i just think you're still and always a stupid and possibly psychopathic individual.

Tony misses the obvious. He calls it a celebration of tolerance, then argues that it's not a celebration of tolerance. Whining about lefties being hypocrites because they don't "tolerate the intolerant" is not a new idea you just had, it's a lame bit of snowflake whining the right always does. It's so stupid I want to cut myself. Yeah we claim to be more open and tolerant than conservatards.

That doesn't mean we have to invite Nazis over for tea. Are you even actually reading people's responses? Or are you just talking to the voices in your head again? Red Rocks Baiting n Inciting 6. Tony, someone who openly endorses "reverse" racism against white people and males, supports forced association with people like him at gunpoint, accuses those of us who say "lie and let live: Let that sink in Tony. We're not the ones with a list of people we want the government to fuck over because we don't like their ideas or think they're great grandparents weren't nice or who want.

Even forgetting the distinction between libertarians and conservatives I guess a Maoist might have trouble distinguishing a Classical Liberal from a Social Democrat Republicans at least don't want to require public universities to discriminate against white and Asian applicants, nor to my knowledge are they waging a bloody battle for Curves to let men into their gyms, so even the average Republican is less bigoted than you.

Sorry it hurts to hear it Tony, but 'hating the right groups of people' isn't the antithesis of bigotry. Trump, who has given hundreds of thousands of dollars to gay rights groups and causes here over 30 years.

Migrant Log Chipper 6. Thumbs up for nailing the central issue.

Earlier this year, Fallon said she would vote for the ordinance. He signed legislation which made North Carolina the 8th state to cut unemployment benefits since the start of the Great Recession. Retrieved from " https:

Dude was excluded because he doesn't toe the line of logical fallacy.