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Explore Amber George's board "quotes" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Thoughts, Best inspirational quotes and Book quotes. This Pin was discovered by Garrett Wang. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinterest. 1 Dec What's kind of weird about the abundance of gorgeous starlets is that the porn game isn't what it used to be. . Entering her fifth year in the porn business, Dillion's starting to look more like a full-fledged woman than the shy girl next door she came in the game as. Halloween appearance round 2! Love the.

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Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. Chi 98 Why I Love: T Humanasaur, ago a: The debut album, incorporates Greek mythology, American Transcendentalism, medieval instrumentation. Yes, 1 3 issues in and Plan B is having an overhaul. We're streamlining our editorial staff - thanking profusely the efforts of our outgoing team: We're sad to see them go, and totally hope they stay involved in the future.

In their stead come kick website and The Void and Mr Louis Pattison live and album reviews as we gear ourselves up for turning monthly. I'll be overseeing media for now.

Serve with organic spaghetti. In it, Page, Kathy and Rhonda giddily recounted shopping trips, swimsuit fashion shows and hunky army guys. He spent the night and I have to say, it's been forever since a guy connected with me so well and I can't wait to see him again on Tuesday for our next date! The last 2 fucking dates I've been stood up.

We're making the leap. The next Plan B is due out in Septemberand boy we're nervous We have an office. We see more an office sound system. We Curve Game Meme Hookup Ghosting Halloween Poem an office printer that sometimes works. We have an office team that consists of some extremely overheated core staff members and a few bemused, but hardworking volunteers. We have oodles of bands and artists and films and books and records we want to write about and Oh, and from next issue we're carrying a letters page, so please: That's when we're finally going to bring down the rotting, patriarchal remains of the music press.

Everett True We have an office, it's true. Next door on one side we have the boys from Diplo, who like to play accordions and have parties when they're not setting the world to rights with their current affairs mag. Next door on the other side is a plumbers' firm, which appears to be run by Mr Tourette's from Modern Toss Plumber: After a month in the building, I know all their guitar solos. The office is hot in the summer, and I imagine cold in the winter, and so far I think I'm the only person who has ever hoovered it.

Curve Game Meme Hookup Ghosting Halloween Poem

Talk about DIY publishing in action - 1 even painted it thanks to Anna for painting help, btw. ET got in there first with the thank you's, so all I can say is: Those editorial staff moving on will be much missed; I hope they'll continue to be part of the Plan B crew.

I look forward to fighting over the office stereo with them in the coming months. Chris Houghton chris planbmag. Richard Stacey richard planbmag. Ahsen Nadeem ahsen planbmag.

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Warners Group Distribution newsagents, retail chains, international 01 1 94 andrews warnersgroup. If you have difficulty finding a copy, please enquire at your local record shop. For independent newsagents, you can ask them to order it at the counter, or email andrews warnersgroup. Just like that kiss with Evan Stevens.

It's good that you are aware that you're one to move a bit fast though. Only one track on For Sada Jane has been made in their traditional formation. I couldn't have predicted that coming as she was a sweetheart all night. So I got raped':

What's the cruellest act you've ever committed? Mine was grabbing the face of this twitching boy with the out-of -control crush on me, and moving in for that real, slow kiss, just for the fun of it. But the joke was on me in the end when we lay in my bed, bed-frame jerking with his trembling form.

Curve Game Meme Hookup Ghosting Halloween Poem

I can't believe this is happening, he said, and I shook my head, because neither could I, but there it was. Be warned when you dabble and tease, my friends: Death Cab is middle-of-the-road American indie college rock. Their music is proficient, sometimes easing into gorgeousness, never veering towards challenging. The singer's voice is high, thin, whiny: They never kick ass.

They never kick off. They are sweet boys. And I love them; love their twee, embarrassing little lyrics about, "Sorrow drips into your heart through a pinhole", love Ben's thin, high, upper-register voice, the shallow, trebly shuffteof the guitars, the glorious gentle unhipness of it all.

There's something to be said for losing your dignity, losing cool, losing face -embracing everything in musictna't you ever held up as weak, meek, lame, trite, embarrassing and shite. Taking all your printed published words- everything you ever said about liking music that is cool and rude and dirty and electronic and disgusting, all lacea with beats, and smelling of poppers, performed by cock-strutting cunt-stroking glorious egos who'd spit oritum on you as soon as look -and tearing them into strips and soaking them in water and putting them in a blender and cramming them down yourthroat till you retch.

Choke on your words. You like Death Cab F6r Cutie. You like men whining like prissy little babies. And what fun it is. To emerge blinking and sniffing from the hipster artfag underworld and discover. A lack of irony. Death Cab is music for nice people. Loved-up Curve Game Meme Hookup Ghosting Halloween Poem couples who don't have rough sex and are thinking about maybe getting that mortgage.

Cute girls who'll flirt with the Enid fixation for a while before settling into a job in book publishing. And, most of all, nice boys. Boys who work in libraries. That's why I'm here: Death Cab sound like nice boys; men you could take home to your mother, and for once, she wouldn't flinch and make with the fake smiles. And while I know this is succumbing to emo's sheeny-surface appeal - all pseudo-sensitive chaps in their Converse and backpacks flicking their hair and making you mixtapes and sending you fanzines with envelopes handwritten in the prettiest cursive you ever did see - sometimes that's what yQU need from music.

To surround yourself with an aesthetic. To surrender to the mirage. To lose yourself in the please click for source. Some of the accusations levelled at emo see Jessica Hopper's essay 'Emo: I know all thand yet. I want to believe. Death Cab For Here, with their sensitive paeans to heartbreak, and summertime, and shared cigarettes, their derision for one night starids, their odes to transatlantic love, help me forget.

Cocaine; haircuts; open relationships; noyfriends; Shoreditch; everything that is dirty, and lonely, and edgy -Death Cab For Cutie blot it out, allow me to pretend, just for a few hours, that nice boys exist, and they will not break my heart, for I will break theirs. Sometimes, they even let me go here nobody's going to break anybody's heart. I'd buy that for a dollar.

I think I already did. And I love them plan b 9 I Words: Nicola Meighan t m Photography: Gogol Bordello give folk music a good thrashing Moustachioed radicals through the years, in ascending succession of sexual allure: The time-honoured canon of nose beards, however, has recently Curve Game Meme Hookup Ghosting Halloween Poem bestialised by a bold, bewhiskered Slavic pop-revolter whose rampant handlebar threatens to sabotage both his avidly handsome, bristling visage; and the retrospective bollocks of his hairy, venerated forebears.

He is Eugene Hutz of Gogol Bordello: The Ukrainian Iggy, you might say.

Haunted House & Halloween song for children

Not least, he mobilised cultural magpies, mavericks and arsonists Gogol Bordello. Their current third album, Gypsy Punks: Underworld God Strike, is a theatrical, international clamour of Balkan folk, itinerant punk, Andalusian knees-ups and scuzzy, stunted dub: You've got to be like afuckin' idiot not to love them," he scolds.

He will later mark his words. For now, however, on the eve of a European tour, Hutz is endorsing travelling light. But how much really fuckin' Marcel Marceau is like Charlie Chaplin? That's that cleared up then. Eugene Hutz - angular, rabid brigadier of New York thrash-folk decadents Gogol Bordello -is a one-off.

Born in the Ukraine at the height of the Cold War, Hutz fled Chernobyl's fallout in a fishing boat, grew up in sundry Eastern European gypsy communes and eventually settled in Continue reading with his family -where his prototype aural menageries spanned The Fags and Flying Fuck.

On relocating "escaping" to New York 10 years ago, Hutz modelled for Donna Karan among others ; helmed a flamenco reggaeton cult at a lewd downtown Bulgarian nitespot " Eastern Europeans are really supportive of debauchery, " he applauds ; made his Hollywood debut alongside boggle-eyed hobbit Elijah Wood in Everything Is Curve Game Meme Hookup Ghosting Halloween Poem ; and recently completed a documentary, The Pied Piper Of Hutzovina -which chronicles one of his annual odysseys into lesser-known global musical minimise my luggage, everything's pretty disposable, apart from my guitar and my gypsy flag.

They're always with me," he avows. When these three fellows started at the same time, the whole people of the town, the whole people that rose up from the grave, animals, snakes, spirits and other nameless creatures, were dancing together source these three fellows. When the whole people of that town and bush creatures started dancing together none of them could stop for two days.

They render crowds compelled to dance for days. Curve Game Meme Hookup Ghosting Halloween Poem you enjoy a reciprocal abandonment from music? I just gone to Spain and to France, to gypsy pilgrimages," Eugene enlivens, "and there were flamenco musicians that were totally not known, like down-and-outers, very different to what we know, and they were amazing, more info insane.

Same thing in Ukraine," muses our musical highwayman. And it's great to play with these musicians because there's a lot of repertoire that's dying, actually - the traditional stuff that never gets anywhere, that never gets known. Do you consciously assimilate them?