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Carly Aquilino Talks Netflix & Chill + Her Most Embarrassing Moment!

Stand-Up Comedian Carly Aquilino: Why Did She Split With Her Former Boyfriend Pete?

20 May The philosophies posed by "Guy Code" and "Girl Code" are worlds apart, but in the middle of the dissent is a perfectly lewd, crude and downright charming union between comedians Chris Distefano and Carly Aquilino: experts on sluts, proper deuce-dropping etiquette and, evidently, dating. Carly. 14 Apr Fans of MTV's “Girl Code” who follow Carly Aquilino and Chris Distefano on social media have wondered if the funny couple broke up after a series of telling posts. The two were open about their relationship, but things seem to have changed since the start of the New Year. The MTV comedians used to. 30 Aug This year's MTV Movie Awards Pre-Show is getting three awesome hosts who will join Kelly Osbourne on the red carpet: MTV Girl Code stars Carly Lest you think Aquilino is new to this, she and her ex-boyfriend Chris DiStefano of Guy Code were interviewed on the VMA red carpet, where she.

I'm standup Chris Distefano. What is the process of coming up with things to say on guy code? Is it question answer or more of a topic type thing?

Thats why most of the show is about farts. PS you're adorable okay bye. Chicken Cutlets for everybody. What would you say to the thought that Guy Code further promotes antiquated gender role attitudes? Do you think saying, "Guys should do this" or "Guys can't do that and still be 'manly'" is harmful for a year old kid who now thinks he can't be himself because he breaks 'guy code'?

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I think the ultimate "guy code" or human code for that matter, is being your own person. The show gives alot of different opinions for people to choose from or not choose from. We do our best to create a show thats funny and in some ways informative for the teens in our country. But ultimately its up to the individual to decide what they think the code is.

Which is the coolest. Man, it's awesome seeing you on here. I like following you on Instagram, you live an exciting life. Do you get a lot of attention in public at all of the sporting events you go to? Its cool going to sporting events now and having people say hello. I really do appreciate all the support. If my career ended tomorrow id be happy for the ride I had, and all the amazing people I've gotten click meet.

Thanks for the kind words brother. It's like I remember growing up that a Does Carly From Girl Code Dating Chris up looked like Dave attell or Stephen Wright What is it like working on guy code? I imagine a bunch of bros hanging out and shooting the shit. Me and all of my friends love guy code so thank you for taking your time to do an ama, this is awesome.

Thank you for watching the show. Its fun, and its like we are all just a link of guys sitting in a chair talking about ballz, boobz, and booz.

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Any weird fan experiences happened yet? I just imagine girls trying to throw their panties at you. And a guy hit me with his tight whities. They had his number on them. I felt mad sexy. Super excited I take good boob pics and make a mad spaghetti so this could work out Chris as a Brooklyn native like myself. How do you feel about these dam yuppies and hipsters invading our borough? I struggle to make my hair look as douchey as yours and just can't quite match your hairs superb level of douchebaggery.

I wouldn't suggest red Does Carly From Girl Code Dating Chris, axe, vodka combo unless you're around a toilet or EKG machine.

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Carly Aquilino And Chris Distefano: A Cross-'Code' Vision Of Love [Photos] - MTV

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Does Carly From Girl Code Dating Chris

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You won't be able to vote or comment. Want to add to the discussion? I only ask because I know you and know you're one of the good guys. Congrats on the success as article source. Also, you're hilarious man.

Guy Code is funny stuff, really like your work on Girl Code too. What're the chances you can hook me up with Melanie?

Does Carly From Girl Code Dating Chris

Also are you still a fruity cocktail kind of guy? Check my last instagram pic and you'll see. Can you help me find me? Will you wife me yah or nah? Yes u my wifey now boo boo. I can't believe I haven't supplemented traps into my hair routine. Thanks for the AMA, you're awesome. Anyways, who is your favorite Guy Code cast member to work with? Please say Jon Gabrus. Will you have my babies?

Linnea Crowther and Maureen O'Donnell.

Who is Carly Aquilino dating? Carly Aquilino boyfriend, husband

Sandro Manfredini and Amiliton Diesel. Nordland, Cyrax, Bob, Tom and Brandon.