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Dating Another Vs Reality Nerd Expectation

Being a Nerd: Expectations vs Reality

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16 Jun Dorkly Comic: Dating Someone as Nerdy as You: Expectations vs Reality. FacebookTwitterPin ItGoogle+More. Dating someone as nerdy as you may sound just perfect, but it can have some downsides. A comic by JHALL from Dorkly. dating. [Source: Dorkly]. From the WebPowered By ZergNet. 5 Dec #NerdsUnite: An algorithm for happiness (an understanding of expectation vs reality) Nerd thing, I said. "You're not a nerd," he said. Eyes like daggers I shot back to the shaman and smiled. Have a great night! I said with a hug. Now onto a story with a polar opposite approach. I went to an event last. Dating someone as nerdy as you may sound just perfect, but it can have some downsides. A comic by JHALL from Dorkly. [Source: Dorkly].

Expectation Vs Reality Dating Another Nerd

I have some of the most randomly intelligent conversations with people here. No one cares about what you do or who you are, which means they don't want anything from you other than temporary company. I come here when I kinda want to be social, but don't know if I actually want to talk to someone; it's a case by case determination of companionship. As we were going to leave, I got stopped by one of my temporary company acquaintances that I acutally see more. He asked what we were up to, and I told him about the Night Vale podcast.

I went to an event last Tuesday with with two intentions: Last Monday, I sent out over invites to my "non-birthday party. Parties are work, and as someone who works a lot - I'm good. This year, however, my parents are coming into town something that has only happened one other time in 12 years and I wanted to introduce them to people they have heard a lot about.

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I created the Facebook event and as I went through clicking people to invite, I thought well, if this person comes then I have to invite that person. I don't care if we haven't talked in years, I don't care if you don't even have my current cell number, if you've been in my life, you've been in my life!

And as the non-birthday girl this is my fucking party and I can have it the way I want it. Expectation Vs Reality Dating Another Nerd of the invites that went out was to my buddy Josh whom I hadn't seen in years. He DMed me on Insta I don't normally do the "Hollywood event scene" anymore, but considering I'm part of an automotive startupI viewed this as an opportunity to get a face to face with the executives.

Chevrolet was launching their new Corvette. I left work early on Tuesday to get my glam game on. I left with plenty of time to catch the shuttle which was our ride to the party.

I was slated to arrive right on time at 5: Since the club was far from being open, the "soon to be group" was instructed to wait outside. Not a problem, I thought literally being the first person there. A few more girls arrived moments later and as we briefly chatted, we discovered none of us had any idea what was going on. Clearly, good free food and an opening bar is effective enough marketing to get any woman to your party. My friend arrived about a half hour later, along with the other seven people in the group.

The herd of randomly dressed 20 somethings gathered by the door as I purposefully stayed on the fringes. I absolutely hate Expectation Vs Reality Dating Another Nerd. My ADD went through the roof as I saw lots of shiny things, and forcibly had to keep my mouth from dropping when one gal showed up with her To put it in proper perspective, let's just say her shorts were so short that I could tell she wasn't on her period.

As per the invitation I received this was a "red carpet" event. You've got the balls er, technically lack Expectation Vs Reality Dating Another Nerd of in this case to show up in THAT? Anywho, back to my own business, the busses quickly filled up and we were informed that they would not send more, or come back.

Typically when you more info offered a shuttle to the party it is because it's in the hills and they don't want the traffic.

Considering we were at Bootsy Bellows on Sunset, at the base of the hills this was the most logical projection given the available information. My friend then texts HIS friend who was one of the promoters asking what to do. I'll give you please click for source address and you can drive straight there.

Done, we all thought. No way, I said, grabbing my phone and walking over to the managing "wrangler. We're taking shuttles all the way to downtown????

In rush hour mind you. Fuck me, I thought wondering if I should just ditch the event all together. Before I finished the thought I heard, "I can take you in my car," from one of the girls. There's gotta be a life experience here, I thought. Keep saying yes and just do it. After all, this is a lot of makeup and it would be a shame to be wasteful We then make the trek up the hill to my new friend's car, and I could tell within.

Out of everyone in the group, I could tell how down to Earth she was, and could intuitively tell she was going to visit web page the same sentence of "this isn't really me. Before we hit the highway we had discovered that we're both obsessed with our dogs, and are both from back east she happened to be from MASS and I'm from CT.

Have you seen the documentary on Funspot? I said matching her enthusiasm. She glanced over and said no, that's not it. It was an actual movie.

It had something to do with Donkey Kong. I then googled "donkey kong funspot documentary" click here found this The now genuine conversation we were having made the hour long car ride feel a whole heck of a lot shorter. I got there at 5: I only have so much room, but now I'm borderline full blown vacancy and I'm not sure how much longer I can last.

Expectations vs Reality: Romance

I tried to stay as calm as possible in front of my genuine new friend. The clock had long been ticking, and I don't think people understand when I say I get hangry, I actually get hangry.

I've discovered it's from being anemic that I get extremely curt, dismissive, and singularly focused. I go into like a nerd survival mode where my body knows what it wants, and it's my brain's job to get it.

Preferably something with iron. Popeye me a can full of spinach, I don't source, but I know I.

We were past downtown and somewhere borderline East LA, but I didn't care. Again, my focus was on food. As we went to park, one of the drivers came out to help us with his flashlight as we couldn't confirm if the sidewalk was red or yellow.

Once we were good to go, I thanked him for his help as I introduced myself. This is apparently a car event. Yeah, I said, that's about as much information as we all have too. It's the unveiling of the new Corvette, but I'm really only here for the food.

Expectation Vs. Reality: Dating Another Nerd

Enjoy, he said as we walked down the super creepy looking alleyway into the event. Now at the door, the very intense security asked us for the QR codes. I scanned back and found my friend who invited us and asked him for the info. As he endlessly scrolled through his email the crowd grew yet again both busses had arrived at this point and we were asked to stand against the wall. Personally, these types of people are my favorite to mess with. I truly do live by the mantra of "where there is a will there is a way" and events that announce their "security" with such "command" are typically the ones I can find the easiest way into.

See this post on Crashing The Grammy Awards. This scenario however, wasn't my rodeo. Whatever was going to be was going to be, and I had to just let it go.

I secretly began crying on the inside No one is getting in without Expectation Vs Reality Dating Another Nerd QR code announced security, and we're at capacity, so you guys should figure see more else out. Wondering if this is what thirst is like in the Sahara, I drifted away into a barely coherent hunger bliss as I watched the 20 somethings throw a fit.

Come by, ask for John.

Expectation Vs Reality Dating Another Nerd

I'll take care of you. Not that I was capable of responding or being involved in any capacity, but the only thought that entered into my mind was "god, I'm so glad those years are over. He was just trying to be nice inviting us all to this event and for one reason or another the gatekeepers decided to deny entry. Totally not his fault!

While experiencing a current state of actual bliss, my new friend told me that there is this "super trivia" game over in Santa Monica that I should check out.

It's all run by Super Champions on Jeopardy. Mouth still full I continued, done - let me social engineer Expectation Vs Reality Dating Another Nerd team. There are two winners each week.

But for reals, if your comment fails to appear tweet my butt! My date, the unabomber. Have you seen the documentary on Funspot? I look forward to winning, I said, and by winning, I mean getting one question right the first time and working our way up from there.

One winner from the Jeopardy side you compete with people who have been on Jeopardy before and one from the team that hasn't ever been on Jeopardy. I look forward to winning, I said, and by winning, I mean getting one question right the first time and working our way up from there.

Once I was done see more, I grabbed an Uber heading back home and to my surprise, I was satisfied.

If you would have told me that I would have gone on an adventure where I'd spend the evening discussing Lake Winnipesaukee, Funspot, dogs, learn about "the world's most difficult trivia game and gain acess to itoh yeah and at the very end of it, I'd eat a burger I'd say that's a pretty fucking awesome evening. I was immediately reminded of a video I saw on Facebook a while back from a google exec My current version of happiness?

As we were going to leave, I got stopped by one of my temporary company acquaintances that I acutally like. Why I lead a transparent life. Now at the door, the very intense security asked us for the QR codes. Date with Vh1's Tough Love.

Oh, and then there's also the fact that this is complete What's a "Les Moonves?