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10 Most Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male

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Boys' baby names and girls' baby names aren't always so black and white—and in fact, monikers often shift sides over the generations.

Girls Who Used To Be Guys

Check out these names that once were strictly for the boys, before they became associated, big-time, with girls. Shutterstock Giving a baby girl a traditional boy baby name has been a thing for centuries—long before the recent celebrity trend of naming girls 'James.

But by the s, the dashing English name that means "by the ash trees" had become more popular for ladies—and it even became the top name for girls in the early s. Avery It took a long time for Avery to cross over to the ladies' side—it finally hit the majority for girls in the late s. While it's Girls Who Used To Be Guys in the top names for boys, it's currently a top 15 name for girls.

Allison It's hard to believe that there was a time when this name was big for boys, but through the s it was in the top It started its run for the top in the s for girls, and has been a top favorite since the s.

Girls Who Used To Be Guys

Aubrey Now a top 20 name for girls, Aubrey, which means elf ruler, was more popular for boys through the s. Beverly It's been more than a century since Beverly was considered a boys' name—which is why you may not see any men sporting it until way back in your family tree.

10 Most Beautiful Women Who Were Born Male

It's currently also outside the top for girls at the moment, but could be ready for a comeback. Blair You can thank s sitcom Facts of Life for helping to tip the scales toward the girls' side for this lovely Scottish name.

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After its premiere, Blair was solidly a girls' name, currently in the top names. But it became a girls' name before the turn of the 20th century, and quickly became the one of the most popular in the s and s.

Dana The tipping point for this name came in the s, which explains why men like Dana Carvey still bear it—along with women like Queen Latifah. It's a charming name that means "from Denmark.

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Darcy Darcy's claim to fame may be Jane Austen's dashing nobleman hero from Pride and Prejudicebut the name has been squarely in the girls column since the s. Lindsay Thanks to troubled celebrity Lindsay Lohan, the name is falling out of favor for girls, too, but it lost curry for boys back in the s.

It means "island of linden trees. Lynn This common middle name for girls has a poetic meaning—lake—and was a boys' name until click here s, when it went to the girls' side for good. Meredith This Girls Who Used To Be Guys name, which means "great ruler," was one of the very first crossovers—it headed to the girls's side permanently back in the s.

Morgan Actress Morgan Fairchild helped popularize this name, which means ocean, back in the s.

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It's currently just outside the top names for girls. Quinn This Celtic name with a regal meaning—ruler—is actually still relatively popular for boys, but more girls were given it recently, thanks to the queen bee of the McKinley High cheerleading squad on Glee.

Reagan It may mean "little king," but Reagan has been more popular for girls since the s, thanks to spooky classic Link Exorcist. The Shakespeare King Lear tie-in doesn't Girls Who Used To Be Guys, either. Sandy Sandy shifted from boys to girls during the s—right around the time the lead character from the musical Grease would have been born.

It's usually a nickname for Sandra. Sydney The Australian capital was a popular boys' name until it crossed permanently to the girls' side in the s. Taylor Given the popularity of Taylor Swift, expect that this one-time boys' stalwart will remain on the girls' side permanently.

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Vivian While still sometimes used for boys in England, this Latin name that means "life" is only for girls in the U. Whitney While Whitney started going to the boys in the s, it permanently crossed the aisle in the early s—and pop diva Whitney Houston has sealed the deal. The Top 20 Baby Names of Weird, Wacky, and Unusual Baby Names.