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7 Apr Generation-Y is the first generation that, as a whole, is openly sleeping around with one another and not being judged by others. The words "slut" and "whore" do still get thrown around, but usually by someone who has slept with just as many people a. 15 Aug Editor's note: This report contains graphic language.A year-old girl sits in high school English class when a text message pops up on her cellphone. It's from a boy sitting across the room. He hardly knows her, but he likes her. Here's how he chooses to get that message across:Him: "So, are you good at. 28 Mar She's referencing the so-called "walk of shame" that sees a young woman teetering home after a hookup in whatever getup she had on the night before. And while men are no longer obliged to walk their partners home the morning after ("just seems kinda pointless," offers Kate), sweatpants are appreciated.

Read The Forum Rules: We have a clear set of rules to keep the forum running smoothly. Click here to review them. Threaded Mode Linear Mode. Sleek Recovering Beta Posts: For freshman and sophomore year of high school, I would ask myself how cool it would be to be at a house party.

Last year, Http://24dating.me/coba/what-to-know-about-dating-an-athletic-woman.php really improved my style and started to understand the "psychology of cool.

Hookup In High School Is Pointless

And now I'm a senior in high school. I'm able to talk to girls I've never talked to because of pure confidence and have noticed a differencebut they are typically more interested in my friends over me due to looks. So right now I'm trying to figure out how I can take these girls who know a little bit about me but haven't expressed a great deal of interest and turn them into hookups.

Any ideas would be appreciated. PS Keep in mind that the majority of girls do not find me attractive.

Also, The great depression let to policies to stop it from happening again, we have has recessions, but egonomic downfalls like that have been prevented. However, with that being said, I'm striving to be that cool guy you described, thedude. That kind of stuff. Relationships in high school become too possessive because one person is worried who the other will be getting answers from in math class.

This post was last modified: First of all, you have no idea how much envy I have towards you. I'm sure other older players here feel the same way. I'll just tell you what I would do if I was in your shoes, sonny boy: I'd work a summer job and bust my ass off until I could afford to buy a few handles of grey goose.

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I'd learn to make a decent punch or cocktails. I'd get those high school bitches wasted and I'd hit on every single last one of them, even the chubbies. I'll tell you this once, and only once: Do the bare minimum to skate by. Party as much as you can, 5 nights a week.

Talk to any older guy who's in the "real world" now. The biggest regret ALL of us have is not fucking more young girls when we were surrounded by them. Get 3 girlfriends and cheat on all of them. Hookup In High School Is Pointless them find out, it doesn't matter. Get em drunk, make a move. Girls that young and dumb, that's all the game you need. The last 17 year old I banged, I was As I recall, I asked her to hang out, I got her drunk and stoned, pulled her clothes off, and fucked her brains out.

This was before I had any game whatsoever. If I could do it, so can you. Milk this website for everything it's worth.

Read this forum religiously, and check out a lot of the archived posts. Buy a copy of "Bang" and "Day Bang" and source it to heart. You're already going to regret the pussy you missed out Freshman-Junior years, I promise.

When you're not in a relationship you see things more clearly and you're absolutely honest about a certain situation. Alberta open sub categories. I went out on a couple of first dates after that, met someone who really blew me away, and we've been together for three years in a monogamish type relationship since then. My next one, at 17, was from a few towns over and it was an on-again off-again nightmare of emotionally abusive proportions that lasted the second half of my senior year of college through the entirety of my freshman year of college. He wasn't there to drill a curriculum into our heads, but to share ideas and try and transfer as much of his own knowledge as possible.

Don't waste your senior year. There are plenty of us here at RVF that would kill to have the knowledge of this forum when we were your age. Then going in for the kill.

Hookup culture: What kids miss out on with casual sex

Now, in thinking back to my high school years and I was a fucking loser, don't get me wrong I vaguely remember that yes, there is a social scene and a certain way you have to conduct yourself to get pussy. Obviously if you hit on girls and get rejected by all of them you will get a bad social stigma about you. You don't want to be that guy.


I didn't start Hookup In High School Is Pointless until I was a senior and i lost my virginity at that age, to a pretty hot girl actually. I remember thinking, "FUCK! This is what I missing all along? This shit is EASY! You know what I was missing? I didn't have 'em. I'd seen Dead Poets Society and knew all about that seize the day bullshit but I just couldn't be bothered to break out of my shell. What I didn't know was that I had what all men desire later in life: If there is no other point that I can express, then let it be this: You will never, ever, have as much access to young, ignorant, willing source than you do at this very moment.

You have college ahead of you, yes, but that's different. Just be as social as possible man. Be that cool guy that everyone wants to party with. Spend every last dime on booze and weed. I worked throughout high school; what a waste. I had summer jobs just so I could save up a grand, for what? I make that much in less than a week now. Oh yeah, take some pics and send em my way I think a lot of you guys are underestimating how tough it is to get girls.

Remember, girls develop at a younger age, and while for a few, only alcohol is needed, they also tend to be more willing to hold on to their virginity. Sometimes, their inner slut is only released after they've had sex with a few guys in college.

However, with that being said, I'm striving to be that cool guy you described, thedude. Trying to not give a fuck less every day and do it with more confidence than the previous one.

It is impossible to bang enough teenage pussy. Things you can do immediately; improve your Hookup In High School Is Pointless floss! HS is great for having girls compete for you.

It only takes one liking you for continue reading to take notice.

But that can also work against you so that's why you start off indirect. Things that can be different it 6 months or less: Play a sport and bust your ass at it, athletes get pussy in HS. Study how to please women, if you can't do it through trial and error go pick up books and research it on the web, if it get's out that you give girls orgasms you are going to be knee deep in trim.

Don't want to be a buzzkill but I'm fairly sure Roosh recently outlawed high school related threads due to the age issue. That might be extra relevant these days now that he's physically in the US.

I'm the same age as you Hit the gym hard, improve your style ie if you see a look you like, copy it. You want to feel like you're the sexiest motherfucker alive when you look in the mirror. Daygame girls regardless of whether they're older then you or not. Game college go here girls more info pretend you go to another school, growing some facial hair might help as well.

Game girls from other schools, especially girls only schools. You can do this at a mall or train station or bus stop after school. Invite girls over to your place when your parents aren't home, smoke some weed or steal your parents winechill and then go caveman.

House party wise, if you're at a party at another school you're best off building a handful of solid leads you can follow up on rather then putting all your eggs in one basket. Once again aim for girls only school parties, the Hookup In High School Is Pointless will be 2 girls for each guy at the minimum. The easiest girls at house parties at your own school are the girls who have reputations for being really really slutty and the ones who don't know anybody there except maybe one other girl they came with.

The chances of being cockblocked is much lower, she'll be glad that you're talking to her because she doesn't know anyone and last but not least her reputation isn't at stake infront of all her schoolfriends. As you can see the common thread is going for girls who don't go to your school.

After being their friend for years and years with girls at school your chances are low and if you get rejected everybody will find out. My school has 2 dudes for every girl as well I think because it used to be an all boys school and it's not particular large so I've always had to game outside of that Hookup In High School Is Pointless.

If you have no social connections at other schools, go for girls in the year or two below you, especially when you get to your last year of high school. Also, I don't know if they'll have them where you live but checkout Underage Club events that run in school holidays.

They're packed full of teeny boppers who are couple years younger than us. Massive sausage fests but the dudes are ultra chode and the girls are Hookup In High School Is Pointless easy.

Hookup In High School Is Pointless

All in all, I would say gaming in high school isn't as awesome as older dudes crack it up to be. The pool of hot girls to game within school is a lot smaller then they realize. You can't go out nights a week like they do, you're stuck with house parties every other week where the majority of the time it will be the same set of girls.

There will be nights where some beta friend is having a party and the quantity and quality so low you're stuck gaming an ugly girl for practice. Regardless of how big the party is if you strike out badly on go here approach you will get ridiculed, if you even make out with like a 5 you will get ridiculed.