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20 Oct When Maria Grette first discovered that the year-old Danish man with whom she had fallen in love was actually a year-old Nigerian "" internet scammer, the year-old Unfortunately, his bank did not have a branch in Africa, he added, so it would take time to transfer money from his UK account. 15 May Inside West Africa's vanishing voodoo rituals — the world's most secretive and misunderstood religion Voodoo still thrives across Haiti, Brazil and New Orleans. "Witches These would involve being bathed naked in the sea or placing a concoction of white linen-clad herbs at a crossroads to divert evil. 18 Apr Papa Legba has his origins with the Fon people of Dahomey (Benin) Africa and is said to be the guardian and trickster of the crossroads and entrances. 1 white candle. Directions: Light the candle. Put all of the others items into a warm bath. Soak 15 minutes, turn to the left 3 times and say "I am clean".

Papa Legba has his origins with the Fon people of Dahomey Benin Africa and is said to be the guardian and trickster of the crossroads and entrances.

He is one of the most widely served African deities. He stands at a spiritual crossroads and grants or denies permission to speak with the spirits of Guinee, and is believed to speak all human languages. He is always the first and last spirit invoked in any ceremony, because his permission is needed for any communication between mortals and the loa - he opens and closes the doorway to the spirit world.

The Crossroads deity known as Papa Legba is referred to by several names though he is not the same spirit as many of the other names commonly used interchangeably to identify him.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men Bathing In Africa

Papa Legba is the master linguist, the trickster, warrior, and the personal messenger of destiny. He has the power to remove obstacles and he provides opportunities.

All ceremonies begin and click with Papa Legba, and there can be no communication with any of the other loas without consulting him first.

His gift for linguistics enables him to translate the requests of humans into Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men Bathing In Africa languages of the spirits and loas. Papa Legba's colors are red in black as worshipped in New Orleansand some of his favorite things that can be used as offerings include, candy, cigars, rum, and tobacco. He absolutely loves palm oil. His number is three and his day of the week is Monday. He is often depicted as an old man with a crooked cane, dressed in brown pants, and accompanied by a rooster.

What about that legend where a person can sell their soul to the devil in exchange for fame and fortune? The infamous crossroads legend is one that ignites such curiosity. The legend of the crossroads is referenced in many popular songs of the Delta Blues tradition circa to These songs referenced Voodoo, Hoodoo, and the crossroads, explicitly.

Robert Johnson sang of "hot foot powder sprinkled all round my door" and Muddy Water s referenced "the gypsy woman", "seventh son", and the "mojo hand".

Who is Papa Legba?

Although Voodoo is often associated with Satanism, Satan is purely an Abrahamic belief and has not been incorporated in Voodoo tradition. When Mississippi Delta folk songs mix references to Voodoo and to Satan, what is being expressed is social pain such as from racism, which is couched in Christian terms and blamed on the devil.

Those who practice voodoo do not worship or invoke the blessings of a devil. If this is the case, then who are they encountering at the crossroads? Why, Papa Legba of course! Get there be sure to get there just a little ' fore 12 that night so you know you'll be there. You have your guitar and be playing a piece Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men Bathing In Africa by yourself.

A big black man will walk up there and take your guitar and he'll tune it. And then he'll play a piece and hand it back to you. That's the way I learned to play anything I want. Legba is the loa to petition when you have special problems, when things are getting in the way of your progress in life.

It is customary to offer things to him as payment for his help. Legba likes candy, toys, and coconut as offerings, or anything children would enjoy. The dog is sacred to him. His please click for source color is red and black, and his number is three. In New Orleans Voodoo, ritual baths are commonly used as prescriptive measures for a variety of conditions. The following ritual bath is a purification bath, and can be done whenever a cleansing is needed.

Put all of the others items into a warm bath. Soak 15 minutes, turn to the left 3 times and say "I am clean".

Land Tenure and Property. But it became more than that. Three-quarters of the terrain is mountainous; the highest peak is the Morne de Selle. Religions are only helpful if they lead us to love one another! It's so much like Haiti, you're gonna love it.

Dress in white and sleep in white sheets. In the morning, gather up all the seed stuffs from the bath and the candle and discard at a crossroads. Spread pennies and candy in the corners of your home. Do the same at street corners and crossroads.

Battle of Benin

It will make Papa Legba happy and he will favor you. Exus are a family of spirit-deities that that are worshipped in the Afro-Brazilian tradition commonly called Umbanda. Exu Ey-shu is a powerful spirit who functions as Divine Messenger.

As such, he is a translator between humans and the natural world. He is similar to Legba of the Voodoo tradition and Elegua of the Santeria tradition in that he can remove obstacles and open the doorway to new opportunities.

The trickster archetype in most traditional cultures embodies a sacred role as teacher. The trickster raises awareness of the interrelatedness and interconnectedness between humankind, the natural world, and the spirit world.

No person is an island unto themselves; this is a fallacy.

Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men Bathing In Africa

Exu humbles us through his trickery regarding this absolute truth. One way in which African slaves could continue to practice their traditional religions was by shrouding them in elements of Catholicism.

Thus, there are corresponding saints for each of the major deities or Seven African Powers. In Spanish, they are referred to as Las Sietes Potencias.

There are many forms of Legbas. In New Orleans Voodoo, as well as Haitian Vodou, Papa Legba usually appears as an old man on a crutch or with a cane, wearing a broad brimmed straw hat and smoking a pipe, or sprinkling water. However in Africa, he is frequently depicted as a fertility god. Sometimes, Legba is depicted as male and female, sometimes with enhanced manhoods, sometimes as a healer, and sometimes as a protector.

Men and especially women are expected to sit in modest postures. This article is informative. The most noted national symbols are the flag, Henri Christophe's citadel and the statue of the "unknown maroon" Maroon inconnua bare-chested revolutionary Haiti trumpeting a conch shell in a call to arms.

Here, he is depicted as an apologetic Legba, petitioned for forgiveness when a person has insulted the gods through awful behaviors like rape and burglary. Unfortunately, there are many people in this world who are intolerant of beliefs other than their own.

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Comments are not for promoting your articles or other sites. Thank you for sharing your wonderful knowledge with the world. I have been a fan of yours sincewhich is when I first starting reading your books. I love the artistry of your altar dolls and the beautiful loa veves.

Thank you for your kind and patient explanation of Papa Legbo. We need to understand each other better. Religions are only helpful if they lead us to love one another! Legba is a Yoruba name to call someone from Egba. So Papa Legba simply means an old man from "Egba" which is another name for Abeokuta a city that went to war against the people of the Republic of Benin. Maybe during the ancient war, the people of Benin encountered a strong voodoo man whom they chose to call"papa legba" and later turned to a deity, I don't know but the names should not be confused with "esu odara" the trickster a Yoruba deity or Eledua called Elegua by the Brazilians.

Was in NOLA met a Vudoo priest Haitian descent learned about Papa and was intrigued appreciate your site and will research further by purchasing some books. The ceramic work is out of this world!

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Thanks for sharing x. It deeply saddens me the misunderstood nature of not only this practice Hi, I am very new to the study of the Voodoo religion and especially Papa Legba. After some unsuccessful attempts to find out information about him your website was the most helpful. Thank you go here million times over xxx.

I was called by Papa Legba, just right Im White And Hookup A Haitian Men Bathing In Africa of Clarksdale, MI, and drive hours from the Midwest to get there, but it was worth it. As each day goes by, I appreciate what He has done for me and my family. I come from a Catholic-turned-Evangelical background, and was ordained as a Minister, but left ministry over please click for source years ago.

Papa Legba embraced me and protects me. No one like Him. I love getting my new emails, they are always interesting and full of goodies: Thank you for having this info out there. I signed up for you newsletter and am enjoying it so much I forwarded it to my sister in Georgia.

Wonderful info on Papa Legba! I'm beginning to work with Him and was very pleased to read so much about Him and His attributes. Ellegua is truly my savior. He has opened many a door for me and has rescued me in my times of need.

I would like him to know that I am forever grateful to him. I've been turning to the Hindu God Ganesh for several years, and I'm delighted to find how much he and Papa Legba share. Thank you for this page. I look forward to learning more. Hate to tell you this religonist clone. But the worship of the Orisha predates christianity by several hundred years. You might consider them angels. Perhaps being a "Smith" you are relation to the Celts Christians who drank the blood of their deador perhaps the druids of Europe who sacrificed virgin children to insure the spring would come.