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Ilana responded that she needed to show the others what they were up against. Locke asked "How do I save the Island? Ben tells Locke that he isn't ready to go inside yet. The Man in Black explains why he is Locke. Locke using his crutches, after the lockdown incident.

John Locke was a survivor of Oceanic Flight and a previously disabled man who found himself able to walk once he arrived on the Island. He, Roseand Walt Lloyd were the only people among the survivors that wanted to stay on the Island, believing his special destiny was to protect the miraculous place. In service to this cause, he pushed his friends away, committed murder, and eventually lost his life.

Locke grew up in foster care but, later in life, he met his fatherwho conned him out of a kidney, ruined his relationship with his girlfriend and finally pushed him out of a window, breaking his back and confining him to a wheelchair.

Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3

Locke spent the next four years of his life paralyzed from the waist down and looking for his purpose in life. He was then told to attend an Australian Walkabout, after which he found himself aboard Flight On the Island, he served as a friendly, caring mentor, giving Boone a purpose, helping Claire with her pregnancy and child, treating Charlie 's addiction, and teaching Walt skills.

But his faith and questionable decisions sparked a rivalry with Jackhis philosophical opposite. When Locke discovered a Hatch on the Island, he was determined to open it, believing his purpose lay inside. He briefly lost faith in the Island while in there, but he left it with his belief renewed, and he set off on a new quest - to join the Island's people. He became their leader, taking the position from Ben Linustrying meanwhile to protect the Island from new invaders.

But once he assumed leadership, the Island began dangerously flashing through time. Locke learned he had to leave the Island and sacrifice his life to retrieve survivors who had left. He tried but thought he failed this mission, and he attempted suicide - only to be stopped and then strangled by Ben. No one attended his funeral. After death, Locke dealt with his guilt for what he'd done while alive and came to terms with his limitations before moving on with his friends.

His mother was 15 years old when an unknown driver hit her, forcing an early delivery. Three months premature, John survived numerous illnesses; his nurses called him a miracle. John's mother, Emily, ran out of the hospital ward upon learning that John was to be let out of his incubator for the first time and that she could hold Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3.

Emily said she couldn't do it, possibly referring to having to raise a child. While John's grandmother discussed adoption with a nurse, Richard Alpert smiled at baby John from an adjoining room. John soon entered Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3 care. At one point he had a foster mother named Florencea foster sister named Melissaand an unnamed foster brother with whom he played mousetrap. Inwhen John was five, Richard visited him, saying he ran a "school for very special children" like John.

He noticed John had drawn black scribbles attacking a stick figure. He laid several items on a table and and asked John which already belonged to him. John picked a knife and Richard left in a hurry, saying John was not ready to join his school. Another of John's foster sisters, Jeanniefell from Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3 bars and broke her neck fatally.

Jeannie's mother blamed her own negligence for Jeannie's death, but when a Golden Retriever took up residence in Jeannie's bedroom, she believed that Jeannie's spirit had returned to more info the accident had not been her fault. Five years later, she died and the dog vanished forever.

As a young child, Locke joined the Cub Scoutseventually becoming a Webelos - where he learned skills such as identifying birds and tying knots. Teenage John's love of science attracted bullying.

InRichard approached a teacher who once freed John from a locker with a Mittelos Laboratories "summer camp" invite. John turned it down, favoring sports over science. When the teacher said John could not do those things, John responded with " Don't tell me what I can't do. Inwhile working as an assistant manager in a superstore's toy department, Locke noticed his mother Emily stalking him.

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She told him he was " immaculately conceived ," paving the way for his special "destiny," but an investigator discovered John's living father's identity, and a medical record of his mother's psychiatric problems. Acting on the information, Locke visited his father, Anthony Cooperwho invited the eager Locke on hunting trips, where the two appeared to bond. On one visit, Cooper was on a dialysis machine and revealed his kidney failure. Compassionately, Locke soon offered his kidney, and before their surgery he called their encounter an act of fate.

When Locke awoke post-surgery, Cooper was gone.

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The traumatized Locke was visited by his mother, who confessed his father had arranged their earlier meeting and all http://24dating.me/coba/should-i-continue-hookup-him-quiz.php events to con him into giving away his kidney.

Enraged, Locke drove to his father's house, but the guard denied him entry. InLocke then joined an anger management group where he trivialized members' problems by comparing them to his own. He started a relationship with another member, Helen Norwoodwho appeared to understand his frustration.

Outside the Black RockLocke revealed to Sawyer that Juliet was a mole, and gave him the tape as proof. When Nikki asked why, Click here explained that there had been a lot of deaths and the other survivors could not take another one. Cindy revealed to Locke that the Others were very "excited" about him being there, and that they have been waiting for him. Ben told Locke that when he earlier asked about whether or not "it hurt," he was referring to if it hurt knowing his own father tried to kill him. But once he assumed leadership, the Island began dangerously flashing through time.

Locke was also in the habit of parking outside his father's new, gated residence. At one point, his father confronted him and told him to go away. Locke nevertheless continued this stalking, until Helen caught him and made him promise to get over Cooper. During this time, he started a home inspection company called "Welcome Home".

He happened to inspect a house for Nadiathe childhood sweetheart of Sayid. After attending the internment, the couple were visited by several gangsters Cooper had conned.

Cooper revealed himself to Locke and asked read article son's help in retrieving money from an account.

Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3

Helen discovered his involvement, arriving at the scene of Locke delivering the money. In desperation and in the face of Helen's outrage, he proposed, which she rejected, leaving him on bended knee and in devastation.

InLocke joined a commune of farmers including Mike and Jan in Humboldt County, California who secretly grew and sold marijuana. He invited Eddiea hitchhiker into this "family," not knowing he was an undercover police officer. Locke learned Eddie's true identity, but could not bring himself to shoot him. When arresting the commune's occupants, Eddie seemed to notice Locke but did not approach him. Having been conned by his father and rejected by the woman he loved, Locke entered a state of depression, began therapy, and started receiving government assistance.

Inhe was approached by Peter Talbotwhose mother was engaged to Anthony Cooper. Suspicious, Locke contacted Cooper, threatening to expose him as a conman. Cooper initially agreed, but later had Peter killed.

Cooper learn more here responsibility and said Mrs. Talbot had called off the wedding. When Locke asked to verify this information, Cooper directed to a phone in front of a glass window. As Locke reached for the phone, Cooper pushed him out, dropping him eight stories, breaking his back, and paralyzing him from the waist down.

Locke gasped and opened his eyes. In the hospital, Locke felt unable to enter his wheelchair, and broke down in tears at the sight of his immobile legs. Sometime after his accident, Locke worked for a box company, where he was treated poorly by his boss, Randy. Locke attempted to re-enact his failed relationship with Helen with a phone sex operator who went by the same name.

He invited her on a trip to Australiabut she declined, destroying his fantasy and ending the "relationship. Locke had stubbornly refused to allow his disability to affect the way he Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3 his life.

Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3 eventually decided to take Abaddon's advice and go on a walkabout tour in Australia to give himself a challenge. He was left heartbroken, abandoned, and alone, as he watched the other people happily leave. With no other options, he prepared to return to California aboard Flight Much to his embarrassment, he had to be carried on to the plane by flight attendants.

He was seated at the end of the row, in seat 24D. He briefly encountered Rose at the airport, not knowing that later he would share a knowing moment with her about the healing properties of the Island. After the the crash of FlightLocke was shocked to discover that he had regained his ability to walk. At first, he walked gingerly, unable to comprehend what was happening. However, within seconds, he was running to Jack's aid.

Being able to walk again profoundly affected Locke, who, due to his self-expressed outlook as a "Man of Faith", believed that it was his destiny to be on the Islandand that everything was happening for a reason. Locke was the Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3 survivor to see the Monster ; he was out tracking boar after separating from Michael and Kateand the Monster came through the trees and appeared in front of him.

The next day, Locke saved Jack from falling off a cliff. The two conversed about Jack's possible hallucinations, and Locke compared the situation to Alice's Adventures in Wonderland.

He also said that everything on the Island is happening for a reason. While checking out the caves, Jack and Kate Marriage Without Hookup Ost Part 3 two bodies which Locke called "their very own Adam and Eve. Locke offered Charlie his guitar in exchange for his drugs, and Charlie handed over the heroin. Soon after this incident, Locke was responsible for beating Sayid unconscious and destroying his makeshift radio equipment which was being used to discover the origin of the distress signal.

Locke kept this behavior a secret for a long time until he eventually admitted to Sayid what he had done. During a trail hunt around the Island for the recently abducted Charlie and Clairehe threw a flashlight towards Boonewhich he failed to catch and landed on a metal surface under the soil. This led to the discovery of the hatchan event which would turn out to be pivotal in the lives of the survivors of Flight He kept it secret from the rest of the castaways, and wanted Boone to do the same.

However, Boone was not quite as strong-minded as Locke; he was prepared to tell all to Shannonhis sister. Locke drugged Boone, to stop him doing so and to convince himself to give up all other attachments. It was with Boone, also, that he discovered Claireafter her escape from the Staff.

Locke showed his caring side when he built a cradle for Claire as a click the following article present, out of materials he found on the Island. Later, when the first raft was burnt, Locke gave a rousing but dishonest speech to the group blaming the Others even though he suspected Walt.

He was eventually able to get Walt to confess to him.

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