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19 Existential Memes That Will Make You Say "Life Is Bad But This Is Funny". 31 October , Existential memes. Nicky Idika. By Nicky Idika millennial dating u: hey wyd wednesday them: working to survive. wyd saturday u: being tired from working to survive then laundry them: nice. — jaboukie young-white. 5 May In January of this year, Adult Swim animated the entire comic as a channel identification interstitial. . human [feeling], "Well, what are you going to do?" Why do you think meme is only the first two panels and not the full comic? Brevity. Just quick memes. That's all people want. I sell books of all my work. The comic originally comes from K.C. Green's Gunshow comic #, actually titled “The Pills Are Working” or “On Fire”, originally posted January 9th, Green's drawings have been the basis of several other memes including Staredad, Dickbutt, Mother of God and I'm Okay With This. The comic, depicts a dog in a room.

Adulthood isn't all alcohol and regret, and wishing you hadn't grown up. Sorry, we meant to say that that http://24dating.me/fek/pick-up-lines-girls-can-use-on-guys.php exactly what adulthood is. It's hard being a grown up and trying to pretend that you know how to do stuff. People don't give us enough credit for paying our bills and going to work everyday.


We can't help but feel like we deserve some kind of reward, like a trophy, or a bottle of whiskey. We've more than earned it. That means that life is particularly hard for you. You could use a laugh. So loosen your ties, gents, and, ladies? Feel free to ditch your heels. Put your feet up, get comfortable, and prepare to laugh your head off at these 17 memes that perfectly sum up what it's like trying to "adult. The day you turn eighteen is epic. You're finally an adult.

Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do It Meme Funny Work

Well, actually, you're more like a pre-adult. When you turn twenty-one you become go here proper, official adult. Still, you know that now that you're a grown up, you get to break free of the chains of childhood in exchange for the liberating freedom of adulthood.

Your entire life has been leading up to this moment—figuratively and literally. And so you enter the grown up world with reckless abandonment of your childish ways.

Yes, they may be the only ways that you have ever known, but you are always up for a challenge. No longer are you content to make harmless childish mistakes. You want to make massive, consequence-having adult mistakes.

You want to move out of your parents' house and get a job. You want to buy whatever you want at the grocery store and have an adult life!

In the beginning, you were super gung ho about this whole adult thing. You foolishly believed that you could handle anything life had to throw at you. You were innocent and young, and you were ready to "adult" better than anyone had ever "adulted" before.

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Then you got your first job working at read article temp agency. For the first time in your life, you had a steady Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do It Meme Funny Work check. You had your own money that you could spend on whatever you wanted. You didn't mind the job, but you worked for a string of domineering, sweaty, blowhard bosses who slowly killed all of your hopes and dreams.

Well, some of them were okay, but a few of them ended up shouldering all of their work onto you. In just a few short years, you went from happy-go-lucky kid to weary adult. The light has long since gone out of your eyes, and you know that being an adult is not all it's cracked up to be. The point source which you realize that you no longer want to be an adult is the exact moment when it is too late to turn back.

Adulthood is like a venomous spider, patiently waiting for about twenty years for you to fall into her web. Once stuck, you don't struggle, because this spider has tricked you into thinking that being in her web is the best thing ever. But when you start to suspect otherwise, you panic. You thrash about, desperate to free yourself from the binding strands of the malicious trap, and that's when the spider pounces! Before you can say "adjustable mortgage" or any other adult-ish phrasethe ravenous arachnid is hovering over you, sinking her venom-filled fangs into your body.

Then slowly, indulgently, she wraps your comatose carcass in a restrictive white shroud. She then proceeds to suck all of the life out of you. Did we just liken adulthood to a spider? The sad thing is, we're not wrong. I have coupons for Ruby Tuesdays. Wish I could, but I have to get to bed soon. I'm working on this big project for work, and I have to get up early so I can work on it. We've all been in that situation. You call up your best friend to make plans for the weekend, but they play like they don't have time for that stuff anymore.

All of a sudden, they're "functioning adults" with "deadlines and commitments. They're just stupid-faced butt heads. You'll get back at them by changing the password to your blanket fort, so they won't be able to get in. They'll be so sorry they decided to go to bed early instead of going out with you. Every time one of your pals decides it's time to grow up, part of you dies inside, because you know that you're next.

On pay day, it's all fizzy champagne and rib eye steak and matinee showings at inexpensive movie theaters. But between pay days, the struggle is real, yo. Adults have a lot of things to pay for. We aren't freeloaders, like all of these snot-nosed, fun-having youngsters running around.

We actually have to work for a living. We have bills to pay, and groceries to purchase, and rent payments to make. Those things aren't going to pay for themselves—believe us, we already tried to get them to.

Anyway, the point we're trying to make here is that all of those things take a huge chunk out of our pay checks, so when we get our cut, it's surprisingly small. Which is why, Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do It Meme Funny Work pay day, we live it up for a brief period of time, because we know that a dark time lies ahead.

A time of strife and destitution. Then pay more info comes again, and the cycle repeats itself.

Remember how when you were little and something went wrong, you always knew that you could get an adult to help you out? That feeling never goes away. The problem is, though, that eventually you stop being the child asking for help and you become the adult that gets asked for help.

With the mentality of a helpless child, and the body of a mature adult, you often end up feeling unqualified and inadequate. When kids have a question, they can ask a grown up. Once their troubles are in the hands of a competent adult, they know that they don't have to worry anymore.

19 Existential Memes That Will Make You Say "Life Is Bad But This Is Funny"

But who the hell are we adults supposed to ask, huh? What are we supposed to do? Sure, we could ask another adult, but the plain and simple fact is that they don't have a clue, either. So, we ask you, what's the point? Being an adult means trading in all of the fun stuff that you got to do when you were a little kid—you know, stuff like playing with plastic dinosaurs, and drawing with your set of Crayola washable markers, and building blanket forts out of bed sheets—so that you can do more "adult" things, like pay bills, and take your medicine.

But you have to do the read more stuff because.

Dating is, in some ways, a metaphor for Halloween. You want to make massive, consequence-having adult mistakes. Buzzfeed's Joseph Bernstein has an incisive piece on how dating apps are giving rise to "offline-online dating" in which people use "offline life as a discovery mechanism for online dating. Gas is another expense, as are doctors visits.

The only reason we can figure as to why we have give up on being kids is that, somewhere in the course of the evolution of mankind, some joyless schmo decided that we were having too much fun. For some reason, everybody agreed with that buzz kill. So now, as a result, we all have to pay for it. Gee, thanks ever so much, ancestors. Kids get to do a lot of fun stuff. In fact, it seems like they get to do an inordinate amount of fun stuff compared to all of the crap that adults have to do.

But we adults know how here have fun, too. And since we're finally out of our parents' clutches, we can do all of the stuff we said we'd do when we were older. We can stay up past our bedtime, and eat cake for breakfast, and cry into the wee hours of the morning because of all of our suffocating obligations. Yes, those are just a few of the perks of being an adult.

But if those benefits aren't enough to tempt you, we do have a few more for you to consider. For one, adults can drink alcohol. They can also legally drive a car and vote. Adults can, um—okay, those are the only things we can think of at the moment, but we're sure that there are plenty of other cool things that adults can do that kids can't. Kids have it so good, they don't even know. If you were to chart the fun levels of the average child, you, as an adult, would be incredibly jealous.

But in an era of Tinder, OKCupid, JSwipe and Hinge, matchmaking often happens by swiping right and left, making potential daters literally disposable. No matter how well you think you're coping, Life is sitting on the sidelines, watching, waiting for its chance to screw everything up. That's partially by design.

A child's fun levels vary a bit, but they remain high and consistent. They may have to go to school, but they still get to come home and play with their Nintendo Wii.

They may have to put up with a few chores, but once those are finished, they can go back to playing with their colored chalk. Kids may have their rough moments, but those are overshadowed by all of the fun that they get to have.

Adults Dating Are We Gonna Do It Meme Funny Work

For adults, it's the other way around. Our good times are overshadowed by all of our crippling responsibilities. We suffer from dangerously low levels of fun, and our morale can suffer from the deficiency.