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Meet The Bachelor: Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Episode 6 (Feb. 5)

23 Jan Jan 23, Charlotte Palermino. Go ahead, open any social media app, what do you see? A meme about failed resolutions? A political rant? Fit Tea (#spon)?. For me .. For dinner, I went to the classic Lil' Frankie's and ordered three kinds of pasta with one of my best friends, Britt. Ordering simple penne. 7 Jul While Britt dodged many a crazy bullet (cough cough, Ian) the question still stands: If Britt had been the Bachelorette, would she have still ended up with Brady? (You know, the Nashville rendezvous. But, hey, if The Bachelorette doesn't work out you can always be the new subject for "Hey Girl" memes. Yes, the red carpet had plenty of wattage, but when it comes to star power, nobody brings it like Beyoncé. The singer belted one out in a sparkling.

After what felt like a very long wait, Season 22 of The Bachelor finally premiered on Jan.

Jimmy Kimmel Predicts the Winner of The Bachelor with Arie Luyendyk Jr.

To help us sort through each episode's most interesting and dramatic moments, we've enlisted BacheloretteBachelor in Paradiseand Bachelor Pad alum Chris Bukowski to write a recap and help us stay up to speed on who went home each week. After all, he did compete alongside new suitor Arie Luyendyk Jr.

Read below for his thoughts on the latest episode! We return to another boring episode of The Bachelor. I never thought people would be begging for Ben Higgins back, but here we are. Chris Harrison announced early in the episode that there would not be a rose ceremony this week. The episode consisted of three one-on-ones and one group date. The two women who did not receive a rose on the dates would be going, which means next week is hometowns. A post see more by bachelorabc bachelorabc on Feb 12, at 5: The first date went to Becca K.

The two had a picnic and Arie seemed pretty lukewarm about their potential. Back at the hotel, Jacqueline had a meltdown for camera time. She whined about not knowing if she and Arie would work out, how he would mesh with her family, and if she could truly fall in love with him.

Jacqueline, what show did you think you were on? During the later portion of their one-on-one, Becca K. Boring would be meeting if he chose to give her the rose. Arie gave her the rose, solidifying her place in the final four.

There are six of you left, what were you ladies expecting?

Britt Bachelor 2018 Dating Meme Digging

She was nervous about winning the competition, moving to Scottsdale, and wondering how things happened so fast. Hey Jackie, that's the entire premise of this show. After a disgusting make out and crocodile tears, Jacqueline sent herself home. The next day, Mr. Boring took Miss Boring on their date.

The two rode bikes together, then stopped for some gelato. They then walked the streets of Tuscany in complete silence. The duo had pizza after their gelato totally normal and proceeded to have an empty conversation. Lauren actually spoke up during dinner, revealing that she was nervous about getting hurt again after her ex left her broken. She then told Arie she was falling in love with him, which made him get up and walk away from the table.

More crocodile tears and dramatic music followed as we watched Arie look pensive among a click here well-lit trees. All you had to say was you had to fart, homie.

Or is that just childsplay for dear Britt? It was one of the most awkward moments I have ever seen on this franchise. Yes, this actually happened. I had a pretty busy day and decided I would use the beautiful kitchen that no one at the office seemed to use.

After returning, he gave her the rose. He admitted he was falling in love with her. Seinne received the last one-one-one, leaving Bekah M. Seinne and Arie met up with a super Italian guy, who took source hunting for truffles with his dogs.

A little random, but I appreciated a more realistic date. They met up with Mr. Seinne, I promise you getting eliminated is a win. This is how the show works. On the group date, Tia, Kendall, and Bekah spent individual time with Arie. While Kendall was alone with him, Bekah admitted she would like to be home with her friends and family. Yeah, you must really love that family time, Bekah.

Thought missing, Humboldt woman spotted on 'The Bachelor' https: Tia is absolutely right, and told Bekah what she had said afterwards. She of course cried, like most teenage girls do, and ran straight into Arie's arms.

Britt Bachelor 2018 Dating Meme Digging admitted she felt like she had been kicked in the stomach by Tia. They then discussed hometowns, where her parents were mentioned.

Britt Bachelor 2018 Dating Meme Digging

Something doesn't add up Kendall received the first rose, securing her spot No. But instead of giving out the last rose during the date, Bekah and Tia had to attend a dinner with Arie to make things a little more awkward. After two uneventful conversations, Arie gave the last rose to Tia. Every field trip has to end some time, Bekah.

Just make sure to get your permission slip signed before Paradise, okay? Three out of my final four from last week made it, Britt Bachelor 2018 Dating Meme Digging. For now, I think Tia and Lauren will make up the final two. For some reason, Arie decided to leave Ft.

Lauderdale and take the gang to Paris. Chris Harrison let us know at the beginning of the episode that there would be two one-on-one dates, one group date, and one two-on-one date this week.

Lauren got the first one-on-one, and the most interesting part of their date was the commercial for The Bachelor: The duo took a boat down the Seine River, and then walked through a Parisian market, which was pretty much filled with silence. Arie appreciated all of the architecture and pointed out lots of interesting buildings, and all Lauren could muster was "Wow. Lauren is proving to have all the looks, and no personality.

Later during the dinner portion of their date, Arie confessed to getting a girlfriend pregnant, who later miscarried, and Lauren basically stared straight through him. She eventually opened up and admitted she had been engaged before, and although the conversation appeared to have depth, it was about as shallow as a puddle in my driveway.

The ladies were forced to learn choreography, then get dressed up in elaborate showgirl costumes to perform for Arie. History was made on this group date when Bekah M. Someone write down the time and date. Later on, Bekah M. Kendall and Krystal were chosen for the two-on-one, and I have never felt more sorry for anyone in my life than I did for Kendall.

Arie took them to a hedge maze where they had to find him, and of course, the devil found him first. If you can believe it, Krystal took fake to a source level on this date.

She questioned Arie about his choice to bring Kendall on the date, and added her two cents in about the taxidermy enthusiast. Kendall tried to connect with Krystal during their time together, and Krystal brought nothing to the table. What I do know is that Krystal was wrong. She has this ability to put together lengthy sentences that have absolutely no meaning.

Eventually, Kendall received the rose, and Arie sent that bh packing. Bachelor fans all breathed a big sigh of relief. Jacqueline got the second one-on-one Britt Bachelor 2018 Dating Meme Digging.

Arie picked up whatshername in a red sports car, which broke down after the first 50 feet.

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They hailed a taxi and went shopping to buy her an outfit for the evening. At dinner, Arie claimed he felt a deep connection to Jacqueline, which might have been the most confusing moment of the entire season.

If he has a deep connection to Jacqueline, then I have a deep connection to that hot dog vendor I passed on the street eight years ago. After an extremely boring evening, Arie gave her the rose and nobody cared. Four women went into the rose ceremony safe, leaving Arie with just three roses to give out.

They went to Tia, Seinne, and Becca K. See ya never, psychos. Now that the group is dwindling, it makes predicting a final four easier. We found out at the very beginning of the show that the ladies would be leaving Lake Tahoe and heading to Ft.

Tune in next week as the ladies head to Detroit, followed by the epic finale in Beirut. Way to step up your game, Luyendyk. The two hopped aboard a yacht where Chelsea quipped that Arie was a dream read more, Britt Bachelor 2018 Dating Meme Digging, you know, mom jokes. What an unforgettable week in Florida! Chelsea and Arie then headed to a vintage car museum for dinner and had a mediocre conversation about her ex.

Speaking of polished and shiny things with rust on link inside, the remaining girls were given the group date card back at the hotel. Back at the car museum, Chelsea was given the rose, and led into a room where another unknown singer played a private concert for the duo.

I guess this is the best Ft. Lauderdale has to offer.

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Well, that and bowling alleys, which is where the group date took place. The girls split up into two teams, and the winning ladies were told they'd get to hang with Arie while the others would have to head back to the hotel.

Mother's agony after father tried to murder his three children with a Britt Bachelor 2018 Dating Meme Digging then smashed car into a pub with them inside as he is jailed for life Water place to live! Perhaps my high source, carb, and dairy diet was holding me back. She whined about not knowing if she and Arie would work out, how he would mesh with her family, and if she could truly fall in love with him. Tonight, on the most dramatic Bachelor recap ever… Becca K. We saw all the guys that had joined the club for Kaitlyn, so would there have been even more ridiculous drama?