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6 Sep Some women can even have orgasms from breast play alone. Others need breast play To evoke a sense of teenage nostalgia, put your hands up her shirt and play with her breasts over her bra. Once you get her shirt off the middle of her chest. You can also do this with your tongue, or with light kisses. 29 Aug Do you like boobs? I know you're nodding your head. Well, guess what--it turns out women do too, allegedly even as much as men. Yeah. Another user commented that Christopher Ryan and Cacilda Jethá say in their book, Sex At Dawn, that people are hot for boobs because they signify the sexual. 16 Mar Weird Things Girls Do With Their Boobs . Men always ask if me and my friends play with our boobs they said no I said yes. The two of those things i do most 1 . holding your boobs while running (other wise they hurt) 2. puting your hands in your bra cause its warm Also since you already reading this is it.

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Do women play with their breasts? It's just something I've always wondered. Do ladies sometimes like to sit around in their underwear and play with their breasts? I'm not talking masturbation.

I'm talking about absentmindedly juggling them or something similar. I know that men sometimes play with their genitalia when they are bored or thinking, and was wondering if women had an equivalent behavior.

As a man i can attest to absentmindedly fondling my junk. I'll just be sitting around in my underpants watching TV, reading, browsing reddit, Do Girls Play With Their Boobs whatever only requires one hand and i'll just be playing with my testicles like some sort of Chinese exercise balls. I'll sometimes catch myself and think, "What the hell am I doing? I'm not masturbating or trying to arouse myself.

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What is this instinct? Anyway, reminds me of an old Rodney Dangerfield joke. I just want to let you know that your 'chinese exercise balls' reference made me laugh out loud. Thankfully I had just swallowed my mouthful of beer. I too find myself absent mindedly messing around with my junk. Occasionally I will look at it and think it has a life of its own.

But I don't sit around twiddling with my elbow skin, or my earlobes, and whatnot, so it make sense. But I tend to if I'm at home reading or doing something monotonous. Yes we do it all the time actually at least I do if u want me to prove it go to skyttles. I'm just sorry that more women don't do this.

Yes, just randomly, like when I'm reading. Not typically in an arousal-inducing way. Wow, I would http://24dating.me/fek/dating-a-married-man-for-his-money.php thought more women did this. I have a friend who says she likes to touch her breasts when she's stoned, because then she has a dissociative experience, as they don't feel like her breasts, just these things on her chest.

I don't so much get that feeling. Yeah, i thought more girls played with their boobies.

Do Girls Play With Their Boobs

I think it's really important to be comfortable with your body and know what they're supposed to feel like just in case one day you notice something different. I'm a girl, and I do think there is a female equivalent behavior.

Not necessarily in a sexual way, not even often, but just absentmindedly and occasionally.

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Probably more like when guys fiddle with their balls, rolling them against each other, etc. Or grab their peep with two fingers and make it dance or whatever. Pins and needle sensations do not belong there. I'm in the same category - I play with them more for the playing part, rather than being played with if that makes any sense.

Yes, all the time. I have to make sure I don't do it in public because it's not so lady like.

Do Girls Play With Their Boobs

I don't really juggle them more than I just touch and squeeze. I don't get off on it. I just like the way my boobs feel. I love how almost everyone else has said no, but the one poster that said yes got a million upvotes immediately, because every guy that read it went "That's hot.

Yeah, I think I would get some weird looks if I grabbed my boobs in public. And it's not like I'm tweaking my nipples. I'm just grabbing them because it feels good in my hands. It's not sexual more than just being amused that I have them and I can grab them anytime I want.

Strangely, though, I'm pretty sure the gals don't find it hot at all when we adjust our junk. What are the implications of this? I broached this with a female cousin of mine a few years ago and was Do Girls Play With Their Boobs that she actually agreed with me. I thought it was a truism, and just the way the world worked. I think my wife would be a lesbian if she didn't find vaginas so unappealing.

Other than that one area, she agrees that women are way better looking than men. Being a bisexual female, it's hard for me to imagine anyone finding vaginas unappealing, though I know it happens especially because there are quite a few really funky ones out there to avoid.

Though my husband recently used a few words to describe a particular type of vagina that I personally don't like so, I guess there is a vagina even I don't find appealing! I would share it but I don't want to ruin it for you guys either.

I feel like it's one of those things that click can't 'unhear' or unread, in this case. That was a very nicely placed comment, didn't need explanation but wasn't too blatant to the untrained pervert.

Most of us can surf Reddit with 2G1C playing on the side on a screen with click as the wallpaper, while eating lunch. I don't think it's so much a whole gender thing. I think it's about the fact that boobs look like lovely pillows and man junk Do Girls Play With Their Boobs like a sausage mated with a prune. Mine looks like an upside down Gonzo. Ah yes, now, I wanted to talk to you about something.

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Something about, um, well, something I know we humans get a little embarrassed about. It's a bit of a taboo subject — not the sort of thing we like to sit around and chat about in polite conversation. I knew it, you've gone straight into smirk mode. Aren't we both two human adults? Can't we discuss our reproductive system without adolescent sniggering? That's the best design they could come up with? Are you seriously telling me there were choices, and someone said "Ah, there, that's it.

That's the shape we're looking for: God I miss Red Dwarf, and the new episodes more info don't cut it in my eyes. This is the clip you are referring to.

I think they're fun. I'm a girl, and I do think there is a female equivalent behavior. Other than that one area, she agrees that women are way better looking than men.

That part starts around the one-minute mark. By the way, does mechanoid need a dash in it? Actually, evolutionary scientists some anyway do support this contention.

A recent study even contends that women are getting better lookingclick men are just as ugly as they've ever been.

Look at other animal species, the males of many species have "sex ornaments" that make them more beautiful and able to attract females. Lions, Peacocks other birds as wellmost deer-like species, certain species of insects. The females are usually very dull in color and general form.

I believe it is the same with humans. Women require so much work to actually look pretty, while men can basically throw on some decent clothes and either shave or not shave, fix their hair up a bit, and look great. The female body, while beautiful, is not defined and muscular like the males body is. Why is it that people like Michelangelo chose the male form to sculpt, rather than the female form? Why is it that the male form is almost always sculpted or depicted by artists while the female form is less commonly depicted by artists?

I believe it is because the male form is more aesthetically pleasing. Don't take this the wrong way, I'm still attracted to females, and I still find them beautiful.

But I've also seen them in the morning with no make-up, and it's a big letdown to realize that the girl you just fucked looks like shit without make-up. First, I think it's ridiculous to compare women to men. It's like comparing apples and oranges. It makes no sense. There are wonderful things about the looks of women and likewise about men. Other animal visit web page are the way they are because of the way mating occurs: We aren't like that.