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A Kiss To Prepare First For How

How to Move In for a First Kiss

How to Prepare for Your First Kiss: 14 Steps (with Pictures)

7 Apr Prepare yourself for your first kiss. The first kiss is very important and there are different types of seductive kissing tricks you can learn to make the moment very special for your girlfriend. How to Prepare for Your First Kiss. Your first kiss can be one of the most exciting and nerve-wracking experiences of your life. While preparing yourself for your first kiss isn't always a piece of cake, it's certainly better than. 16 Nov I'll sift through the sports statistics, pick-up lines and other variations on testosterone and focus on a situation where the man finds himself in a subordinate, awkward position: the first kiss. I am the worst at it. I called a former girlfriend and asked her to comment on my first mouth-to-mouth come-on. "You took.

I had joined my friends outside while they smoked, and noticed a cute brunette nearby. I approached her, and while we chatted, her blonde friend with startling blue eyes showed up. As we spoke about cooking, the brunette wandered off, and the blonde and I became How To Prepare For A First Kiss in our conversation. Not just on the outside although she was stunning to look atbut on the inside as well. She was eloquent, made me laugh, and shared my passion for interesting cuisine.

I eventually got her number, and we made plans to hang out. Sometime later, she was over at my house, as our first date consisted of her making dinner. She claimed she made the best jambalaya in the world, and being a jambalaya master, I had only two choices when faced with such a claim. Either it would suck, in which case I would show her how to make the best jambalaya, or her recipe was superior to mine, in click case I would steal it.

As she and I cooked together I was the sous chef, and studiously followed her orderswe would brush up against each other, and joke, and laugh, and spill things, and in general have a great time. By the time the food was ready, we were half a bottle of wine in, flushed, happy, and smelled of the food we spilled on ourselves.


We set the table, starving, happy, and just before eating, I looked into her eyes, and leaned in for the kiss. She looked back at me, tilted her head…. First kisses used to freak me out. I was scared shitless about being rejected.

This may sound silly, but practice pursing your lips. If you lean in and shove your tongue down her throat, she may not want you to put it back. Ideally, the first kiss will be soft but firm and passionate. Has she licked her lips, or bit her lower lip while looking at you?

Regardless, it does require some preparation. Use lip balm, drink lots of fluid, and avoid licking your lips constantly.

Every time you lick your lips, you remove the thin layer of oily moisture that your lips naturally produce, which keeps them nice and healthy. Your tongue also covers your lips with saliva that irritates them, then evaporates, leading to drier lips than before.

I never use that brand. We sat down to eat, and I abruptly leaned in for a kiss. Understandably, she did that thing you always do when people reach for your face out of the blue: You can avoid this by leading up to the click.

How To Prepare For A First Kiss

Long eye contact, lots of touching, getting comfortable, holding her in your arms… you get the idea. My favorite indirect one is the lip balm: I apply some early on in the evening, and say: Avoid starting with the tongue You heard me.

Understandably, she did that thing you always do when people reach for your face out of the blue: Reach around her waist with one or both arms, and gently draw her toward you. Instead, keep your lips soft and slightly parted, and avoid puckering.

If you lean in and shove your tongue down her throat, she may not want you to put it back. Start off light, to feel her out. I discovered, quite by accident, that if a girl is into you, she may still dodge your first kiss thanks to problem 2.

Take her in your arms, run your hand through her hair, slide your fingers through the notches in her spine and down her back. Really get into it, full on. If you suffer from perpetual bad breath, consider stronger dental hygiene, like regular flossing and brushing. I recommend checking in with your doc or local shaman for a solution. I smiled at her, sat down to eat, and started talking again.

Within a few minutes, we were laughing and chatting away like an old married couple. When dinner was done, we sat on the couch, super stuffed, and had some more wine. As the night wore on, we kept getting closer to each other on the couch, see more I could feel her breath on me when we spoke.

And we were making out. I was nervous, and flush, excited, and I think my heart nearly burst out of my chest with happiness and relief.

How To Prepare For A First Kiss

Plus, she was a damn good kisser, and had really nice lips. It was a great first kiss. You know, every time I missed a day at work, my Street Fighter figures always ended up like that. Breath, pits, hair on your body, or your clothes! Let me know when someone responds to me.

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Leave this field empty. How To Avoid Drama. Press Start Search Connect. I met her on a terrasse. All of a sudden, it hit me: I was in heaven.

Your First Kiss

She looked back at me, tilted her head… … and at the last second, gave me the cheek. Tippery When Wet First kisses used to freak me out. Here are a couple of good pointers to help you with that first kiss you share with a new lady: Then there was a gap in the conversation.

I stared at her. She stared back at me. The food, by the way, was delicious. One of the Best!