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9 Jan At the end of the first week I only received two REAL replys form real woman wanting to hook up. One big beuitifal woman (BBW) and one unatractive 60 year old woman. Week Two After the What ever I was doing it was wrong, I had nothing to show for my efforts over the past two weeks. Once again, I. 4 Feb 12 crazy Craigslist "casual encounters" stories that prove you really can find anything online Not too long ago, if you wanted to find an apartment for rent, buy a used car, pick up cheap furniture, or find a new job, you'd have to check out the classified section Steamy tales of casual encounters, anyone?. I would never suggest using craigslist to try and meet women, but when I was bored on the weekends I'd throw an ad up once in a while just to see who would respond. I probably got lucky as I met up with a 19 year old with a banging body, but you have no idea how many gay guys I had emailing me before.

Home Forums Recruiting Pick'em Page 3 of 6. Anybody ever hook up with someone from Craigslist??? I've had arse off of Craigslist. Best deal on the site!!! Free pussy and blowjobs Free? That girl's vagina is constantly in heat I bet.

Fatties do generate more body heat than average people.

Anyone ever hooked up with anyone off of craigslist?

My friend always sends me links to this site. Evidently he looks at it just to see how stupid the women look.

The most common scams are "safe dating" websites. What little luck I'd had so far. Stick to club sloots, at least you can be seen in public with them. I didn't get a single reply from an actual prospect this way.

Alot of them look pretty good. Not sure if the pics are actually them, however. Roots, every time I read one of your post I think you are flipping someone specific off.

Anybody Ever Hook Up On Craigslist

So I have no idea Anybody Ever Hook Up On Craigslist she really looks like in person or currently. That picture could've been several years old. I'm just being an a-hole for no good reason other than Well OweO there are several stories from craigslist. I got to talking to some fat bitch on there. She had a bf that was at work. The pic she sent me was iffy at best, but I was wanting some strange so I went ahead and drove to this girls trailer.

She took a shower as I was on my way over. She kind of cornered me in her here room and laid a lip lock on me. Well, that got me a little worked up enough to decide I was gonna go ahead and try to bone this bitch. We get back to the bedroom and she winds up on the bed spread eagle ready for me to mount her, but I happen to notice that the ole beaver she has is foaming at the mouth.

And hell, she had just had a shower!!! My ole peter went limper than a boiled spaghetti noodle in about 2 seconds flat. I couldn't force it in the hole at that point and didn't really know what to do. She is getting anxious and ask's me whats wrong.

Anybody Ever Hook Up On Craigslist

I explained "I lost it" and was limp. She gets up and starts blowing me, but at this point aint nothing getting up. A dog starts barking outside and she gets up and starts looking out the window to see if it was her boyfriend. It wasn't, but I use that as my chance and start acting all nervous about the bf coming back home. I tell the girl I need to leave and get my head back together and I would call her in a minute.

I hit the road hauling arse and Anybody Ever Hook Up On Craigslist called that fat bitch again. I think we all have stories that have a similar ending to this one. Had a buddy of continue reading bang girls off of their for years, only saw a couple of them and they were not anything to brag about by any means.

But he banged a ton of girls off there, and is now engaged to a girl he knew for about 40 days. I happen to notice that the ole beaver she has is foaming at the mouth.

Hooking up on CRAIGSLIST!! YES I DID!

How did that turn out? There was this other fat bitch see a craigslist trend that I met off of their. We started talking and we were both married.

She worked about 20 miles outside of town from me for one of those little tax places like Jackson Hewitt at a mini mall strip. It was more info season so she was working late into the evenings most nights.

Well, one Friday evening me and my wife were going to go spend the weekend at my parents house out of town. I needed to do some running around, so I let her leave ahead of me and took my own separate vehicle. Well, the running around I needed to do was just that. I drove up to this tax place and met up with this chick.


She was the only one at the location and had closed up shop. We went to her bosses office and got comfortable on his couch.

She was pretty big, but had the hugest most beautiful tits I had ever fricking seen. These motherfrickers were like 3 watermelons each. I sucked and played with them for prolly 45 minutes.

Havent seen thebateman post in a while but thats the man to ask. Fatties do generate more body heat than average people. I received about a half-dozen responses each day. Free pussy and blowjobs Free?

She then laid me back on the couch and went to work using her head. After about 20 minutes I figured I wasn't gonna get mine that way so I told her to lay back and I mounted that fat hoe and blew my load all over her fat gut and bosses couch. Went on to my moms that evening and played good boy for the wife. Unveils Top Ten Schools.