Czy Za Matchmaking Server Picker Jest Ban. Site For Hookups!

Matchmaking Server Jest Picker Ban Za Czy

CS:GO Matchmaking-Serverpicker (Road to Wiedereinranking #2)

Matchmaking server picker ban

Basically, Russians. In other words, I found this website - 24dating.me tools/ that lets you block the IP of some places such as. 30 Aug It's called "Matchmaking Server Picker" and it's available on http://csgo. 24dating.me I made this program initially because of the recently introduced middle east servers, which as everyone from that region will tell you are filled with hackers. My ping was under for the first time in csgo. 25 Jun False VAC Bans due to a program called Matchmaking server picker. A lot of people were falsley VAC banned due to a problem in the anti-cheat system. I was using a program called Matchmaking Server Picker that got me after a weak of using it banned! Please share this discusion to other mambers to let.

Click here for our wiki! Will I get banned for using "Matchmaking Server Picker"? In other words, I found this website - http: It just blocks your computer from connecting to certain IP addresses. It doesnt directly do anything to CS.

Czy Za Matchmaking Server Picker Jest Ban

But it doesn't work that well. It makes queue times longer and you still get matched with russians. But i did have a feeling that you get lower ping, so if you struggle witj high ping it's useful. But russians somehow play on eu west and swedish servers as well.

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Five years ago I made a new account because I thought I would gat banned for using console commands lmao, waited forever for the vac message, it never came. There are no Russian servers, so I don't know what the eff this program is claiming to block.

Czy Za Matchmaking Server Picker Jest Ban

Only if you lack a brain and internet access. No, I'm not gonna start drawing in MS Paint lines on the map and say "hey, look at the length of dem lines. Anyone with a brain can know how long it is from one server to a place.

The version of the server picker I was using cs go matchmaking server picker vac ban time ago was outdated, as the servers I was connecting to were in locations I had restricted - all of it comes back to the IP list that the program uses. D Maybe I should change back to avast then. And what you explained wouldnt be a source.

And anyone with a brain can understand that I'm asking for a source on where the servers are located. You seem to know. You can cross-check with others lists. Also, in-game, type "status" in the console to get the server IP. Cross-check with that too. Use click here this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit a new link. Submit a new text post.

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I was wondering if you could get a VAC ban for using this programme. Want to add to the discussion? Perfectly fine to use. Except the Spain servers. And what you explained wouldnt be a source.

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GeoIP can then tell you the physical locations of those IPs. The Valve IP ranges are well known.

Sign up and maximize your browsing experience. So basically I don't need that software, because I can just block them manually. I also only checked dd2. It only bans out russian servers but not russian players.