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Guys with Long Hair: How Do We React to Them

23 Sep One woman breaks the 5 reasons women dig long hair. I am going to do my very best to break down exactly what it is about a Longhair that we women love so much (other than the obvious physical It's a feeling like a tingle when you see a guy with long hair and you just go “yep him—he's the one.”. Most people you ask will give you a “Yes” or “No” answer to the question of, “Do women like men with long hair?” but the real answer is that “it depends on the woman's preferences and whether or not she is attracted to the guy's personality.” Watch this video and you will realize that the length of a man's hair usually isn't the. My bf has long hair too, and I love it. Women who like long hair on men are definitely in the minority, though. None of my female friends are into it.

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Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: Results 1 to 30 go here Do girls like guys with long hair? I actually have shoulder-length hair atm. Took me forever to grow out. Anytime I get compliments it usually Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair something to do with people liking my hair. I get complimented on my hair all the time but its always from older people.

Girls my own age don't ever give me that kind of awesome feedback let alone ANY feedback. Most of my uncles,aunts, and my parents tell me that long hair suits me used to have pretty short hair a few years ago. I always felt it complimented my facial bone structure. I've also got Asian facial features half Korean and felt that it looks better on me even more so because of that idk, I've gotten "Dude you look like a fcking samurai!

Ultimately, I like having long hair atm.

A lot go here older people are exclusively the ones that are giving me compliments about it though. Was wondering if girls 's don't like long hair even if it's kept tidy? Originally Posted by Caesar Unless you are a ruthless NFL player, not really. But srs, there are always girls that like certain things. For example them weedy myspace ab-boys, certain females like that. Just depends on what your after mate. I'm a really to believe that I have to look to pop culture media in order to find what's attractive and what's not?

Originally Posted by tara Do you play guitar? Are you a vampire? Stuff like this is impossible to answer.

Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair

Some girls will like you simply because you have "asian" features just like some girls will like you simply because you have long hair.

Some girls will like long hair on guys, some girls like shorter hair. The best hairstyle for you is the one that suits your face the best Some people look great with long hair but some look terrible. I had long hair for about 6 years and I got tons of attention.

My first wife said she wouldn't even had turn my way if it wasn't for my hair. Later she had me cut it and I felt like I was indivisible for a while My current wife says she would have looked the other way, so there is no right answer Shoulder length http://24dating.me/feru/jane-fonda-100-women-of-the-century.php is lame imo.

If you want long hair, do something like Tom Cruise in MI2. Originally Posted by rite2bcreative.

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It should be completely irrelevant to you if women like long hair. I assume you are asking because the answer will help you determine if you will wear long hair or not. Don't make decisions in your life based on what might make some girl happy. Mke your decisions on what will make you happy. I have seen in life the guys who go around making decions on what to do based on what a woman will ultimately like almost always become white knights. I will lie down source rest awhile, but will rise to fight again.

Do Girls Like Guys With Long Hair

Originally Posted by irishjackmp. If you can pull it off you can pull it off. Had longer hair for a while not shorter length, but close and did fine with girls, now went back to short hair and it's the same. My buddy from college had shoulder length hair and cleaned up.

Really depends on you to be honest. If you can pull it off, yes. Zetterberg is the rare example of long hair pulled off perfectly. Sniff hard as fuk when girls pass by to smell their vagina crew Don't know how to hold arms when walking crew Has to use a soundboard to order pizza crew Order pizza and lower money from second floor in bucket crew Bodybuilders against lifting heavy crew Free Bolobrah crew Mod Negs: I had nipple length hair for a year or so, really thick and wavy, just like the OP described.

My hair is virtually black in colour, and I have fair skin. Friends said it awesome, though it's worth mentioning that I was a metalhead at this time, and so long hair was practically a prerequisite lol After that I cut it down to neck length, and tied it back. Got more attention in general, and started dressing in a more normal style.

Kept it this way for about a year, then went for a regular cut. I'm torn at the moment as to whether to grow it back or not. The problem I have is that I often wear suits, and plan on being a barrister. If that comes true, then long hair is definitely, without a doubt, not happening. In terms of attraction? I'd say it makes hardly no difference.

DOES HAIR MATTER!? (What Girls Really Want)

Then again, as someone already mentioned, I was one of the rare few guys who could pull off the long hair look really well. Guys with thin, shoulder length hair look like homeless wasters. I wish I was a glow worm 'Cause a glow worm is never glum, How can you be sad When the sun shines out your bum?

Don't get me wrong - there are girls out there who think long hair is the creme de la creme but most people still associate it with rebelling against society, hippie culture or being unkempt. Originally Posted by Brahseph. Originally Posted by lexinak.

I always felt it complimented my facial bone structure. Chelsea is a writer and business owner living in Oceanside, CA. If you do, and you feel confident with your hair, then other people will notice you in a positive fashion.

There is no right answer to the question cuz your hairstyle doesn't really matter. Girls can't have sex with your hair, it ain't hard enough.

Are we gonna act like if zetterberg walked by your ass; you wouldnt be http://24dating.me/feru/mens-feelings-after-a-break-up.php over his cock? Similar Threads Do girls like muscular guys? By bonecrusher in forum Teen Bodybuilding. Girls like me with short hair, guys like me with long By Dynamite in forum Relationships and Relationship Help.

If you do, and you feel confident with your hair, then other people will notice you in a positive fashion. When you look at movie stars who women rave about as being "cute" or "hot" it would seem that there's a variety of lengths. Post titles must be a descriptive, in depth question and searchable using keywords, or will be removed.

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