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Does Pearly Penile Papules Go Away?!

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Symptoms. Not counting the appearance of the papules themselves, pearly penile papules are an entirely asymptomatic condition. This effect is not observed in human males, as pearly penile papules do not appear to have any physiological role in one's penile sensitivity or sexual performance. Race and being. 26 Jul It's possible that you might have pearly penile papules, also called pink pearly papules, hirsutoid papillomas, Tyson glands or papilloma in the corona glands. PPP is Health care providers prefer to leave PPP alone, because the papules don't cause any health problems. Do Do PPP every go away?. 20 Jul This is a benign viral infection that causes multiple, round, pearly, clear of pink growths on the penis and elsewhere. Pearly penile papules stay on the tip of the penis. Molluscum contagiosum will go away on its own in 18 months to five years. The most common problem is self-treatment to remove them that.

Appearance of dome shaped white or pink coloured bumps in large numbers around the corona of penis is the symptom for PPP.

Causes and Relief August 10, I encourage you to browse around, read my tips and some suggestions I've put forth and learn from my experience. I think you should learn in-depth documentation about the disease: Hello, my name is Dave Stewart. There really is no need to remove the papules, unless for aesthetic reasons, which is the usual click stated.

They appear in rows of encircling bumps and cause slight pain during sexual activity. Yesread these testimonials: PPP occurs only in males. Usually men in the age group of 20 — 30 years are affcted by PPP.

How To Remove Penile Bumps On Shaft (Pearly Penile Papules)?

However, a few males get the disease at an earlier stage also. Medical science is yet to establish the actual cause for PPP. It is assumed that the blocked sebaceous glands appear as bumps.

But for Do Pearly Penile Papules Go Away On Their Own slight pain during sexcual activity PPP is a harmless disease. The health and sexual capabilities of the patient is not affected by PPP. Both Fordyce Spots and PPP are male genital skin conditions and the reasons for both these diseases are yet to be established. Overgrowth of lubricating glands known as sebaceous hyperplasia is believed to be the cause for formation of Foordyce Spots whereas PPP is belived as the blocked sebaceous glands formed as bumps.

Both the diseases are harmless. Men who are affected by either of these diseases become mentally dejected due to the disfiguration of their penis. In medicine there is no cure for both these diseases. They can be cured by home remedies. Fordyce Spots rarely occur in women also whereas PPP occurs only in men.

Fordyce Spots appear as yellow or white colored spots on the tips and shaft of penis whereas PPP appear as dome shaped white or pink colored bumps around the corona of penis. Usually PPP will remain for a long period of time. After some time, the number of bumps will decrease gradually and after a few years all the bumps may disappear. The affected person must have the patience to wait for few years to get rid of them completely without treatment. PPP will have severe psychological impact on the affected males.

Fordyce Spots Treatment September 13, One study in the UK surveyed college students under the age of 25 and 70 patients over the age of The affected person must have the patience to wait for few years to get rid of them completely without treatment.

Disfiguration of the vital sex organ makes them mentally dejected. Their self-esteem and pride will be at stake. Due to the ugly appearance of the penis the affected person may fear that his girl source or sex partner may refuse to share bed with him and ultimately reject him suspecting him as a victim of STD or Warts.

As a result, the affected males shy away from sexual activity and get into isolation. Females undergo a severe mental trauma at the first sight of the bumps on the penis of their partners.

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Suspecting the bumps as STD or Warts they may act indifferently and refuse to have sex with the affected person. They may start to hate the male and go to the extent of breaking the relationship. It will take many years for PPP to disappear itself. By that time the affected male may get aged. As a result the affected male will become mentally dejected and his sexual life will be on the verge of a collapse. Hence it is imminent for the affected male to undergo treatment and get rid of the bumps at the earliest so as to regain the original shape of the penis.

There is no treatment for PPP in medicine. Surgical treatment methods are read article for removal of the bumps. But you have home remedies. Co2 Laser therapysurgical excision and removal of bumps by Hyfrecator are the common surgical methods of treatment for removal of PPP.

In this method the bumps are dissolved using targetted CO2 laser. By Do Pearly Penile Papules Go Away On Their Own method the bumps can be completely removed. Hyfrecator makes use of low powered AC electric pulse to remove the papules. The electrode of the Hyfrecator will be kept above the bumps and power will be passed. The bumps are removed either in a single application or in stages. The surgical methods are very painful. They cause side effects and formation of permanent scars.

The tissues of the penis may get damaged due to the treatment. These treatment methods are highly expensive and patient has to get admitted in a hospital for couple of weeks followed by recovery period. For many days the patient has to abstain from sexual activities. The cure may not be permanent. In few cases, the bumps may re-appear. This is an unscientific method for removal of PPP.

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The results are not source and the method is very risky also. There will be severe side effects. The chemicals that are present in the tooth paste will damage the tissues of the penis. It is a very painful method. Moreover, while picking wound may form and consequently the penis may become inflamed as well as infected.

It will take a few days for the wounds to heal. Permanent scars also will be formed. Since the bumps are formed in large numbers it is impossible to pick all the bumps one by one.

The bumps may re-appear also. Circumcision neither prevents nor cures PPP. Those who have undergone circumcision had been affected by PPP.

Innumerable numbers of home remedies are available for removal of PPP. They are very effective as well as safe methods of treatment. Many sufferers of PPP who adopted home remedy methods of treatment could successfully eliminate the bumps completely with no side effects.

The bumps did not reappear in them thereafter. Since PPP appears on the male sex organ the sufferers find it embarrassing to explain their problem to others as well as undergo treatment of penis in front of others.

Do Pearly Penile Papules Go Away On Their Own

Home remedy methods of treatment can be performed by themselves in the privacy of their homes. Clean the affected area and make it dry. Apply good quantities of castor oil or very little quantity of tea-tree oil over the bumps using a cotton swab.

Leave the affected area uncovered and repeat the application 4 — 5 times a day till all the bumps are eliminated. Triple Antibiotic ointment is applied over the affected area twice a day with interval of 12 hours. Treatment should be continued till all the bumps are removed.

Bumps will start to disappear from second week of treatment onwards. Cream of low concentration of AHA may be carefully applied over the affected area without spreading out. The cream is to be applied twice a day and treatment is to be continued till the bumps peel off.

Do Pearly Penile Papules Go Away On Their Own

Bumps should be allowed to fall by themselves and should not be handpicked. Home remedies such as application of castor oil, tea-tree oil etc. Though these methods ensure complete removal of PPP they are very slow in action. It will take a few months for the complete removal of the bumps. These methods of treatment are as effective and safe as any other home remedy but, are very fast in action.

You should identify the best home remedy article source removal of your PPP.

You must follow the treatment method and get rid of the bumps completely and regain the original shape of your penis at the earliest. Start enjoying a trouble-free sexual life thereafter.