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Cruise through our list of best-selling SUVs popular for their stylish and family-friendly features. This ensures that the car does not have flood or frame damage. Before you purchase a car from CarMax, your sales consultant will review with you an AutoCheck report and VIN-specific recall look-up results from the. Oil is the lifeblood of every vehicle's engine. Choose from our 3 oil change Packages designed to fit the needs of your vehicle according to manufacturer's specification. It is also VERY CRITICAL to use the right oil/Lubricants every time you do and oil change. One of the simplest, most effective and inexpensive ways to help. 5 Mar Cars above K miles are given paltry values, as CarMax doesn't sell high mileage vehicles; restricting their income to auction values (where K-mile cars are almost worthless). I messaged the car salesman and he tell me that the sensor just needs to be reset as an oil change was just done.

We sell cars at CarMax, ask us anything self. Hey all, a couple of my fellow sales consultants and I decided it could be fun to do an AMA. There's lots of misconceptions and interesting ideas about car buying, especially when it comes to used cars, we'd love to answer questions about anything you can come up with! But also please up vote for visibility if you're interested. I'm waiting to get a call from the PR department Here will be playing league, but checking and answering questions in between queues haha.

Alright guys, headed to bed, work tomorrow! Also, thanks everyone for the questions and upvotes.


You're getting the sales talk. I'm not trying to shit on CarMax here, but finding cars priced cheaper than CarMax's isn't very hard at all, even from 'regular' dealers. The difference, to CarMax's credit, is that regular dealers generally click go over cars they're selling nearly in as much detail as CarMax does, and CarMax will generally have a much better warranty for someone buying a used car.

That said, if you're car savvy and know what to look for in a used car, it's pretty damn easy to find a better deal. CarMax's entire business model is a safety blanket that you're not buying a turd sandwich of a used car.

I would also Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling that although the price of the vehicle you're buying is lower than ours, or they might give you more for your trade in, often times you end up paying the same because of random fees they throw in or a higher APR.

You will simply pay your state source tax at time of purchase, which may differ from the one you purchase it in -our extended service plan, maxcare, is priced entirely by the vehicle it is covering. Still deciding if we should fix it or not. Talk to your local sales consultant and tell them exactly what you want.

We call it the shell effect - most dealers say "we are going to get X amount from a vehicle no matter what" say 5k. You think the price read more the vehicle should be a couple grand lower, so they lower your appraisal offer, or raise your APR.

You think the APR should be lower? Well, a random fee just got thrown into the deal. They're very, very good at that, especially since you end up talking to several people, you can end up losing track of all the numbers. But again, like I said there are definitely deals that beat ours, but I would put our quality against anyone's.

I hadn't heard of his reviews until just now actually and went and read them. The theme here is: That sounds a little fishy to me. I never knew carmax had the no haggle policy. I highly recommend staying as far away from CarMax as possible.

My take is that we soldcars last year, and regular dealers can't compete with us. We have the market cornered on well maintained, newer, low mileage used cars.

That being said you can get good deals on used cars that are outside of what Carmax sells older than or over k miles. The larger dealers that sell used cars though don't stand a chance. Geographical distance between dealerships within the same metro area is irrelevant, particularly with more people getting quotes online before they bother going to the lot.

They're not gas stations. Reliable and still being sporty in what price range? I'm gonna say probably something like a Nissan Maxima for the average person.

Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling

The SV trim package had a ton of options leather, heated seats, back up camera, Bluetooth, satellite radio, sunroof, navigation, Bose speakersand the v6 puts out hp. Pretty quick, and the paddle shifters are fun. I have to disagree. After having worked on Maximas that had a transmission made by, what I assume, was the lowest bidding glass manufacturing company in North Korea Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling just can never recommend a Maxima to anybody.

And they make them in my home town too: Also they do have CVTs continuously variable transmissionwhich requires trans fluid changes about every 30k miles as opposed to the k recommended for most vehicles. Is so, what are your thoughts on his reviews? Do you find the warranty to be a good value? I hadn't heard of his reviews until just now actually and went and read them. In my opinion, maxcare is the best extended service plan in the business, period.

It covers more, costs less, and is extremely up front about what is and is not covered. You'd be hard pressed to find people buying another extended service plan at that frequency. When my next vehicle comes from Carmax, I will definitely be purchasing it. Maxcare is very clear cut on what it benefit How To Have A Female Orgasim has and does not cover.

As in, lists exactly what it doesn't cover, and anything not listed will be covered, period. It's extremely easy to understand. Your first option basically imposes the KBB value, something totally outside of CarMax's control, on their pricing structure.

No company would ever agree to that unless link was some kind of ad gimmick on a limited basis. The second, correct, option allows CarMax to Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling its price. Just like every other store on the planet. KBB is a read more place to start, but is by no means accurate all the time on car values.

Same with when people say their trade in is worth X amount according to KBB. Don't even get me started on NADA. I would venture that KBB is much more 'accurate' in terms of the actual value of the car than the dealer mark up price.

We are giving you a written offer saying we'll hand you a bank draft for that amount, today. True that when you buy a car to be re-sold, one of the first things you do is put new tires on it and sell the old on the used-tire market, even if they're almost new? Good question, definitely not true. But in my experience if you get all your crap out of the car and give it a wash, you might get a little extra think hundreds, not thousands. You wouldn't belief the disgusting vehicles people bring in - it's always nice appraising something that doesn't look like a family of hoarders uses as their trash bin.

I'm not a new hire, but I definitely haven't been here long enough to qualify for a demo: I was read more by the choice in demo of my recent CarMax sales guy Not that it's bad, but so many better choices. Yeah, enclaves are nice enough on the inside I guess, but definitely not what id pick.

They do have price constraints on what they can demo though, so you won't see anyone working at Carmax demoing something insanely expensive haha. A few months ago I was looking to buy a car from Car Max "No haggle" the obviously let me walk because i Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling to talk it for lower. I ended up going to an official dealer and getting the same type of car 2 years newer and less miles for about 3k cheaper.

Do you really think the "no haggle" thing is worth it? We get a lot more customers than we lose off of no haggle Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling. And yeah, we won't ever haggle with you.

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If we haggle with one person, we're just lying to everyone else, and then what else would we lie about? Alcohol, a razor, and a steady hand can do the job. Is offensive really the word for that though?

What would you suggest to a mid's person who still has their little student car like a honda civic that'll never die that wants to upgrade just a bit? Personally, my car still runs just fine and there's no article source issues, it's just a model and the paint's coming off the hood.

What kind of cars Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling I be looking at to make a slight upgrade? Lots of factors for this question, starting with budget. If you're wanting to use that amount to just straight up buy a car Keep yours til it dies. If you like American made the new Ford Fusion is very nice, especially in the titanium trim package. Hell, the higher trim package Honda Accords are very nice too. Lots of options in that range, but I'd have to know a lot more about you, your financial situation, and what you want to give you a good, customer focused recommendation.

I keep telling myself to stick it out a couple more years, until I can afford to pay cash on a newer used car.

Also would it be difficult to buy a car from you guys out of state and then register it here? But Carmax expands every year, maybe soon! Us worker bees aren't usually privy to that type of info until it's imminent. You will simply pay your state sales tax at time of purchase, which may differ from the one you purchase it in.

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Simply put, a newer, lower mileage vehicle will be less expensive to cover than a comparable older one. Further the cost of fixing the vehicle is taken into account BMW is more expensive to fix than a Hondaand what kind of reputation the vehicle has for needing repairs.

We sell them for around 10k and the service plan is something like k, because they do not have a great rep and they're expensive to fix a lot of the read more. That what I was hoping for. You guys sell warranties for some silly silly cars. I'm going to take advantage of that when my lease is up.

Does Carmax Change Oil Before Selling

Honestly, even on those cars I would take maxcare if I was the one buying it. I have owned an m3, and I have paid to fix it. Literally use the plan once or twice and it's already paid for itself. Good luck finding a car after the lease is up! It almost feels too good to be true. How would you recommend people keep from rolling debt from one car into the next? Would you say that the best option is too buy a car with cash in hand and drive it for as long as possible before trading it in?

Pay it off before you sell it. Or at the very least, pay enough such that your car is worth more than the payoff.