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011 - I Missed My Jury Summons Date

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30 Jan Serving on a jury is a civic duty and part of what keeps the American judicial system honest. It's also an inconvenient pain will cost you time and money, unless you're lucky enough to be in a salaried position that's OK with you missing an indeterminate amount of time. Your odds of being chosen to serve on. Missing jury duty is handled differently all over the place. The worst you can expect is that it will be like missing court on a traffic ticket. If you show that it was only a mistake and There is far too much variability in how individual courts handle missed jury duty to give any more specific advice. k Views · View Upvoters. Hey all so last month I recieved a jury duty summons. I went online and filled out what I needed to fill out, and was planning on calling this week like they instructed. Well with final exams and everything it totally slipped my mind, and I just not realized I never called. What should I do? I am planning on calling.

So I missed a summon day for jury duty Oct 26, at 6: Post 1 of I am actually away from home in my college apartment. Few days ago I went back home and found a summons letter from the county court for jury duty, and I missed it by 2 days So today I immediately mailed out a typed letter with my explanation for missing the summon day.

I also included my class read article to prove my inability to sustain here a court trail.

Right now I am very worried that what is written on the letter may come true: Post 2 of It is hard to say for sure I've known a fair number of people over the years in similar situations and they have been ok.

I myself was in a similar situation though I think I chatted with them the day before, not the day after But take heart, it will probably be fine.

Thanatos on September Login username password forgot password? Same thing in Dallas.

Especially if you offer to serve on a jury during the summer or something similar to that. Oct 26, at 7: Post 3 of Oct 26, at Post 4 of No one is going to come to your residence to arrest you, don't worry about it. Oct 26, at 2: Post 5 of I went to jury duty once in Seattle. I sat there for 3 hours then left. I called and asked why no one was there. Oct 26, at 3: Post 6 of Originally Posted by braillediver I went to jury duty once in Seattle.

Oct 26, at 4: Post 7 of Originally Posted by SonicDawg I am actually away Forgot To Call For Jury Duty home in my college apartment. I'm sure you're fine, but I think the best thing is to actually call and a get a real live person on the phone. They are civil servants, and actually don't try to bust too much on common folk. I once called because I had to postpone one too many timesand a secretary was very nice, and just took care of it from her end.

Forgot To Call For Jury Duty

Post 8 of Originally Posted by gloco No one is going to come to your residence to arrest you, don't worry about it. And even if they do you'll be away at college. Just make sure your parents don't give you away. Post 9 of I love starting my morning with a good laugh I accidently forgot to "call-in" on my last day.

Forgot To Call For Jury Duty

I called the court clerk the next day and she said I did the right thing by calling back, but I lucked out because my number had not been called. Oct 27, at 1: Post 10 of I've thrown away the last five or so jury summons' I've received. Never heard anything back. I'd go if they sent me a second notice.

Then a week or so later a letter postcard really shows up thanking them for their service and I am almost sure they didn't show up. Kalkino Buttons Londres Registered User regular. And even if they do you'll be away at college. Call the courthouse on Monday and fess up. Please try searching here before posting a new question Try to keep repeat posts to a minimum.

I think it does vary by location though Post 11 of There's no law telling you to check your mail every day. You are not going to get into any trouble. Don't sweat the small stuff this is definintely small stuff. Oct 27, at 2: Post 12 of Only residents can be called for jury duty. Are you a resident at home or at school? Please guys, let me know it's ok There must be a number to call. Oct 27, at 3: Post 13 of In my experience, if you miss a jury summons, they just throw your name back in the hat and reschedule you.

I forgot to go to Jury Duty (worst reason to go to jail ever) — Penny Arcade

I have to call the night before the date and they either reschedule a week or tell me that I am dismissed. Sometimes when I show up, they say they only have a few cases and send a bunch of people home and keep a few.

I realize every city and state may be different, but you should be OK, and the worst they will probably do is just reschedule you for a different day.

What Happens If You Miss Jury Duty?

Oct 27, at 6: Post 14 of Thanks a lot for all the reassuring replies. I called in this morning, and a lady with a very raspy voice answered the phone in a fairly gruff manner, I must add.

I told her the situation, and she just told me that my service source cancelled, amidst my barrage of emotional supplication ok, a bit exaggerated.

I asked her if that means I am ok, she just gruffly repeated again that the service was cancelled. Overall, Forgot To Call For Jury Duty am glad that it blew over without much grief; although the "civil service" personel can have a bit more professional training Anyways, I feel so relieved that I will not be bogged for some stupid fine or even jail time!

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