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what are some hilarious Gamertags or usernames you have seen in game. I have seen [b][u]about7muslims[/u][/b] in crucible so every time i killed him the notification would come up you killed [u][b]about7muslims[/b][/u], or you got killed by about7muslims. lol 2. [u][b]Sgt poopingtons[/b][/u] 3. [u][b]mr. like title says i need a new gamertag that more feminine DarknessReborn1 is just not doing it for me anymore i wanted WantToBeGamerGirl but it. Here's mine. (Not MY gamertag, but the funniest I've seen.)"me nob".

A weapon or an event in the match can qualify to get used as a tag. But if you don't play arrow. Thumbsupmyace Made those during mw3 days to roll with every once in awhile lol. Be unique and original.

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I made mine right after the premier of the first episode of the 3rd season of Rick and Morty, but I was considering changing it to TossedSaladin. Obiewancanblowme is one that made me laugh.

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Not sure if spelled correctly but that's the name I heard. Made me laugh, on patrol and you see "a van full of Mexicans is near". I laugh because I expect to look over and see a van idle near by.

Funny Girl Gamertags For Xbox Live

Or you have been killed by a van full of Mexicans. I giggle at that.

Best I ever saw was on MW2: Worst crucible player ever. Got away with it for a good 3 months. SausageWallet Accidental Deaf Vacation.

They are presented in the order in which I came across them, the most recent just a couple days ago. Pick the username YOU like and if you're worried about backlash from male players, just mute anyone who says anything and continue on kicking ass in the game. I still think DPStrogen is funny and clever.

I kept getting killed by a guy called Type 2 Diabetes. I don't know about funny but I have seen a Merk Diggler and a Clint Beastwood, I thought that they were creatively awesome. I always get comments about mine as well, Booger McFly ;p.

Funny Girl Gamertags For Xbox Live

Trippin Bawlz or something to that effect A relatively unremarkable name by itself until I listened to the voice message I received following a crucible match. Sounded like an 8 year old. My 2 other gamertags I have are 1. Thumbsupmyace Made those during mw3 days to roll with every once in awhile lol.

I am over the age of AGE.

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