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So I got myself an Echo dot, I connected it with an RCA-Y cable to the line in of my Sonos Connect. During setup I can hear the audio feedback of Alexa coming over the speakers connected to the receiver of the connect. When you have an Echo Dot physically wired to a Sonos Play:5 it. I believe if I connect a bluetooth speaker to the Dot it just plays it on the bluetooth speaker. Another complaint that I have is that I can't hear Alexas responses through the speaker. If music is playing I can't hear her respond to me. Like when i ask "alexa who is this?". For one she can barely hear me and two. Hi I have a black and a white sonos and have now purchased 2 echo dot - but I am wondering how do I get the music from the echo to play through the spea I have a SONOS Connect Amp and am running in ceiling speakers in my house as well as on the back porch. I have n Echo Dot in both the living.

Hook Up Echo Dot To Sonos

Here a Sonos speaker? Now you can control Sonos by talking into thin air. Now anyone with a Sonos and an Amazon Echo can control their music collection by simply speaking into thin air. While owners of the One are handheld through the process, adding an Echo takes a little bit more work.

Log in Got something to add? Active topics Spotify and my Sonos account, how do they interact? Show content Hide content Model text. Sonos has mentioned wanting to create permanent links between the alexa device and Sonos.

Here's how to set it up. If you haven't used Alexa skills before, it does take some getting used-to. You'll need to utter the wake word, typically "Alexa," each time you want to give a command.

Hook Up Echo Dot To Sonos

Annoyingly, there's no way to specify one speaker as your default. Instead, you'll need to say the name of the speaker, like "living room," each time you begin a playback session. For subsequent commands, saying the name again isn't usually necessary, however.

I can't get Echo dot to connect up with my sonos - can anyone help?

Overall I found the system worked pretty well, though it had some small issues. Asking Alexa to playback Spotify Playlists didn't work so well, and sometimes the song would be completely wrong.

How to use Sonos with Amazon Echo

Also, voice control is only really good for "snacking. Lastly, you also can't group speakers or transfer music from one speaker to another with your voice yet. Alexa control on Sonos is relatively straightforward to set up once you know the steps to take. If you ever get stuck, I found that unplugging the devices from the power source and plugging them back in helped. But otherwise, go out there and have fun! The future of voice control is here, it's free, and it's pretty fun.

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Echo Dot with Sonos speakers: "The Good, the Bad and the Ugly" | Sonos Community

Don't show this again. How to set up Alexa voice control for Sonos speakers.

Sonos has mentioned wanting to create permanent links between the alexa device and Sonos. Sub and Playbase Settings help icon 2 hours ago. Log in to reply.

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