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Promethean board; ELMO; LCD Projector; 2 additional RGB Cables; USB Cable. DRAFT August ELMO-document camera set-up with a computer, LCD projector, and a Promethean board. AV/S-video Computer. Base Computer. ELMO. Connect from the computer to RGB-in on the ELMO using an RGB cable. If using. Elmo and SMARTBoard: Making the Most of Wireless Technologies in Library Instruction Lynn Lampert, MLIS sCIL Open House, UCLA Jan 5, Elmo Projector –24dating.me Use of Elmo allows instructors to use a myriad of material as graphics. Pictures can be used directly from books without alteration. 8 Jan OPTION 1: USB connection. If you would like to use SMART Board tools with the document camera image then you must connect this way which allows you to show the document camera image on the computer. Click here for directions to download software and connect the USB cable. The software has its.

One question I get asked quite often is: What is the ideal technology setup for the art room? Of course, this is an individual preference type of thing. From my own experiences, and from talking to art teachers from around the country, I can say there are definitely many mix-and-match options to optimize technology in the art room.

My reason is that an iPad can perform many of the same capabilities at a fraction of the cost, plus is more versatile. This would be especially easy if you also purchased an inexpensive stylus to use with your iPad. What click here you think?

Are there better alternatives? What items would make up your ideal tech set up for the art room? She is passionate about helping art teachers enhance their lives and careers through relevant professional development. I have a smart board, enlarger and a overhead projector. I just love my smart board. I use it for power points, art images and review games.

I like the idea of projecting the still life set ups, too. I plan to write a grant for one, but have questions.

How Do You Hook Up An Elmo To A Smartboard

What must I have besides the basic projector for it to work? Anything else a must have in order to use it? I could add optional items later. Will my smart board screen serve as screen for it? Anyone have advice about best model? I need to utilize my digital camera this year to share student art on smart board. I have used a regular projector and currently use my Interactive Whiteboard as the projector. I have had a smart board and document camera for a number of years and find that I use them for every class K-5 Art.

I create my own movie snips, one is for our weaving unit and my 5th grade will watch it and restart it themselves as I am going around assisting where necessary -if they need tolesson presentations and interactive pieces for the kids. I now have an Apple TV and an iPad which have been a wonderful addition to my art lessons.

In one 1st How Do You Hook Up An Elmo To A Smartboard. From our still life of sunflowers I used my iPad to visually illustrate how many points of view in the room look… Projected into the smart board the class was able to see from their seat others point of view in continue reading room.

My kids have worked wonderfully on the iPad with the lessons we are working on. I have it available for when they finish our project early. I do have a cannon camera but use the iPad more for pictures and movies. I have heard the smart board is outdated and may be phased out, but I hope not! We are so lucky that we live in a time that makes access to art visuals and technology so easy! The hardest part is finding time to stay on top of the new technology that is coming out all the time.

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I have learned a lot from my students who have no fear and from just clicking around. I suppose sooner or later, my Elmo Document Camera and Promethean Interactive Whiteboard will be a technology of the past, and maybe already is. Especially the art department… it seems as though there never is enough technology dollars to keep up with the newest gadgets. So,for the time being, I feel lucky to have the technology I have in my classroom.

I first purchased an Elmo when I taught elementary and fell in love with the ability to display demonstrations, books, and still life objects, on a large screen through a projector. The best part about my middles school art studio is having an interactive whiteboard to use in addition to the Elmo. I use my Interactive Whiteboard on a daily basis to project art history images, display lesson objectives or student learning expectations power standardsto show videos, or display flipcharts that students can interact with.

How do you connect an Elmo to the smart board? Having access to technology is wonderful. I use it all the time to share info about works of art through images, videos, etc. This has been awesome when teaching perspective lessons. I can be standing next to students to see if they are drawing the lines the correct way.

As the years go by, I have been slowing How Do You Hook Up An Elmo To A Smartboard tech tools my students have access to for use with their art lessons. In addition to the SMART Board, I have a document camera which has been so useful in doing art techniques demonstrations that all students can see. I also use it during the primary grades life unit. Our school received a grant for incubators in the classroom and since I teach all students in the school, I also have an incubator and do collaborative art lessons.

I use the document camera to projector what is going on in the incubator. Last year, the 5th graders got to see a chick hatch. My school is a 1: Last year, for the first time, students used technology to create videos about their works of art for use at conferences. They also have access to a couple flatbed scanners that someone donated to please click for source school.

After students photographed or scanned their works of art, they uploaded the photos to digital portfolios and iMovie in their laptops where they created video reflections about their work. They exported their reflections as movies and shared them during student-led conferences. As part of the grant, we also received a green screen.

Students just learned the basics of the green screen and will be How Do You Hook Up An Elmo To A Smartboard it for a variety of purposes this year. Last year, each seventh and eighth grade student picked one of their favorite works of art they created and talked about it in front of the green screen while a classmate used an iPod Touch to video record them.

How Do You Hook Up An Elmo To A Smartboard

Students uploaded the video and artwork to iMovie and dropped the green screen video on top of the work of art. This year, I would like to have students research historical works of art and use the green screen to create movies about those works.

My latest technology tool addition to my classroom is a refurbished overhead projector. I took the very top piece off the part that you would adjust to get everything in focus and screwed two long, flat pieces of wood in its place so they hang over the more info. I set the iPad on the pieces of wood so it hangs over the glass where the overhead plastic copy would sit.

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Then, I set works of art on the glass and take pictures with the iPad. It has worked wonders in getting pictures of works of art that are not distorted. Plus, I or students can adjust the height of the iPad so the work is in focus. We post those pictures to artsonia. This year, my older students will make QR Codes for their personal artsonia. People who attend the show will be able to scan the QR Code to see works of art that could not be displayed due to the lack of space.

I am so excited to start the school year. It has taken two years to teach the students how to apply the skills mentioned above. This year, I feel like they will be ready to really bring it all together at an independent level. In addition, I feel like they will be able to apply the skills learned in art to their other classes. My goal this year is to do more collaborative works with my coworkers.

SMART delivers an integrated solution of hardware, software and services designed for superior performance and ease of use, and remains a world leader in interactive displays. I came back to school this year to find an Apple TV hooked up in the art room. I also use it during the primary grades life unit.

Wow, thank you so much for sharing. My district finally got a tech grant program for teachers together and I was looking on how to expand the tech integration.

Place a worksheet on the ELMO platform and focus. Select any input source, and then press Settings. My kids have worked wonderfully on the iPad with the lessons we are working on. What would you like to know?

I LOVE the idea of video reflections! What type of digital camera are people using in their classroom? I came back to school this year to find an Apple TV hooked up in the art room.

Wondering if you have any suggestions for apps to use, how to use the Apple TV besides just air play? Finally, a studio drawing class designed around the unique needs of real art educators In my classroom, I did fairly well with the following setup: More from Jessica Bio. What is the approx cost of an ELMO?

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I love my Elmo and projector! I am not familiar with Apple TV. Could you tell more about that? I really want a table like that.

Can anyone tell me where that image is from? Drawing Finally, a studio drawing class designed around the unique needs of real art educators