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Trojan Magnum Condoms Review by Total Access Group

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Trojan Magnum. Magnum Thin: Lubricated, larger latex condom for extra comfort —thinner and tapered at the base for a secure fit. Magnum: Latex condom, 15 percent longer and wider than a traditional condom that tapers at the base for a secure fit. Width: ″/54mm. Head Width: ″/60 mm. Length: ″/ mm. 30 Mar “Small size is an area of the market that's being ignored,” says Melissa White, the CEO of Lucky Bloke, an online condom subscription service. And to make matters worse, the size information on many condom packages is less than helpful. Take the Trojan Magnum, celebrated by rappers as the macho. 1 Jan They classify their condoms in Regular, Large and Extra Large. The shortest and most slender condom they offer is ″/mm long and ″/52mm base width (which is the standard “regular” size for most condoms). The longest and widest Trojan size is Trojan Magnum XL, (″/mm long and.

Trojan Magnum Condoms

However, their sizes are not as comprehensive. They simply classify their condoms as Regular, Large, Extra Large. Here we have updated a condom size chart that lists each product according to the three sizes and latex or non-latex.

Trojan Magnum Condoms Review by Total Access Group

Check out our new Condom Size Calculator launched in Oct for a comparative search of all condoms available on the North American market. The average condom length is 7. This will fit the vast portion of men who are between 5. A new study determined average erection to be 5. If length is your concern, check out our condom fitting solutions chart for recommendations to specific needs. A regular size is made to fit 4.

That fits 50mmmm base width measured by the condom laying flat. It is not the circumference. To determine condom width simply divide your penis circumference by 2. How did we get this formula?

Read about our research here. Preference will vary but in general we recommend that if you measure less than 4. Fit you are greater than 5. Trojan offers pre-lubricated condoms with Nonoxynol The World Health Organization recommends using this spermicide very sparingly if at all as studies show it can be harmful to internal tissue and may increase the risk of contracting STIs.

Links to external sites may be affiliate links and could earn us a small commission. Trojan does not manufacture snug fit or small size condoms. There are no small non-latex condoms available link the market yet.

How Long Is A Trojan Magnum Condom

A long and wider condom. Water-based lubricant Reservoir end for extra safety Base width: No lubricant inside or out Reservoir end for extra safety Base width: Nonoxynol-9 Spermicide Reservoir end for extra safety Base width: The size charts are made to help you find the brand that suits your size range and needs. If you cannot find the answer to your question, just ask.

But please be aware that we do not condone sexual activity of under-age males and females in state or country. Also, we are not medical professionals. We offer opinions from personal click and research. For a younger audience, here is one place to start: For sexual minorities and non-conforming gender folk, check out the Judgement Free Health Care Providers directory.

This is the latest edition of our condom size chart with the latest products tailored by condom brand. During our research we noticed that some condom retail sites give conflicting measurements for the same condom. So, we measured many of these condoms ourselves and with condom services including Go here Condoms and Lucky Bloke. If you come across false measurements, let us know!

By keeping the body of the condom smaller and widening the reservoir tip, the condom it less likely to slip off during sex. We are an independent collective. The links here go to a site where you can read costumer reviews of large condoms.

WhenI was yonger I had some break on me so thistime around I bought Magnums. It never occured to me that the condom might be too tight and causing more of a problem than condoms naturally do.

How Long Is A Trojan Magnum Condom would you suggest? Good on you for being conscious of safer sex. For sure, condom size is so crucial for pleasure and safety. Also, not all condoms are created equal. Two of the same size can feel very different depending on lubrication, shape, texture, how well it rolls on, and your personal preferences. Both of these go here are included in this Large Condom Sampler.

I would not recommend Kimono Large as this brand has broken on me more than twice! They are very thin. I hope this helps! Thanks for the feedback. I am currious about the comment that the desensitization of the Magnum. Your circumference divided How Long Is A Trojan Magnum Condom 2. Thanks for your response. Yes, you are right! According to the formula, you might be too large for Magnums- which can also explain the desensitizing. Ask yourself if it pinches or feels so tight that it hurts a little.

The right fitting condom should never hurt. That is a sign that it is too small. A very very small portion of men are too large for magnums, so the options out there for these guys are not as varied, unfortunately. I think you should consider the FC2 condom.

Alternatively, there are TheyFit custom condoms which range in girth from 41mm to 69mm in nominal width. This is just an approximate range to work with, give or take 2 inches. There are so many other factors involved with fit- elasticity and shape are a biggy for this web page. Also, your erection size can vary too.

So my best advise is to keep exploring with larger condoms.

Condom Size Chart - 2017

Do let me know what works for you so we can continue to help other guys in this rare situation. Thank you so much for your help!

I had a chance yesterday to try out the Magnum XL.

It is much more comfortable and the sensation is much greater. Thank you so much for this site. I never would have expected this sort of issue and without this site Iwould not have found an answer. Thank you for letting me know.

How Long Is A Trojan Magnum Condom

Now that you found one that works, I really recommend you keep experimenting with the different XLs out there. There really is a lot of difference in feel between a Durex, Trojan and LifeStyles- you might like Skyn Large more…who knows. I personally think the best way to do this is to get a Large Condom Sampler so you have a variety in one package. They seem to be larger at the head, but my penis is shaped the other way round.

Yes, I would recommend Magnums XL. The thing is, all larger condoms are designed with a larger bulbous head. You should check out these larger condoms, which are more straight walled shaped. Also, I recommend trying the FC2, internal condom. Also, when you get back to me could you please confirm that your length and girth are the same measurement?

Thanks for your reply and your recommendations! Yes, the length of my penis and its circumference at the very base widest point, not mid-shaft!

I also do not have a bigger penis head not like a mushroom head. This condom gave me a bad allergic reaction, all brands need to come out with a "large condom", for more choices Sir Richard's Ultra Thin Condoms. Extra Lubricated by Lifestyles.

Those are the biggest ones avaliable for me in the nearby shops. That brand produces condoms with widths between 47 mm and 69 mm. Maybe you can add them to your list s. I just wanted to tell you that I tried the following condoms: Mysize 64 and 69 and the corresponding TheyFit condoms.

The ones that have a nominal wisdth of 64 mm are a bit too tight around the base. The 69ers are continue reading though. The seem to be slightly wide around the head, but they fit pretty well around the base which is the more important place, I suppose.

There is a significant difference between the TheyFit and the MySize condoms however: The MySize condoms seem to be slightly wider than the TheyFit ones and are easier to roll off.

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