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How To Break Up With Your Girlfriend


I've been dating this girl for about a year now, and I am just fed up with it. She has a strict TL;DR My girlfriend is too clingy, but an emotional time bomb, and I'm a sucker for tears. How do I get out of this . If you're too pussy to break up with her in person, then send her a text or e-mail. permalink; embed. 6 Oct Women are weird. Love is stubborn. Broken trust and shattered confidence don't stop a girl loving someone. Break her heart and you run the risk that Need to up the ante, to trigger a passive break-up as soon as possible? . Then she'll dump you and tell the friends they must never speak to you again. You break up with them the same way that you would if you were dating someone that you liked, but did not see a future with. Be kind, open, honest, compassionate, and very clear about your feelings. Not all relationships are meant to last forever.

How to break up with needy girlfriend? November 26, 2: It has probably been the loneliest three years of my life. She is really pretty, well liked and smart.

She is very insecure. Shes jealous all the time.

How To Break Up With A Clingy Girl

Saying it jokingly all the time. She gets mad if I use my iphone for stuff. I have been wanting out for ,5 years. But its always some fucking drama needing to be sorted out. Crisis in her family. Her changing jobs etc. So I always end up in a fight or flight kind of mood. I have tried to have the talk click couple of times. She cries for the dumbest thing.

Usually she cries violently and locks herself in the bathroom.

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And I always feel like the cruelest man in the world and walk around with a racing pulse. I wanted to make homemade salsa once. We were in the shop and I bought Cilantro. But she meant that me buying Cilantro was a sign of me not respecting her.

She cried for three hours. I have tried being a kind and loving boyfriend. I helped her looking for jobs. I motivate her as much as I can. But its an ungrateful job. I just get yelled at all the time. Or she manipulates me into having the worst guilty conscience ever. And I am tired of never seeing my friends or family. One of my best mates bought a sailboat.

Generally the contents of my mailbag on this topic emanate from rejected lovers. Even saying "things aren't working out" gives her room to push and negotiate so just skip it. If you think you can drive a woman away by being nasty to her friends, guess again. If you want to confront her and tell her it's over, please have someone supportive with you. Former lovers should be kind and compassionate.

So he invites us. And since its not with a weeks notice she likes to plan things! So he believes its me who is the dull one.

I have seen her parents way more than mine the last year. I cant read a newspaper, or talk to my father without her being stuck at my side all the time. We were out with some friends a while ago and she startet to loudly tell me how to use a knife and fork.

I am a great guy. I have a good job that pays good. Click here have som great friends. And that shes trying to fix me.

Make me the guy she wants to be with. So, I want out. Her friends are always here to us that they want our relationship. And she have made me completely responsible for her life and happiness. How do I get out of this? I want to rip of the bandaid. But I feel so completely stuck. How to I break her heart without feeling like the worst human in the world?

How To Break Up With A Clingy Girl

How shocked can she possibly get? She's an adult, and she chooses how to react to her situations.

But I feel so completely stuck. And I want to be home for christmas. Then they are free to focus on themselves and hopefully find a healthier partner next time around.

No matter how upset she gets, its NOT your fault. I know that even just posting this was brave of you, and that's the courage you can rely on to get through this. From what you've written here, it sounds like you've spent the past year and a How To Break Up With A Clingy Girl regularly feeling like the worst human in the world.

It might escalate briefly, but once you're broken up, your life will be your own again. You are not responsible for her reactions, but you are responsible for your actions - so do what you know will make you happy. Get out of this relationship and never look back. If you need extra impetuous - it will be better for her too in the end.

You're not going anywhere together as a couple. You do not want to marry her, you do not want to have children with her. If she wants either of those things, she'll need to not be with you to get them. And you know it's true - even if she's not willing to click to see more it, your relationship is terrible, and she is as stuck in it as you are right now.

Be the one to free you both up to continue with your lives without this vortex of drama. It is going to suck and I predict that she will freeeeeak out on you, but guess what?

Once you've done it, it's done. You are NOT the worst human in the world for wanting out of this relationship - she sounds exhausting - and the other awesome thing is that the only reason you really need to be "allowed" to break up with someone is that you no longer want to be in a relationship with them - but you have plenty of reasons.

Crying for three hours over cilantro? That is really irrational. At best, it seems like this is an unhealthy dynamic for both of you, at worst it seems like she needs professional help. But it's not your job to fix her or to stay with her just because she is having family drama. The longer you let this go, the worse it will be, so just go over there and rip off that bandaid.

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A little bit of agonizing drama may just be the price you have to pay to get more info of a situation that is, overall, making you far more miserable than the actual breakup will be. If she locks herself in the bathroom crying, that is kind of her problem.

Ask her to come out and talk to you - she is locking herself in there because she doesn't want to have this conversation - and if she doesn't, you are allowed to break up with her through the door. Her life and happiness are her own lookout. I know that sounds harsh, but that is ALL of our own lookouts. It's not a reason to be needlessly cruel, but staying with someone because she has made you her whole world - despite being mean to you, which isn't a good game plan when you're decided to make someone your whole life - never works out for either party.

And if she decides she wants to be the person who gets broken up with through a door because she won't talk to you like a grown up, that is seriously not your fault. You can do this. Just gird your loins and do it. Be prepared for crying and dramatics, but don't back down. If it makes you feel better, it doesn't really sound like she loves you to me. At least, not in any sense that I understand the word. This suggestion may get me some flak from other responders, but I think that there is a point where if you haven't been allowed to communicate your feelings, the person who is shutting you out loses the right to be told.

What I mean is - you have been miserable, and she's not letting you have the talk with her that you so desperately want to have. You want to leave, so leave - you don't have to tell her, or get her permission. Find another place to live, and move. If you have to move while she's How To Break Up With A Clingy Girl at work so that she doesn't throw a fit and mess up your future life the way she's been messing up the present, then so be it.

If you want to be kind, you can write her a decent break-up letter that gently explains why you had to go, but send it to How To Break Up With A Clingy Girl after you are gone.

What she is doing is emotionally manipulating you, and that only works if you let it. It will be a hard conversation for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, then it will be over and you'll have a lifetime of freedom. You can do something tricky for ten minutes, right? It's no time at all.

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Two commercial breaks worth and you're free. She may cry, she may get upset, thats ok, you only have a few minutes of it. After all, prolonging or arguing it helps no one.

Do it with kindness, talk quietly but firmly without assigning blame and let her know that your mind is made up, then leave. But then you'll feel better, like you haven't felt in a long time. Even she might feel better after a while, once she's broken the habit of throwing herself into emotional chasms as a way to avoid her own problems. There's no magic to this.

You do it by doing it.