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11 Sep This is a very good book for women. There is also an article on this site called ' How to help your female partner have orgasms', you may find it useful. Finally, can I echo what David has said about prostitutes? These women are often extremely good actresses and can turn in an orgasmic performance at the. The truth about feeling hurt when you are dumped by a woman. 31 Mar Rest assured, every woman wants to be seduced. We just don't like guys who go for the seduction jugular: the champagne, the Barry White, the walk on the beach. A man who has tried one of these, or, God forbid, all of them at once, is a man who knows well the face of humiliation and failure. No, the key to.

But I think that went in one ear and out the other at supersonic speed, touching nothing in between. Sure enough, not long after we got married sex became a battleground for us, source we struggled with the problem like two fish flopping around next to each other in the bottom of an open boat: To me it seemed simple: He just wanted to use my vagina. To him it seemed simple, too. These things always look absolutely nuts in retrospect.

You wonder how you managed to get through that crazy period in your life, how you could have been so wrong, how you could have set yourselves up in such a no-win situation.

It looked hopeless at the time, a total impasse. Yet we succeeded in overcoming it, and one of the things I discovered in the five or six years since I started talking about our sexual renaissance in public is that this kind of sexual recovery is not as rare as I imagined. Being a writer by trade and a blabbermouth by inclination, a blog like this was inevitable.

In March of I started the first blog devoted to this subject and almost immediately, in between some positive, even enthusiastic reactions from both genders, I started getting hostile email. Sometimes very hostile email.

But when men wrote in to disagree with me they seemed to be pissed off about everything, up to and including it seemed to me the fact that women existed at all.

As time went on I had to accept that the dominant emotion a large proportion of men were feeling when the subject of marital sex came up in the discourse was pure, unrepentant rage. You could power the Enterprise with the fury these guys were generating.

So men are angry. American intercentury culture has put some peculiarly frustrating pressures on men and women alike, so we all have unrealistic and — worse — essentially non-negotiable How To Turn On A Frigid Woman when it comes to marriage and sex. This is the rock: You feel what you feel. Some of us obviously feel worse than others.

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Still, we can sometimes work it out. With effort and introspection we can come to feel content enough to let go of desperate striving and angry scrambling for ascendancy over other people and concentrate instead on controlling the one thing we can ever really have power over: I used this narrative method because the final chapter in the saga of my sexual recovery involved a special kind of re-imagining of my life story, so that in my own mind I became the odd, unusual protagonist of a romantic novel of erotic renewal.

If you want to link more and better sex, the last How To Turn On A Frigid Woman you want to do is turn yourself into a Unisexual Being whose penis is merely an afterthought. What qualities make a man sexy, what makes a woman notice and respond to him as a man?

Here kind of behaviors and attitudes make the difference? Because a man who goes through his life like a paramecium, recoiling from one stimuli and caroming off the sides of his Petri dish into another, is going to feel confused and frustrated about everything, not just his sex life. In the old days most men had the mythology of religion to help them frame their lives, their aspirations and their everyday goals. If you had faith, you could pattern your life after Moses, Mohammed, or Mithra, follow the rules and expectations of your particular tradition, and understand your little life as a part of some Grand Design.

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This is both bad and good. Bad in that it leaves us adrift, existentially speaking, and good because it allows us to make use of our individual human creativity and experience to create our own Big Pictures. Besides, I figure you can take it.

How To Turn On A Frigid Woman

So what about this storied marriage of mine? I could paint it as high drama, in some kind of classical story arc, a suspenseful narrative driving to a stunning climax, followed by a satisfying denouement.

Unfortunately for my artistic instincts, the truth is rather more prosaic. As the years spooled out, though, the trust and sureness grew. But there was a moment that might qualify as a Turning Point, when I had my first glimmering of the central truths of this blog, so let me tell you about it. Naturally, in the fullness of time came the day when, realizing at 11 p. Why did I put the phone back into the wallset, sit down at the kitchen table and cry raging, pounding the Formica, mopping my face with the place mats before putting the baby back in her bed and unpacking my here I realized somehow, in the flame-edged haze of my fury that for all my fussing and fuming about this issue, I read more have somehow not been able to get my husband to really understand how deadly serious it was to How To Turn On A Frigid Woman.

I also knew that if these incidents continued — or, heaven forfend, got worse — they were going to make me breaking-point angry again, every single time. My resentment would grow with each event, and that would increasingly poison each successive calculation of the tradeoff between staying and going.

I had to think it through, not just react in the same tired, ineffective way every time it happened. I had to figure out what was going on inside him, not just inside me. When I finally decided to use my brain on the situation instead of my furious, resentful, self-righteous emotions and — even more challenging — to allow that I might be doing or not doing something to make it worse, I figured it out. The last thing a man wants to do when he is making that kind of statement is to call his wife and get permission to continue being a desperado.

AlohaSpirit September 12, at My wife is frigid. So men are angry. I have attempted to follow some of the advice on this website, candles, romance, oral sex on demand. My resentment would grow with each event, and that would increasingly poison each successive calculation of the tradeoff between staying and going.

To me these hops off the reservation were slaps in the face, gestures of contempt and dominance. To him they were just expressions of manhood and personal autonomy. These incidents revealed that a subterranean jockeying for Power had taken over between us, a vicious spiral of secret disappointments and unspoken demands on each other that neither of us could fulfill because if we did, we would be declared The Loser.

Realizing that ugly truth about us both — and not just reflexively blaming him for the entirety of the problem — was the beginning of my deeper understanding of many more of our issues, including the sexual one. So why, you might be asking, since I was the one who made the first move in my own marriage, am I talking to MEN in this blog? As so many of those angry correspondents have told me, over and over again, what I need to be doing is telling women to straighten up and fly right.

If she is the one and only, absolutely immovable cause of all your sexual difficulties, you can do nothing to improve the situation. You might just click for source well give up, today, this minute, and go out and get divorced. It may feel unfair to you to have to make concessions or changes when the problem, from your point of view, is really being caused by a partner who refuses to fulfill your reasonable expectations.

Women might bitch and moan day and night about everything else in their lives, yet never confess the most essential things, the things their lovers really need to know. Yeah, there were a lot of generalizations in that paragraph. Generalizing has gotten kind of a bad rap lately. But it has a long and respectable rhetorical history, for good reason. I believe you, okay?

Fat Bastardo February 12, at We have been to marriage counselors and some of them - the ones who know how to listen - have actually helped somewhat. Here's a good link about the trauma side of it. If you had faith, you could pattern your life after Moses, Mohammed, or Mithra, follow the rules and expectations of your particular tradition, and understand your little life as a part of some Grand Design. December 28, at 3:

And anyway, why should my little feeeeemale opinion matter to a Big Strong Man like you? It goes something like this: Everyone would prefer to take simple, concrete actions that have a chance of succeeding or at least improving the situation before committing themselves to more challenging efforts. Well, yeah, except that I am talking basics here, after all, and those apparently vapid bullet points are the chassis supporting the most relevant characteristic, to wit:.

Stick with things you can do by rote, without the cogitation. Use them or lose them as necessary. But how do you know if your marriage is worth even that much effort? Shared humor is a crucial bond. Down the Irreconcilable Differences river. On that Lonesome Train. Riding off into the sunset. Lost in … well, you get the picture.

How To Turn On A Frigid Woman

source Are you willing to be the sole active partner in solving your sexual impasse, at least at first? This is not your second nature sort of thing, and it sometimes goes very much against the grain. Even having to consider some of these ideas pisses some men off.

Click out of the blog.

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Walk away from the computer. Are you gone forever? I see the last update was way back in Sep. I have a specific question about my husband. Can I ask it? I just came upon your blog quite by accident and I love it.

I am one of those men who have a much more intimate relationship with women that does not involve any sort of sexual contact.

In fact, I love her husband as much as I love her. I may never read any more of your blogs because the internet is a very large place and I do not always find it interesting to visit places where I agree with everything, but, who knows? Thanks for your views. Why does fixing a sexless marriage have to be placed solely on the man? Your position seems to be one sided, and perhaps you click here it to be.

There are A LOT of horny women out there these days who want sex just as much or more than the men they are with. I suppose there are some who are just naturally not into it. I am on numerous medications and cannot drive, lift heavy objects, stand for long periods, etc. But I can hug, kiss and have sex.

Click here can also help with minor chores around the house and baby sit my 3 yr old grandson. She says she does not feel like having sex and I should honor her requests — I say that marriage is not just what one party wants while ignoring the wants of the other party.

Sex once every couple months would make me happy, but she insists that aspect of our marriage only be on her terms. I love her, with all my heart — she says the same, but I believe she only loves me as one would love a live in brother or close friend.

Before, during and after a relationship of any kind besides family of courseand regardless of a womens sex drive, they use sex to gain power How To Turn On A Frigid Woman control.

To really help people with their sex lives, you have to be honest about how women use their sexuality. But, since the majority of the strategies described in your blog are for men and not women, I wonder, who was it that made the change that fixed your sex life?