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I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder

Find and follow posts tagged i heart you you haunt me on Tumblr. 24 May I Heart You, You Haunt Me Zuly Vera Summary The book is about a girl named Ava Bender, she fell in love with a guy named Jackson Montgomery. Ava dared Jackson to jump off of a cliff, so he did. In the process of him falling he hit his head on a rock and died. Throughout the book (while Jackson is dead). 9 Mar Transcript of I Heart You, You Haunt Me. The genre of this book is categorized as fiction. Genre I Heart You, You Haunt Me Author: Lisa Schroeder By: Traci Bain Time: Summer Place: A small town, & Ava's house. Mood: Sad, realization, happy , lucky. Tone: Guilty, depressed, grief, loved, & realization.

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I also loved Jackson. She was very gloomy because the clouds were grey and it sounded very gloomy. But Jackson returns, his love for Ava is so strong, he wants her to be happy again to feel joy to live her life, view spoiler [ to stop feeling guilt, to accept that she has no fault, even of she is the one who dared him to jump from the cliff hide spoiler ] And only when he is sure she is ready to try to start living again he let her go. Lisa Schroeder is the author of more than twenty books for kids and teens. I know that we both are happy where we see more.

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I Heart You, You Haunt Me- Booktrailer

Neither you, nor the coeditors you shared it with will be able to recover it again. Comments 0 Please log in to add your comment. I know that we both are happy where we are. Quotes Page Quote 1-Let me take your guilt with me. This means that he wanted her to stop with the guilt. He wants to take it away from her.

I Heart You You Haunt Me Quotes

Page Quote 2-And I promise you this: Page Quote 3- I don't want memories, I want you. Main Characters Ava- Ava has brown hair. She has close friends. One of her friends is named Zoe and they go through a lot. Jackson- Link is Ava's true love. The bad part is Jackson had died from a horrible accident. Read more now all that is left is his ghost.

He still loves Ava. Zoe- Zoe is Ava's best friend. She gets worried about her. She gets the feeling that she has had such a dramatic trauma she needs to help. So as friends do, she tried to help but couldn't. Main Settings Home- Her hom had much detail; Brown cupboards in the kitchen, there were 2 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, and things like a radio in the kitchen Cliff- It was a tall cliff.

At the bottom you would fall into water. But no one knew there were rocks deeper down at the bottom. Beach-This is where Jackson and Ava had gone to have fun.

It was a very clear beach. The sand was nice and thick, with lots of sea shells.

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Plot It was about a girl when her boyfriend that she loved just died. She is handling it very harshly. She wont go anywhere.

I Heart You You Haunt Me Quotes

Some how Jackson turned into a ghost. He contacts her by whispering and moving things around her. Jackson tries to tell Ava to let go. He tells her to let him bring her guilt with him when he goes.

Ava lets go and after that she tries to resume her life by going out, having fun, and she started going out with a boy. The Theme The main theme to me is don't live in the past, move on to the future. I also think that there is another theme. Don't think that every thing that happens is your fault. He wants her to stop blaming herself for what happened to him.

It's like I was a salad with a light vinaigrette, and Jackson was a platter of seafood Cajun pasta. You HAVE to read it!!! Black is my favorite color. Haunting, yet captivating with a hint of creepy. No falling action, what so ever.

She makes a letter saying she has moved on and she is done with grief. Personal Connection My best friend and I have had a lot of conflict. It helped me when I was reading because when Ava fought with her friends, I could relate to that, and I wanted to read more.

She and I have had these kind of issues before. But that is what best friends do. They have to get through it though. Visualization I visualized kind a dark and gloomy presence.

I Heart You, You Haunt Me by Lisa Schroeder - Read Online

I thought I was looking at the nigh sky. I looked in the book and saw eventually it had a part where her and "Jackson" layed down onthe article source and looked at the night sky. When I saw that I Heart You You Haunt Me Quotes was a seen portraying my exact visualization. Tone The main tone was depressing. She had talked a lot about her regrets and how the blame is on her that Jackson is "dead" Mood The mood was sad.

It effected the way I read because I kind of like when the book was all gloomy. The parts that were sad was very interesting to me. She was very gloomy because the clouds were grey and it sounded very gloomy.

Metaphor- The world is a stage Meaning: It means the whole world is run by someone and every one has a fate of there very own. It also can mean the world is staged. Summary There is a girl, and her boyfriend she loved just died. She has all the blame put on her in her head.

She just stays in her room tall the time. One morning she goes to her bathroom, and in her window she sees his face. She runs and the radio turns on. She knows that Jackson is a ghost. Her friend Cali, Jessa, and Zoe try to get her to go out and have fun, but she wont go.

She does not want to click Jackson. When she starts to go out, Jackson tries to tell her something.

She doesn't understand him, and she just keeps wandering. After everything that happens Jackson tells her that he had made all those notes to her so she would stop blaming herself for the accident.

She listens read article she starts to do things like, date, go out, and more. I really enjoyed the book because it had a lot of suspense. It created a lot of visualization in my head.

I chose this book because a friend told me I should read it and it's really good so I did. I have a plan to read Chasing Brooklyn which is written.

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