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1 Nov Chinese women are usually shy, but since you're a white guy you will be attractive and find out that it's very easy to date and fuck the middle or lower filthy rich Chinese men won't consider getting into a marriage with a rich woman over 30 unless their families are very well connected and they want to. 3 Aug Related: Top 10 Online Dating Websites to Date Chinese Girls. Tip 2. Express your love and admiration for China. Even if you don't know squat about Chinese culture, you should definitely try to learn a few things and use them on your pick up attempt. If you want to get a smile from a Chinese person, then. (+). BrainChild is offline. Originally Posted by BlendBrah View Post. Someone aware us, do they really scream like annoying little kids during sex like in porn? srs do not want if so. lol no. every girl is 24dating.me are like logs and some actually get wild and into it. They are the same as any other girl.

I have gone and checked out the pussy paradises in nearly every corner of the planet, but after all this there is still one country that is hands down the easiest place to fuck girls. The easiest country, hands down, to fuck girls in the world is a country in South East Asia called The Philippines. I have been to all the places where women were reportedly very easy and nothing compares.

In no other place on the planet will you get so much attention from attractive women.

If you were white man in Southeast Asia, would you be on this sub? Ruining it at breakneck speed, on purpose, with no potential upside. We can still have harems of little yellow girls. She worked at a gas stationVietnam Ngoc and numerous other just forgot the names over time.

This is the only place I have ever heard of where guys have been sleeping with three new girls a day. The Philippines is the place where a Westerner has by far the highest value. You can use that value to get whatever you want from these girls. To give you an idea of how it is, here are some quotes from girls during my trip to the Philippines:.

Now, what this should show you is the ridiculously high value that foreign guys have in comparison to the women. These women were willing to give me extra special perks just so that they could hang onto me. Put up I Want To Fuck A Chinese Girl couple pictures and write a quick bio saying where you are from. Then, wait 24 hours. After 24 hours check your inbox. I guarantee you will have attractive girls messaging you and… more attractive girls will message you on this Philippine site than anywhere else in the world.

I have compared my results to countless countries and no other country compares in easiness. Then, from there, being able to fuck girls in the Philippines is pretty easy thanks to your ridiculous high value. I have been to and sent many people to that website, and what is insane is not just how often attractive girls respond to you, but how many girls message YOU.

This is something that defies click here psychology, as attractive women are not supposed to start out chasing.

Sex w/ Asian girls: share you experiences, brahs

If you are looking to fuck girls easily, nowhere compares to the Philippines. There are quite a few reasons for this:. If you want to fuck girls easily, want the ultimate single guy adventure or really need a huge confidence boost. You should check out how much the women like you on the website I mentioned earlier.

Then, after you see the ridiculous attention that you get, book a ticket. Then, enjoy the place where you can fuck girls every day of the week.

I wrote a book about my time in the Philippines and the rest of South East Asia. Sex and Adventure in South East Asia. If you want to fuck an Asian, this place is right for you. If you prefer putting in more work and want to have sex with white girls, Latin girls or black girls, check out the rest of the website.

I'm I Want To Fuck A Chinese Girl American who has spent all of the last 6 years traveling the world and seducing women which has given me a level of expertise that can change your life. Check out my books: Sex and Adventure in South East Asia and more.

Less than 1 hour after signing up. Better to use a secondary email account for notifications, which you can also turn off under Settings. I feel like a 20 year old blond with big boobs. Too many creepy, poorly lit photos from clearly deceptive angles.

Bro, I just made a dummy account and I literally received emails last night. Not the cutest women ever but fuck bro, they want the D. Hell im black too, so its just not you guys who get this treatment. I think one of the factors is that most of the girls speak click here level of English, that makes it much easier to communicate and a little sweet learn more here get those I Want To Fuck A Chinese Girl off real quick.

Healthy functional women like sex just as much as men do, only these twisted busy bodies think that they have a right to tell everyone how to live their lives.

Why is it disgusting? If it is something that is done by consenting adults why would you have a problem with it? Noting wrong with consenting adults. I know that women talk about looking for D while travelling. Your tastes may be different than mine though. Yeah girls that contact or view you first are never keepers. Although, the hunt can get you some stunners if you know what your doing.

I Want To Fuck A Chinese Girl

People getting all excited about profile views are like a 5 yr old with a new toy. True, but remember many of these guys are from Western Countries where online dating sucks. They get to experience what being a woman is like. Personally, I want a wife and to be in love. I think Christianity is truth but I keep an open mind to research other cultures where a man is valued and am not so America centric. Well besides being a beautiful human being inside who loves God and people he has been an international evangelist and he found a Pinay wife who is at a minimum years younger than him and even just being polite in public when Id talk to her she would treat me like I was someone special and was happy and enthusiastic and a really nice lady.

She told me Palawan is beautiful. Other men his age look so sad and depressed but this man was happy. Young Chinese girls have been sweet to me as well- Asians are beautiful people inside and out man.

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The West could learn a lot from them. I hope that never happens as they are such beautiful people. Modernisation and feminism will come to all places eventually perhaps. Although it does seem Asian cultures are a lot more resistant. He deplores it and its Communist-Zionist social engineering imperative of tyranny.

These days still pick up shop assistants, out for dinner drinks and back to the hotel most working girls are lucky to see a decent hotel best accommodation is sea residences Opposite Mall of Asia The birds love it.

And going to smaller towns… sucks. These places have shitty hotels, shitty internet, read more food and shitty infrastructure. From a guy with boots on the ground in Asia since You are underestimating the pace of the change. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot… find a gold mine and instead of staking a claim, go tell everyone. Not the smartest thing you can do for a few bucks filcupid commissions.

Yeah some guys say Medellin and Bangkok both suck here for men who want to be with normal girls because the words gotten out. Maybe 20 can write game specific things to say to the girls of each country that work better or best in each one.

I Want To Fuck A Chinese Girl

Even in the Sttes the linguistics of game vary- California chicks love the Nlp stuff but if you try that in Miami its jot nearly as smooth. Even the basis of motivational gurus like Tomy Robbins and his wealth he has amassed is language centric. When you think about everywhere becoming a corporate consumer feminist police state hell hole via Westerners and their culture projecting upon normal healthy humans its terrifying.

I do kind of cringe to myself thinking about good areas becoming over saturated. Like what happened to Prague and will probably happen to Belgrade and Kiev next. There was a time when even Rio was great for meeting girls.

I thought she was about 31! Right, because the entire Western world was unaware of the existence of a 2nd world country with a population of m until 20N posted an article about it. You make all of us foreigners who actually love China look bad.

I was in Medellin during the Civil Warall girls were all over my nuts cause I met 4 foreigners in 2 weeks in the country. Bangkok was great only 5 years link, totally over too now.

And yeah sure you could develop some new version of game that works better on girls of a specific demographic but that defeats the whole purpose. What made these places good was that it was so easy… and doing this kind of song and dance was not required.

I I Want To Fuck A Chinese Girl in the Philippines. Decline is fast and yeah… the guys I meet that are suddenly saturating the dating market here… they came because of blogs like this one.

Depending on where you go, you can already find plenty of Filipinas now that think they have a gold plated pussy, with all the attitude and arrogance that always comes with girls that get too much attention. If everyone in the West knew what this country is like, there would I Want To Fuck A Chinese Girl 8 million Americans at Manila airport tomorrow, another 8 million the day after. Twenty, Roosh et all need to learn how to make money online without ruining these places.

Totally not worth adding to the demise of paradise for a bit of chump change. Thomas What would you reccomended guy who wants out of America do to make some decent money online? I personally think Belgrades a good long term bet- some of the best looking women and the Balkans have never seen much fanfare from the West.

Seems to be that way with everything these days. It is the best place to be for sure. A woman is more than a pussy 20nation. Thanks for insulting me and my entire gender. Are you able to see women as human beings yet?

But seriously, the easier it is for people to get laid, the lower the loyalty usually is. A girl who more info 5 dates to lay will on average be much more loyal than a girl who took 1 date.

Asian Girl Holds Her Own Against Coward Thugs. [Full Version]

I have loyalty ranked in world women rankings. Im not a racist or eugenicist- but what do you think of white guys having babies with other races? Look at Elliot Rodger and some of those school shooter psycho rampage types- a lot of them appear to be mixed race.

Im not hating on an group just saying their could be a risk to the baby from that.