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Do Men Suffer More After a Break-Up Than Women?

Several studies into men's behavior after a break up have found that a married man is encouraged by his wife to partake in healthier behaviors, such as quitting In a study that asked participants who they would turn to first if they were feeling depressed, 71% of men chose their wives, while only 39% of women chose their. 17 Sep One of the main questions I'm asked by guys after a relationship ends is: How do men deal with breakups? This makes sense when one considers most of us don't like talking about our feelings. As a guy's counselor, I'm given a front row seat to the male mind in the immediate aftermath of a break up. 30 Mar Men might like to come across as being tougher than overcooked steak after a breakup, but the truth is that they're actually more the consistency of jelly. Related Video: . After the breakup, a man may feel an initial surge of excitement of future prospects—the women he's yet to meet. But after three, four.

Sure, there may be some individuals who deviate from the norm and do things their own way. However, in general, women tend to behave differently after going through a break-up than men. Now, there are several factors that go into deciding how someone recovers from a breakup, including whether they were absolutely blindsided or whether it was click both parties involved saw coming for awhile.

However, at the end of the day, bouncing back from a break-up just plain sucks — no matter who you are.

He needed space… OK, i could not take it much more, as I am a highly emotional person, and spoke my mind. Michelle Enger November 19,9: I'm a male past my twenty s and my experience is when involved in a LTR men become complacent which causes women to become bored. I was bad at communicating in the relationship, but that's something that I can work on, and future relationships will be better.

Woman recovering from a break-up have been the subject of countless television show episodes and chick flicks, and they all tend to do similar things — cry with their friends, doubt themselves, and drown their sorrows in wine and sweets before finally putting on their cutest dress and hitting the town with their girls. Men do things a little differently. There are members of both genders that are the type of people who analyze every single decision and outcome in life, but in general, women tend to read article things way more than men.

Men focus on the big things, like how the break-up happened and why the stated reason was.

Mens Feelings After A Break Up

Women thrive off talking through things with their girlfriends, and a post-break-up break-down of events can easily last over an hour. Most men, on the other hand, would really just call it a day and avoid the subject altogether. In the immediate aftermath, though, most men tend to clam up and just refuse to talk about it at all.

Many women will try to deal with the hurt of the post-break-up period by having a few too many glasses of wine or a few too many beers during a night in with Mens Feelings After A Break Up closest friend. After all, getting a bit of a buzz can help dull those crippling feelings of hurt and loneliness or even anger that come after a break-up.

Men do the same thing — the only thing is they tend to keep it up for a little bit longer than a woman does.

How Men Deal with Breakups, and Why They Get It Wrong

While both men and women are liable to do something they regret while the breakup is still fresh and painful, men are more likely to try to heal their hurt by embarking on a series of rebound relationships.

The break-up beard is a very real thing. Women spend a few days post break-up with their hair in a messy top knot, wallowing in their sweats as they try to mend their broken heart. Men, on the other hand, often decide to just stop shaving altogether. Maybe they just feel too bummed out to be bothered with shaving.

Mens Feelings After A Break Up

Whatever the reason, many men tend to let their beard grow and grow after a break-up. So, men do things like eat awful greasy food for meal after meal rather Mens Feelings After A Break Up adding a side salad like their girlfriends would have suggested. They stop cleaning the kitchen sink, they start drinking at three in the afternoon, they buy a pack of cigarettes, they waste way too much money on read more lotto tickets, whatever weird, bad for them behavior their girlfriends frowned upon.

Just like the break-up beard is a real thing, so is the break-up body. After the initial stage of wearing sweatpants and growing his facial hair out, many men will lace up their sneakers, slip into those gym shorts at the back of their closet, and start hitting the gym — hard.

A guy going through a breakup might find himself suddenly crying into Mens Feelings After A Break Up oatmeal in the morning, or tearing up on the drive in to work when a song on the radio reminds him of his ex. A lot of guys cry during a breakup — they just make sure to do it behind closed doors where no one can see.

For the most part, bachelors tend to have a bit of a crazier lifestyle than men in committed relationships. So, once a guy loses that committed relationship, he often finds himself reverting back to his bachelor ways with a vengeance. After a breakup, many guys will look to soothe their heartache with a little loving, and a lot of guys will try to find a rebound relationship or one night stand to make that happen.

After all, going back into the real world and trying to meet other girls can be scary, especially when a breakup is still fresh. Men, on the other hand, will channel all that testosterone bouncing around their bodies into whatever guy is even remotely getting involved with their former girlfriend.

After a breakup, many men will revert back to their bachelor days and start shoveling in all the junk food their bodies can handle. After a breakup, many women turn to chick flicks — they want to see some fluffy, entertaining storylines, and see plenty of dreamy guys who end up doing all the right things by the end of the movie. Guys, on the other hand, go in an entirely different direction — straight towards the car chases and explosions and killer fight scenes.

Guys that do this are usually the type that need external validation to feel good about themselves. So this was a double whammy for me and I am miserable. We had good times when we are together times a week.

Whatever the reason, guys love to nurse their breakup with action movies. It just kind of feels good to get all that anger out in whatever form is possible, as quickly as possible. Please support TheTalko so we can continue providing you with great content! Please whitelist TheTalko or disable your ad blocker to continue. Close this popup and browse for 2 minutes.

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How Guys REALLY Act After A Break Up

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