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Why Does My Ex Ignore Me

Ex responding to my text, then ignoring me again. Why is he doing this?

Why did my ex contact me then completely disappear/ignore me? I was with my ex for I deleted him from my life and then he wished me a Happy Thanksgiving. I sent him a text a few weeks later about my new job since I thought he wanted to stay friendly and haven't heard from him in 2 months. Sorry for my story but it. No matter how much I've been hurt, I'm the type of person who hates to ignore anyone. So for me, I worked out a compromise. When my ex- contacted me (after I finally got my head straight enough to realize that I needed to heal myself and stop begging), I took my sweet time and then eventually responded with very brief . Since then, my ex has been texting me occasionally. Every day for the past week. I would wake up in the morning and she would have text me something funny and like nothing was wrong, usually an inside joke between us two. I would reply happily and trying to make her laugh, but not mentioning the relationship at all.

A mind or mental game is nothing more than good old manipulation to get you to do what someone wants you to do, but suspects or knows that you will not do willingly or unreservedly — and for good reason.

The more you know about the mind games your ex is playing, the better you can protect yourself from getting burned and feeling frustrated and bitter. And if you still care for your ex, you can stop feeding his or her need for drama or attention, or from emotionally abusing you. If you suspect your ex is playing mind games, you might want to read my article: If you know of other mind games people play, feel free to add them in the comments section.

No essays please…one sentence or two is more powerful.

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Republished by Blog Post Promoter. Just to check up or acxident you guys think? Have you seen this? Turning the tables on your ex by telling him that breaking up was the right decision will make him feel rejection too. Doing so allows you to take control of the situation.

But when you see being played out right in front of you, you realize how childish, immature, cruel and heartless it actually really is.

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You know what they say…. Pulling a psychological scare to make you to call.

How about this story? I spent 10 years with an abusive BF. I broke it off and he was obsessed with getting me back. He got married 2 years after I left and is still married.

Go absolute total, complete, unequivocal No Contact. He asked me if I thought there would ever be a time when we would never speak again and I said yes at some point this will stop. Its desperate insecure bitches like you that allow men to treat us this way. When YOU are healed and ready, you can work on creating a friendship with your ex.

The entire time, including the day he got married, he texts me. The mind games are tearing me apart…. Sounds like mind games for sure. But you are complacent in this, may be even playing mind games yourself. The man is married… that should be an exit clue for you. What were you doing entertaining the attentions of a married man for 5 years; a man you say was abusive?!

My Ex Texted Me Then Ignores Me

If you make it okay for someone to treat you a certain way, they will. They get in touch a year later to ask a silly question, which they could of found out on the Internet.

Why Your Ex Gives You The 'Hot & Cold' Treatment (Mixed Messages Explained!)

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My Ex Texted Me Then Ignores Me

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The family is well. They are probably too small by now. Why else would you send that message?