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well, try addicting 24dating.me and im sure you'll get some fun ones like hookup! p.s. I LOVE HOOKUP* on 24dating.me Want to live the life of a rock star? Well, you'll be able to step into the spotlight and shine amongst the stars via this interesting entrant in our games similar to The Hook Up roster. According to the creator, it's categorized under the online RPG and community genre where you can breathe life into your innermost dreams, well. 15 Oct The first on the list of games similar to Hook-up that we would recommend is Popmundo, developed by ExtraLives AB which is free to download and play on your computer as long as you are This is another fun-filled role playing pick owned by the Sulake Corporation and is also free to play online.

Fret not as these gems are loaded with some tasty treats of their own. They may not all bear the very same features that were found in the famous game that was once present on TeenNick but the suggestions strewn across this space will indeed have you occupied for hours on end.

Go on and take a look. Glamour and glitz are exactly what you can expect to see in our first inclusion.

It is probably better than other defense games Related Questions What is a good online free simulation game? Where can I find good Simulation games that is free,online and interesting for teenagers? You have the opportunity of meeting new people with similar interests and likings as yours, by simply searching for them based on the criteria you are looking for. This is another fun-filled role playing pick owned by the Sulake Corporation and is also free to play online.

Mainly aimed at the teenage niche, this title is looked upon as an online social entertainment space where visitors can leave their real life woes behind and stay engrossed in a new virtual one.

They can create 3D avatars of themselves, indulge in interesting games, meet new people and even chat with other members. Besides this, teens will also be able to take complete advantage of virtual goods which are all mostly user-generated content.

Online Games Like The Hook Up

Create your own wonders like 2D stickers and 3D products, join groups, decorate rooms and discuss about various topics, all within the confines of this virtual place. Want to live the life of a rock star?

You can either embark on an epic journey from being a nobody to a celebrity or maybe someone important in the world of politics, business, medicine or even crime.

It also allows you to settle down with someone and have a few kids of your own. You get to pick your alternate lifestyle and share your ambitions with other individuals from all over the globe. This popular life simulation franchise has captured the hearts and minds of many a gamer ever since its first installment released more than a decade ago.

It is probably better than other defense games Valve announces plan to crack down on review manipulation on Steam. Well, the aforesaid games like The Hook Up enable you to do almost all of these things while offering some exciting content of their own. Prakash Mehta - Feb 15, 0. The Last Guardian finally has a release date for the PS4.

Here you get to create virtual people known as Sims and play house with them. This successful franchise has unleashed a whole bunch of goodies under its name. It please click for source be a criminal mastermind, scientific genius or even a blood-sucking vampire. You can further decide whether they excel in life or are continuously bogged Online Games Like The Hook Up with troubles.

How will you live your virtual life? Would you want to settle down and have a couple of kids or tap into your adventurous side and go explore ancient ruins in Egypt? Similar to the other The Hook Up alternatives, this one too will allow you to live an alternate existence.

You can roam around the lush 3D environment, make friends, take up a new profession and chat with other like-minded individuals either through voice or text. You can even show off your stylish side by decorating your surroundings with furniture and maybe even adopt a cute pet. The virtual environment present here is open to all social butterflies who love to hang out and make new friends. Go ahead and earn some virtual Coinz which can be used to purchase items for your avatar such as clothing, accessories and even decoration for the Roomz.

Top 10 Free MMO Games Like Minecraft 2014~2015

The developer further goes on to reveal that there are more than 80 web-based casual games to take advantage of here. This particular delight is a little different from the rest of the options listed here. Instead of having people, the in-game characters are all penguins.

Online Games Like The Hook Up

You can dress up your adorable characters, adopt a pet and even attend special events. The Hook Up that was earlier part of TeenNick allowed you to explore a wide virtual town, make new friends or even enemies, go on dates and indulge in interesting conversations with other online individuals.

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Well, the aforesaid games like The Hook Up enable you to do almost all of these things while offering some exciting content of their own.

And the only way to find out what lies within is to dive right into each one of them.

So go ahead and get ready to mingle online. Bertila Helena - Feb 14, 0.

What are some fun free online games like the HOOK UP on the 24dating.me and the sims

Bindu Nair - Feb 14, 0.