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Hooked Chapter 1, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

27 Jun "Percy Jackson! How dare you sneak up on me like that?" She spat, whipping around to see his face. A smirk made its way across his lips and he "I told you-" She took in a deep breath and hooked her arm, trying to get him in the hip as payback and a bit of a scare, but was caught off-guard when he. 19 Jan Impatient, Annabeth hooked her ankles around Percy's hips and with a quick flick , she had him on the bed. Another skilled Annabeth replied. The driver nodded and the vehicle picked up speed. Annabeth kept her eyes on the dashboard, heart thumping loudly as the minute ticked by. After ten minutes. A one-shot for a Percy and Annabeth pairing thing. It's based off a much older fan fiction I I knew I shouldn't because she was probably going to hook up with some boy tonight and be in a relationship. I felt my heart freeze as I thought about the time she'd gotten her heart broken by Luke. It made me clench my fists and.

I'm doing this for you guys 'cause I feel like a huge douche for not going into detail with the other one. I'm just gonna leave it as is!

However, I'm still being a semi-douche 'cause I haven't actually written the smut for this. Teasing you all, to say the least.

FanFic Friday ep1: Truth or Dare Percy Jackson, Truth or Dare?

It's bloody 12 in the afternoon and I've yet to sleep. Let me do so, please? I promise I'll finish it tonight, though. Clearly this didn't go through, seeing as one of my reviews mentioned this story shouldn't be rated M. Ah, but it should, my dear. Seeing as I plan to update, yes? It's 8 PM Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic I'm well rested, so expect it soon. A battle cry of sheer brutality escaped her lips as she charged at the hay dummy, dagger in hand.

She punctured a gaping hole in the stomach of the figure and watched as hay spill out of it, imaging it to be an actual battle scene with real blood and a real person. She contemplated a few decent strategies before deciding upon simply going in for the kill.

She wiped her dagger on the leg of her pants and ran at the dummy with full speed, driving her knife right into its neck. She pulled it out swiftly, scattering the Arena floor with hay.

Fortunately for Annabeth, the Arena was completely empty, giving her all the training space she needed. Admittedly, it was somewhat petty of her to be training against hay dummies; she was already far more advanced than that. However, she figured it to be okay to cut herself some slack and work more on battle plan and structure as opposed to actually brushing up on her attack.

For a moment, she wondered exactly why the Arena was so deserted. Perhaps there was some sort of event going on? Or maybe everyone was just lazy today.

Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic

She decided against wasting time on pondering the 'why's and decided to get to the action. Besides, if Chiron really needed her for anything important, she was sure he'd be able to find her. Abandoning her other thoughts and clearing her mind, she grabbed a new hay dummy and stared it down for a moment before allowing plans and strategies to fill her head to the brink. Before she had time to strike, however, she heard the door creak opened from behind her. She decided not to let it distract her, because to be quite frank, she probably didn't really care about whoever had just come in.

Perhaps she'd impress them with her skill, she wondered and almost chuckled to herself.

Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic

But that contemplated chuckle soon turned into a sudden gasp when she felt an arm snake around her waist and a hand slip over her eyes.

Her first instinct was to jab her dagger in whoever chose to violate her in such a way, so she did exactly that. However, when she smashed the sharp tip into the knuckles of the hand shielding her eyes, the skin repelled it immediately. This could have only meant one thing. How dare you sneak up on me like that?

A smirk made its way across his lips and he shrugged, raising his eyebrows. Very rarely do I ever find you in a vulnerable position, and when I do, why not take advantage of it? Especially if that certain someone happens to be your girlfriend. Percy grinned sheepishly and kicked a bit of dirt up from the arena floor, looking up at Annabeth.

Percy and Annabeth have the potential to be the absolute most cutest couple ever—besides me and that hot Ares kid, of course. He was a marine biologist, but is now officially gonna be a professor at NYU. I tried not to let that get to me, trying to avoid embarrassment. Annabeth knew that the contest had here and they were both fiercely competition.

She narrowed her eyes at him and disregarded http://24dating.me/feru/what-signs-are-most-compatible-with-gemini.php silly face, grabbing her dagger again.

Especially when he asked them with that cocky little smile of his. Don't think that solely because you're invulnerable that you can beat me in a spar. Lunging at him with her regular battle reflex, she went straight for his throat. When he didn't jump back is when she realised that even if she were to jam it right into his Adam's Apple, it wouldn't do more than push him back Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic of the force.

She grunted a bit when she came to this, but had no time to waste on scolding herself for such stupidity, seeing as his sword had just grazed her hip. Thankfully her armor shielded her skin from any damage, but she still felt as though he wasn't giving it his all. Simply because I can't do any damage on you doesn't mean I'm not a better fighter!

She watched Percy's eyes follow the drop down to the line of her cleavage, and she knew this was her opportunity to strike. She may not have had another one like this. Jumping to the side, she curled her arm around his waist and brought her dagger right below the small of his back, not even daring to touch it slightly. He dropped his sword and raised his hands in defeat. Dipping to the ground, he grabbed his own sword and held both up in one hand, high above his head and well above her own.

Annabeth huffed and reached up with one arm, then let it fall to her side and slap her leg. Just give it to me, Percy.

All the better, he thought. If looks could kill, she'd definitely have Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic on her hands. Before she had the Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic to grab hers, he took her by the waist and pushed her up against the wall, towering over her. Annabeth hardly protested, however. He noted the weak shove she gave to his hips, attempting to push him away from her, probably just so she could just click for source she tried.

He knew she didn't want to though, and she knew it too. His lips broke apart from hers, puncturing the silence with a sloppy wet smack. He made his way down to the pulse on her neck and dabbed it with his tongue, hearing her inhale sharply as he did so. But that was Annabeth, he concluded, nipping slightly to try for a reaction.

He'd always imagined her to be a loud one; a screamer, if you will. But she was the exact opposite. So quiet that it was almost insulting to him. She's the kind of girl who could answer the phone, mid-fuck, and the only thing that would give it away would be Percy in the background whimpering away like a little puppy. He felt her hand in his hair after a few long minutes of teasing her sensitive spot, shoving him down to her collarbone. Percy took this as his hint to do something, to do anything before she lost interest and went to clean the stables.

He almost chucked at the thought of her wanting to clean horse-shit more than shag him, seeing as she had actually stated that once after getting frustrated with him in bed.

He ran his tongue along her prominent bone then pushed the straps of her shirt down with his hands, still securing her to the wall. He looked up as if he had done something wrong, but she slipped by him and grabbed one of the brooms that was generally used for a clean up after a good spar.

She walked over to the door and slid it through both handles, pulling on the two to make sure her broom trick had worked. After confirming her success, she walked back over and pulled her hair out of the tie, then back up again in a neater fashion.

He watched in awe, admiring her quick transition from 'genius who just remembered to lock the door' to 'hot girlfriend'. As soon as she stopped fussing with her elastic band, he reached to the back of her click at this page and pulled it out, disregarding the annoyed look she gave him.

Annabeth arched her back to his touch in dire attempts to bring him closer to her. The fiery pit her stomach had turned into had become unignorable, as well as the tingling sensation between her legs. She thrust herself up against his leg and he pushed his hand between the both of them to get to her. The front of her jeans were warm, and his stomach flipped at the very feel of her.

Hooking Up Percabeth Chapter 5, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

He was already imagining his hand between her legs, pleasing her with every stroke of his calloused finger tips. Annabeth interrupted his beautiful thought process with a jerk of her knee to his thigh, probably to let him know that he wasn't satisfying her to full extent.

The fact Annabeth seemingly thought she was taking charge pissed him off, so instead of tending to her needs, he simply straightened his back and looked her in the eyes. She glanced at his wet lip; the ones he had just been using to leave his mark all over her neck.

He gulped when he noticed that her tank top strap had slid down, revealing a hint of her supple breasts. Is that what this is about? I just wanted to try it out. She glared at him. She was still amazingly beautiful with mascara running down her cheeks and her make-up ruined.

He just stared at her. He stared her down Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic a few more seconds before saying, "You're making me feel inferior to you, and I am most certainly not inferior to you. Percy And Annabeth Hook Up Fanfic, however, rolls her eyes and focuses her attention somewhere near the bleachers.

Now finish what you-" He slipped a hand over her mouth before she could finish that. He mumbled something she thought to be 'you won't be saying that while you're screaming my name' and proceeded to drop to his knees in front of her.

Annabeth furrowed her brow and looked down at him, watching as he proceeded to unbutton her pants and slide them down her legs. Not many people would have the, for a lack of a better word, 'balls' to tell Annabeth to be quiet. To his surprise, however, she shut right up when he slid two fingers across the dampened fabric of her panties.

He kissed the soft skin right below her navel, resting a hand on her stomach. He could feel her shallow breaths and he smiled to himself, poking his tongue from between his lips and running it downward to the lace hem of her delicates.

Percy had never done something to a woman like this in all of his years, but he had figured he'd watched enough porn in his time to know the basics of pleasing a woman. Of course, he fought the urge to roll his eyes at the very thought of it, Annabeth would end up completely different from other women and end up making him look like a huge article source bag. How badly can you mess up on giving a girl oral?

He asked himself, just as he hooked his fingers around the silky fabric and slid it down, only realising just how wet she was when he finally tossed them to the side.

He licked his lips once, twice, thrice for good measure and took a deep breath, thanking the gods for the fact she had her eyes closed.

The last thing he'd need would be her, watching him like a hawk as he tried to get her off. Remembering the conversation he had moments prior to his ballsy decision it's hard to remember anything when you can practically smell the scent of Annabeth's arousalhe roughly grabbed a hold of her thigh and hoisted it up onto his shoulder.