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Is it a good or bad idea to click "yes" on the MEET ME on POF?

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15 Jan Do you send them an email? Is saying that you want to meet someone considered corresponding first??? I ask this silly question because I've decided I' m. so, if a guy clicks "meet me" on YOU, are you supposed to do something? what if it's a mutual "meet me?" i did it one night and i did have guys message asking why i clicked "meet me" on them.. LOL but i get notices that so and so wants to meet me. but, i've never messaged them or anything like that. I have gotten many request for wants to meet you. If you're interested in meeting the fellow, the correct response would be, "okay, where and when?" Back when I was on POF I did use the feature occasionally and sent messages when there was a mutual interest but I hardly ever got responses from.

What is suppose to happen next if I respond positively?

If someone is really interested in meeting me, I much prefer that they take a little time to read my profile, then write something in relation to it. Work on your profile. I don't use the "meet" feature here. If you're interested in someone - you can always say something like:

Am I suppose to wait for them to contact me Are people serious when they make a request?? Meet singles at DateHookup. I have gotten many request for "wants to meet you" All the winks, "wants to meet you" and general "greetings" get deleted. It is a shame too, cause some are nice looking men, and others have a lot in common.

I figure if they can not be creative and put a little more effort forth, it is an indication of other issues. I truly don't mean to be so difficult I understand some guys don't know what to say, shy, etc ; but I am already bored with them imagine what the date would be like I think you miss my point.

I am not saying that they need a sign, or over the top creativity. Check this out, winks and just a "wants to meet you" immediately get deleted. And if they take the time to message me and just say Hi how are you and nothing more They could indicate what about my profile they liked, or didn't or they could compliment It only means they find you attractive.

Are you asking if there is hidden meaning? If you're interested in meeting the fellow, the correct response would be, "okay, where and when? My want to meet feature is not in use, so I really don't know for certain, but I theorize many are checking their own desirability.

It's different if they want to meat you.

Plenty Of Fish Wants To Meet You

I say you should send them a message if you have a mutual interest, you have more info to lose. But only send one, if you get no reply move on.

I don't use the "meet" feature here. Back when I was on POF I did use the feature occasionally and sent messages when there was a mutual interest but I hardly ever got responses from those who supposedly wanted to meet me. On the other hand, the ones that I chose to not meet, I received several messages from them.

I think it's more of a site controlled feature just trying to match people up in order to make them more active on the site. Chubby fingers and small phone app. It is people who have found you, for whatever reason, attractive and would possibly be interested in meeting at some point in time.

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If you are intersted in this person, perhaps you may wish to make contact with them. If not, simply ignore it. The world won't come to an end.

As much as I loathe the crowd of entitled clones on the POF, I have to say my experience years before on paysites brought me scammer after scammer…which is worse than an empty inbox or empty headed inbox on a free site. They changed that in the last couple of days, maybe the beginning of September. You are currently viewing the message boards in: Don't worry about it because odds are that person hasn't been to your profile. Either that, or he was there all the time and we fail to pick up on it.

The women who wish to meet me are usually a couple hundred miles away and years old. Simply rejecting Plenty Of Fish Wants To Meet You based on your impression that they didn't make more effort will probably leave you alone with your read article in the future.

It's the same as placing someone in your favorites. It doesn't mean they aren't worth a little bit of effort on your part as well. At first glance, this seems harsh Trying to counter with why it isn't fitting gives me pause Men, bring your best game I think it means they are interested. If you are interested write them. But never, ever make a thread about it. It indicates that you question cyber social standards. Big brother is watching. Creativity is often looked at as being a player.

Meaningful messages with good intent are deleted. Getting the attention of someone on-line is a random chance if they are not too tied up conversing with someone then they might answer back. When you meet someone in real life you most often times start off with saying hi.

Plenty of fish meet me, what does it mean?

I have a lot of women stop me and make a nice comment about my car depending on how they come across I ask them if they are interested in the car or the driver. But it does make for good conversation. I think the point was lost on both sides. As much as some women dislike sifting through the so called boring attempts of gaining their attention men get tired of writing messages that go unanswered.

I got it now. I think it's just a way Plenty Of Fish Wants To Meet You keeping the site activeand keeping people engaged The first day I was on here, I was inundated with responses, winks, wants to meet, etc. I managed to sift through all the b. Very first day, a guy wrote me, and sent me a pic, we started communicating, then emails, number exchange and we already went out on a date.

I must say it was one of the best dates I have ever been on. He was a total gentleman, fun to be with, had a great sense of humor.

All from the first response. My profile is kinda "intense" and he "got it" I needed no more information he already made it past the first screening process. And, I am glad he did. In most cases I think it means they pressed the "Maybe" button and that under the right conditions they would want to meet, or maybe they do it to see if there is a responce.

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I have no idea how they are generated? I rarely look at mine because I am just here for laughs now. Even when I had an interest I rarely contacted anyone unless the picture and profile provoked an interest. There had to be compatible items in the profile, or items I could overlook unless pushed, a lot of common ground makes a start easier?

I was more or less willing to message or talk on the phone until the lady felt comfortable meeting. I always met in a public place, except for one lady that came to my home because of the travel distance. I really had no interest in driving http://24dating.me/feru/things-that-say-i-love-you-to-a-man.php to meet anyone, she must not have had much to do?

Plenty Of Fish Wants To Meet You

She spent the night, in a separate bedroom and I made sure a couple of source kids would be here to protect me! It seemed like a lot more fun at 20 or 30 to me, my interest waned. I have had more than enough do overs and start overs to be interested.