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Infidelity during pregnancy – why do some men stray, develop cheating tendencies and eventually become unfaithful to their wives when expecting a baby? Pregnant Magazine sought the views of Dr. Frank Njenga, a leading Nairobi-based Psychiatrist. Perhaps surprisingly, the cheating isn't necessarily about the need for sex itself. “ It can also stem from an emotional need, like a desire to be cared for, to feel important or special,” Haltzman explains. Given all the changes that occur during pregnancy, such needs that might otherwise be satisfied by a man's partner often go. 18 Sep Making matters worse, being otherwise satisfied with their marriages does make much of a difference. There obviously is no one reason different people cheat, but there are underlying factors (and not excuses) that play a major role in men cheating on their pregnant wives. For instance, women often have a.

Infidelity during pregnancy — why do some men stray, develop cheating tendencies and eventually become unfaithful to their wives when expecting a baby? Pregnant Magazine sought the article source of Dr. Frank Njenga, a leading Nairobi-based Psychiatrist. The truth of the matter is that some men and women do drift away from each other, with or without pregnancy.

In the case that you are referring to- involving a man cheating during pregnancyI would like be sure that it is the pregnancy that actually drove the man away to another woman, and not just the usual drifting. Is the infidelity during pregnancy therefore, due to the pregnancy? There are some instances when marriages become more challenging and difficult — like during pregnancy.

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Many women will attest to this. They reflect hormonal changes that take place during pregnancy. Circumstances may push him to unfaithfulness during the pregnancy of his wife.

The question is, which circumstances? It is therefore necessary to pose and wonder, at what stage did the man drift away?

It would be very dangerous to cause the fear among women in general, that men will drift away and cheat on their women when pregnancy occurs. During such periods some men may become attracted to certain or other women, and end up being unfaithful. The general case is that pregnancy does not have a bad effect on a relationship; on the contrary, one of the most wonderful times in the life of human beings, is during pregnancy.

Why Do Men Cheat On Pregnant Wives

It is a period enjoyed by both men and women — as the fruit of their labour. The most interesting point is that upon getting pregnant, most female animals lose biological interest in the male.

It is only in the case of humans that the female continues to be available for a sexual relationship, even when pregnant.

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This is because human beings are different from other animals. Sexual matters involving humans are therefore not that simple. Sex is a physiological issue that is dependent on hormonal circumstances, which affect the desire to be intimate. The real challenge is for each couple to establish and negotiate a sustainable relationship, not just during each pregnancy but during each month of pregnancy.

For example, excitement and fear may lead a woman to think that the husband might hurt the baby during intercourse. Towards the end of the pregnancy the issues again become different, because there article source be pain and discomfort. These are purely mechanical issues, which may present challenges about sex.

Her partner may also be too concerned with the health of the baby to be intimate with her. The bottom line is, most men who cheat on their pregnant wives would cheat wether she was pregnant or not. We were together on the night your son was born. The weird thing is, men from the same study claimed that they all desired sex with their pregnant wives just as much, if not more, than they did prior to her becoming pregnant.

Open discussions between the couple will cure any problems that might arise along the way. A man who understands these dynamics will not be led astray, when his woman feels it is not right to engage sexually. He knows the reasons and will understand — and hopefully be patient with her.

Why Do Men Cheat On Pregnant Wives

That is a matter of discussion. There are experts who believe that this is the case, and others who believe that it is not.

Infidelity during pregnancy – Views by Dr. Frank Njenga

The people who believe that it is the case argue that all male animals are polygamous in nature, and that the core desire of the male — be it a dog, hyena or cat — is procreation; spreading the seed in the same fashion as pollination occurs in plants. The other group argues that man is not like a cat or a dog, that needs to go pollinating all over.

That man is actually an animal that is specially created by God with self-control and so on. Your email address will not be published. Why does my baby have nappy rash. Protect your baby from second-hand smoke. Beauty is in the mind of the holder. Induced labor — how long does it take?

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