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Is it okay for a 20 year old to date a 24 year old? | Yahoo Answers

3 Sep I have a 20 and a 24 years daughter and my oldest always dated older guys she said she had nothing in common with men her age. Her first boyfriend she was 16 and he was 22 and I was fine with it. I was 15 and her father was 24 when we started dating and she (my first wasn't born till almost 10 years later when I was 24). The only problems I would see if you're in an academic stage in life while she's in her career stage, but even then, it's just dating. She's 24, not Anyway, coming from a guy who dated a 33 year old, there's nothing different. A lot of the comments about "Oh, well, she will be mature and will teach you. I agree that five years isn't a big difference in the scheme of everything, but the gap between 20 and 25 is pretty significant. Context matters. A 16 year old dating an 11 year old would be creepy. Yes, you're both adults, but she isn't done maturing. She'll probably change a lot over the next couple years.

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First guy I met at a summer job. He liked another girl midway so we separated. Second guy I met on POF. He's 28, met his mom and brought me to his house on our first date after speaking on the phone for 4 months.

Third guy I also met on POF, he always complained i lived too far, 2 hour apart, and we mainly sustained our relationship through the phone. But cannot verify since on FB he changed his status to nothing after i asked him why his status was married. I had link relationships, and potentially 3 of them can be classified as cheating.

What can I do to reverse this situation? Also, how to make them interested and like you not for the sex, but for who you are? To some degree they are right; you are young.

The only thing that you can do is just act mature in his presence. 20 Year Old Dating 24 Year Old oyu will have some experience under your belt and be able to handle judgement calls on your own. Most young people have their ideals and dreams, and think they have a partner that will help them through Leads to a rough road. Or someone decides that they want a different choice or lifestyle. Permanence in a youthful relationship? Don't worry about it though Perhaps YOU need to do a little growing up first, to determine what you're honestly looking for, and what to partake in You need to slow and and relax, you're just Why do guys cheat?

How can I find a guys who's serious about me Who Is Jennifer Lawrence Dating 2018 I can finally not get hurt one time after another? I do not feel at 20, that you have had actual "relationships. And that does not count e mails, texting, and someone's mom involved Attend College, get some actual experience with people and no I am no saying go have sex but just meet people, be out more.

At your age I was helping coach Gymnastics, riding horses and NOT on the internet e mailing and depending on people's parents.

20 Year Old Dating 24 Year Old

Hell, I was not even dating!! I know times have changed, but one you grow up a bit and gain some life experience, people will take you seriously because you will have thing to take serious. I really worry about such young people in such a hurry for all these "relationships" or borderline ones.

Maybe I was raised differently, this stuff just floors me sometimes. And why do men cheat? And at your age, most people are NOT looking for serious stuff. That is why I say be careful. You come off as a nice girl. Focus on other stuff, trust me.

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It's funny since my mentor said the same thing. Does this mean I should not treat my relationships seriously now?

I'm so young and ppl don't take me seriously, so I shall just have fun and enjoy? I just don't know why I've been cheated so many times, kind of frustrating. It's funny cuz I focus on my studies, work, family and everything, everything is so well, just failing in my relationship. Just like you have already pointed out, you need to live and enjoy life.

Date around and have fun. At your age, I don't even understand read article you would even be jumping into relationships.

I guess i do sound really naive. But why does young age mean we cannot want to settle down? Just let it happen. I would hate to see someone your age source hurt. I do to want to say so much as naive as much as maybe just wanting too much too fast.

I'm a 24 year old female, is dating a 20 year male seem inappropriate? | Yahoo Answers

Your age is tough. So many changes so many things going on. And guys your age or even the older ones? They will only want one thing from you! The majority of them And there a re a lot of girls your age who do sleep around, get pregnant and make it harder for someone like you who wants more.

By saying age it is experience. You have not had real relationships yet And if our mom is strict, I imagine you have a curfew And maybe some more suitable ones. People doing things to better themselves. People in the same boat as you. The guys you have described are not boyfriend material. Go for the smarter ones. You have some cool talents Yes i know, i experienced that, refusing to have sex and they get really frustrated.

They think it's playing hard to get, but it's really my religion. I'm not the best Christian you'll meet, but at least I think no sex before marriage is one thing i'll follow. Speaking of which, I just don't really like the guys my age. You seem like a rly cool person.


I saw your profile too just now! I'm sure you'll find your right guy soon. My problem rly isn't meeting guys, I have a few guys clinging around, my problem is finding the guy who wants to develop a long-term relationship and of course i like him too Very few people at 20 find their lifelong mate.

I'd say most guys at 24 are looking to have a GF who likes to party. She and he are now both 22 and getting married in May.

Gonna be a Mom-In-Law. They're waiting to get married to have sex. He's a pretty good guy. So, it does happen. Stick with your ideals.

It is only 4 years and age is nothing but a number, so if you like him, forget the number and go for it!! At 20 she's either going to still be in college or still be working some shit retail job. Answer these quick questions and feature in TSR's next article! Being only 20 years old, and jumping into relationships, is not, in my opinion, healthy for someone who is still so young.

Stay within your comfort zone. Wait until YOU are ready to do things.

20 Year Old Dating 24 Year Old

Maintain your self-respect and just give it some time. You're slapping men with a "cheating" label before you even form a relationship, let alone an exclusive one. I agree with David, you are watching too many romantic comedies and mistaking them for reality. Guy1 - Liked link girl midway, so you separated.

Okay, you met this guy, and dumped him by mid-summer, so that's a nowhere affair. Guy2 - Spoke on the phone. Met his Mom and??? What, did you run away from the apron and broom she handed you?

Do you have commitment issues? Was Mom a vampire? How is this cheating? Guy3 - Spoke on the phone. Long distance, guy complained. How is this a relationship?

The oyu will have some experience under your belt and be able to handle judgement calls on your own. Find your perfect uni place go. Do not make posts asking about a specific person's or group of people's actions, behavior, or thinking. Okay, you met this guy, and dumped him by mid-summer, so that's a nowhere affair.

Guy4 - Not dating, just "hanging out" with a married guy who has a gf. Okay, do you like Jesse James or not?