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Dissociative Identity Disorder- Relationships

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15 Oct Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), previously known as Multiple Personality Disorder, can be a debilitating and frightening illness for both the person with Sometimes a whole system (all of the alters) will date one person, other times they won't want to share or will have conflicting sexual orientations. 23 Aug Today, I'm pausing my discussion of the contributing factors in the development of Dissociative Identity Disorder to talk about Dissociative Identity Disorder and relationships. . I read somewhere whatever your relationship with someone with DID looked like in the past is what it would always look like. 13 Apr On my blog entry entitled Recovery from Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID), a reader posted the following comment: My X has DID. We were together for many years. The problem with developing an intimate relationship with someone with DID is that the self/spirit is fragmented. Many people mistakenly.

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Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder

Thread Tools Thread Tools. Dec 8, Messages: So I recently came across this post where someone described losing someone he loved and his life basically being down the drain because of his mpd. I feel usually when conditions like these are portrayed they're usually in crappy hollywood horror movies about serial killers with multiple personalities, but there's so little about regular people non- serial killers with this condition and their lives and how they try to cope with it.

I cant pretend to know a lot about it, but after reading that post it got me wondering if i would ever date someone with multiple personalities. Has anyone ever had any experience dating someone with MPD or similiar mental health issues?? How did you cope? Would like to hear some thoughts! Feb 14, Messages: I'd have to say no, if I'm being honest. Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder dealt with enough people with mental health problems over the last several years bipolar disorder, depression, addiction to not want to be in a relationship with someone who is dealing with that large of an issue.

I don't handle stress well and that's just too stressful of a situation for me to handle. I also have no interest in dating multiple people at once, either in one body or several. Apr 11, Messages: One of my neighbors has something along those lines, and tried to be friends with me, and I'm terrified of him--partly because he's very slow-moving and slow-talking, which I associate with "wrong' in my head, and partly because he used to knock on my door late at night and I'm a small female living alone.

I don't think I'd want to be close friends with anyone like him, I wouldn't trust them. TBH, I'm not sure. I would be happy to date anyone as long as i love them and http://24dating.me/g/which-are-the-best-dating-sites-to-join.php love me.

Yeah I'm sure it would e difficult to be in a relationship with someone with mpd but i think it really is just about understanding and communication. Also I'd want make sure my partner is getting the support and mental health therapy they need and try to support them as much as possible. Maybe if i only loved one particular personality, i could be friends with the other s which would make it easier both ways. I actually did some googling as i was writing this response on partners of people with mpd and read an account of someone who'd been with someone with mpd for over 40 years.

In the end the key is love and establishing boundaries Eg, she said her relationship with Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder of his personalities had to be clear and individual, but its not actually as hard as it seems. People with mpd have interests, hobbies, characteristics just like regular people.

Althought with mpd, each personality may have very different hobbies, interests etc It really is just about having genuine love for that person and being loved as well. Dating someone with mpd shouldn't be treated as some sort of chore http://24dating.me/g/dating-my-sister-in-laws-sister.php hardship omgcrymearivericantcope. It's about being in a relationship with someone you love who has a mental this web page. Dont forget, relationships are two sided, you both get a say and have to work together.

But genuine love for a person should always come before anything else. I think its disappointing that most people just feel "nah, cant deal with the stress, let someone else deal with it.

Love and DID: Sometimes More is Less - HealthyPlace

Love first, mental illness second. Jan 29, Messages: Yeah I don't get the point of this thread?!! At least one member on this forum has this disorder and now people are open to bash it. It is like me saying "would anyone date a grey romantic pansexual? Dec 14, Messages: My first girlfriend had bipolar disorder and chronic depression, and Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder fairly sure my current girlfriend has borderline personality disorder.

Regular ole' crazy is fine, but I could go for somebody without a named mental illness for once. Jul 21, Messages: I need my partner's behavior and personality to be more or less predictable, in order to feel secure in a relationship.

Very funtional people, and sweet. Wouldn't mind being with one. Jan 23, Messages: It http://24dating.me/g/black-people-speed-dating-raleigh-nc-airport.php probably depend on the person. If the person was nice, and their personalities were all nice, then I don't think it would be a problem. It might be harder if no personality was aware of the other s though I don't think a mental health problem should destroy a person's chance to find love, even if it severely effects their life Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder mpd and did do.

May 21, Messages: May 24, Messages: May 9, Messages: Dissociative identity disorder it hasn't been officially called multiple personality disorder for at least 25 years is, like most other mental disorders, quite variable from one person to the next.

I had a housemate for several years that had severe DID. She also had quite a few friends who had DID, so I got to learn a fair amount about it firsthand from them.

Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder

Many people with DID are unable to hold continue reading job or function well in normal society because of the lack of control over when a given alternate personality "alter" will take control at any given moment.

And while some alters have awareness of the other alters, and can share knowledge and memory, other alters may be completely unaware that anything is amiss at all. So the challenge having a partner who is DID is that you almost literally are going out with a half-dozen or a dozen different people i. Many of the alters are not emotionally mature, some are extremely angry or abusive, others almost infantile in their language and emotional development.

Rules are made and hopefully observed, for the good of the system. It is very hard to study because of the comingling of so many other disorders. Getting Through Tough Times Videos.

And few of the alters have detailed awareness of what goes on when they are not present, so someone dating a person with DID is likely to have a constant struggle with communication. It's very different than "50 first dates" because at least in that case, you're dealing with a single personality.

Albeit one with no memory that lasts more than a day, but you at least have consistency of personality.

Remember - at her own pace. You might want to keep a bag packed for emergencies. Family and Mentally Ill Children.

Another friend grew up with a parent who had DID. It was extremely, extremely difficult for him and he ended up with a ton of emotional and psychological problems stemming from the effects of the DID on him and the rest of his family.


It is often possible -- though not easy, extremely time-consuming, and not always even in the best intersts of the individual -- to unify all of the alters into a single personality. This typically takes years upwards of 5 years is not uncommon of consistent therapy with a very highly skilled therapist specializing in DID. For all of these reasons, it is generally a thankless and extremely difficult road to have a partner who is DID, and it usually requires unending patience, an amazing tolerance to handle all sorts of emotional and psychological abuse and turmoil, and pretty much requires that the non-DID partner be in therapy constantly with a really good therapist familiar with DID.

Personally, while I am happy to have friends who have DID, and find them to be wonderful, extremely intelligent, and amazing people I wouldn't do either myself or them a service by being in a relationship with any of them. And most of the people I know who are DID realize the issues I've described above and, for that reason, generally choose not to try to enter into relationships at least until full assimilation of alters has happened click at this page, for the simple reason that it's really not reasonable to ask anyone to have to deal with all of the difficulties associated with DID.

Mar 15, Messages: Would you date someone with diabetes or cancer? Tons of people with mental illnesses are high functioning and just as capable of being in a relationship as anyone else. For me, hardly any of my mates know of me having this, and I bet they'd never even believe me if I told them. The same goes for people with MPD-- they just have more personalities to take into account. If I loved at least one of their personalities and got along and enjoyed being with all of them, then yes, I would have a relationship with them.

Granted, I would do some research on the disorder first, and talk to them about any boundaries or ticks they may have because Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder it Dating Someone With Dissociative Identity Disorder I don't offend them or say something ignorant.

If I've said anything ignorant in this post, please tell me and I'll correct it. You must log in or sign up to post here.

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