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25 Nov Yesterday I found a dating website on my girlfriend of 3+ year's browser history that she has been going to that she said she stopped frequenting after our first year together. I clicked on it and she was still signed in. Curious, I just clicked on the Mail icon, but had no plans of reading her messages. She had. TL:DR Girlfriend's got a dating site profile and I need advice on how to deal with it without going straight for the nuclear option. UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who took the time to comment and reply, even the ones who said what I didn't want to hear. Maybe especially those. First of all I know I was behaving. 9 May The dilemma My girlfriend and I have been going out for two years. Three times I was meant to move in with her, and each time after I'd made the arrangements she pulled out. Recently we'd been looking to move to a country town, but despite the fact we'd been looking at places together, she made it clear.

Join Date Dec Gender: So I went on my computer and my girlfriend had left her gmail open and I see that she signed up for a paid subscription to a dating site and had initiated communication with several guys a week ago. I closed it quickly because I didn't want to snoop and because I was shocked. I casually bring the topic up later since I knew she had been on another site before we met and she said she had closed all her subscriptions.

We've been together 4 months and things are seemingly going well, shes acting normal not weird or distant as if she were going to leave me. I ask my sister who is 24 and dated many guys and she says shes probably just seeking validation or she might be getting bored.

Your Boyfriend Has A Profile On A Dating Site

But my gf did lie and my sister says to figure out what shes wants from the relationship before making any decisions. She lives an hour away so I'd have no way of knowing if she really does meet up with one of these guys.

Join Date Aug Gender: I'll lay it out right here, of course she is looking for other guys, I know single people who won't shell the money for a dating site She is not your GF, she is a fuck buddy, you need to start backing off and making her chase more.

My Girlfriend Is On Dating Site

Also, do not get advice from girls, it's purely emotion based and is very unhelpful, even if it is your sister Join Date Jan Gender: Location hell Posts Dude, From what i read the fact's are this.

The girl you source your girlfriend is on a dating site. So your friend's,her's etc can see this. Except you saying she's your girlfriend.

Dear Mariella

You actually asked her about this and she lied. I don't like liar's.

Just because you don't want to register what's going on won't make it go away. My advice would be to unearth a spark of outrage at how you are being treated, then fan that small flame until it spurs you into taking responsibility for your own life and putting an end to this fast-ebbing liaison. Log in or sign up in seconds. There's nothing less attractive than a willing victim, and you are setting yourself up with self-pitying statements like "I can't afford to be hurt any more". A site dedicated to helping people find love:

So for me i would bail. Sure we all want validation. Dude your giving her that validation and when someone who she think's is better come's along,your toast. She is paying money to get that "validation" don't forget.

I had deleted my account months before so I did a search without signing up again seems POF is one of the few that allows you to do this. You will start doing things in your relationship that you otherwise wouldn't; questioning her every move and motive, starting stupid fights with her http://24dating.me/g/cat-lover-dating-video-submissions-for-singers.php to test her resolve to making the relationship work, questioning her love. And then you now have discovered she's playing around again. I really appreciated your update and I'm glad you're scaling back for the moment.

Join Date Oct Gender: Age 29 Posts If you had a reason to dump her, you would've found it right there. Join Date Jun Gender: It's not working for whatever reason and she's looking elsewhere. She's going to drop you hard when she finds what she's looking for.

Until then she's too chicken shit to be straight with you or to dump you until she finds something better. I doubt it, women are so much better at creeping then men are.

I'd bring it up once more being specific and see what happens. Just keep in mind this is likely to be a breakup conversation. Join Date Feb Gender: Originally Posted by Precious. Be straight up with her, don't get emotional no matter what just ask.

And if you don't like what you hear be prepared to unleash the most powerful word in the English language, "No.

My Girlfriend Is On Dating Site

This shit is unacceptable, its like she's laughing at you man. You have to be better than that. Join Date Sep Gender: Age 36 Posts Location The Back of Beyond Posts 5, Originally Posted by giantpanda. When I am writing in re dit's as an Attraction Forums Admin. When I write in normal text, it's just me.


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